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>> Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I don’t know why I told everyone to meet at 6 pm last night. It was the middle of rush hour, and the snow was slowing everything down. It took me 40 minutes to go 5 miles:

I got to the Metrodome right at 6. They open the upper concourse for the steep price of A BUCK and let runners do laps for 3 hours twice a week. The stadium itself was dead. Here’s the view from a door of the upper concourse:

As soon as I got up there, I bumped into Jumper. After a few more minutes, Jenny showed up. (She’s the one from 2 posts below who created the workout Powerhouse Hit The Deck that I tried last week.) Then Jen showed up (constant interval buddy). Finally, Pharmie showed up, and we were ready to run!

Jumper and Jenny in the back;
Pharmie, me, and Jen in the front.

I brought some new shoes to break in. I figured it’d be a good time for new shoes because that hard Metrodome floor is tough on me (and my bad heel and bad knee).

So, for my workout, I was going to run 8 one lap intervals with 60 seconds rest. (One lap is about 601 meters.) Everyone else was going to do 2.5 lap repeats (about a mile). I started off, and soon I was working HARD. I wanted to keep them all under 2:00, and I BARELY pulled that off. Here are my splits:


Average of 1:56.1 / 601 meters (5:09 / mile pace)

Just as I finished the last one, I snapped a photo of me (all sweaty, hot, and hairy, with that “vein of approval” throbbing out of my forehead):

Then I snapped photos of the others running by. Here’s Jumper and Phamie:

And here’s Jen and Jenny. Even though the photo is SUPER blurry, there’s no hiding Jenny’s fab abs:

I also bumped into Badd Apple as he was finishing up a run too. The dome was just full of local runners!

So, all of us wrapped up our workouts, and we got bundled up to go back out into the 2 degree crap-fest weather. Jenny, it was nice to meet you and your abs! I hope to get together with all of you again in the next few weeks! Happy training, everyone!

p.s. I've got some fun, speedy events coming up. On Sunday, I'm running 1600 meters at an indoor track meet (that's the reason I did 600s yesterday). And early Monday morning, I'm meeting Julia at the Y, and we're going to swim 20 x 100 together (torture)! Look for reports on both of those!

p.p.s. In my last post, everyone was commenting on how hairy my toes are. Jenny and her fab abs both saw my feet last night and said that they don’t NEARLY look that hairy. She said, “The camera adds 20 pounds... and 20 hairs.” I think she’s right. So leave my hairy toes alone. ;)


Kim 12:09 PM, December 17, 2008  

holy abs!!!!!!! indoor track meet?! how fun! good luck!

Amy - the gazelle 12:13 PM, December 17, 2008  

that's awesome - I need to find an indoor track around here!

Chic Runner 12:17 PM, December 17, 2008  

yea, you proved me right. she's ripped! :) Great workout, but no report on the shoes... not very good to leave us all hanging!

tfh 12:18 PM, December 17, 2008  

Love the blurry pictures! As well as the he-man bulging forehead vein.

Missy 12:22 PM, December 17, 2008  

Can I have two of her eight pack, please? That leaves her with six for good measure. Good luck at the track meet!

GoBigGreen 12:28 PM, December 17, 2008  

Yup, I will see you there!
And we can figure out some sort of interval that isnt torture till the last...ten..nine..eight?? 100's...time flies when you have no time to breath!

Good luck sunday!!!

PS Classic Y...today the aquatic director...yes the director..asked the women in the masters group to "please not all come at the same time." HELLO? Why do i feel he is missing something? WTF? Isnt that what a masters group is??

Anonymous,  1:05 PM, December 17, 2008  

Yeah - after I got home and realized how bad the roads were - I couldn't justify taking my car back onto the roads. But I definitely want to do some dome running soon!

Anonymous,  1:11 PM, December 17, 2008  

Whoa! If I had abs like that I'd run shirtless too! Dang!

Marlene 1:29 PM, December 17, 2008  

Good to know your toes are not *that* hairy in real life. ;)

Nice job on the intervals!

Unknown 1:36 PM, December 17, 2008  

Nice even intervals. The vein on the forehead was an awesome picture.

Alisa 1:48 PM, December 17, 2008  

Indoor track...awesome! Being a Cali native indoor tracks and pools are a weird concept to me BUT with Oregon's "artic blast 2008" (i.e. a few inches of snow and ice) I may need to find one.

I want abs like that chick!

Unknown 1:54 PM, December 17, 2008  

That sure sounds like a better way to do intervals than out in sub-zero snow. Nice job! Those new shoes look plush.

RooBabs 2:04 PM, December 17, 2008  

Lucky! As a MN Viking fan, I am supremely jealous of your running experience in their Dome. = )

Actually, I'm really just jealous of the fact that you have a cool, indoor place to run- and cool people to run with. I'm all alone out in the cold, cruel world. But oh well, that half-marathon calls.

P.S. Sweet shoes. How did they treat your blister?

Jamie 3:46 PM, December 17, 2008  

Are you sure she didn't show up with a t shirt on and her abs just tore through it once she started running?

Maybe the blur in the picture is just shredded coolmax all over the place in front of the lens?

I think so.

Jen Rife 3:49 PM, December 17, 2008  

I love the blurry pics! We're just too fast for your camera! HA! Good luck at your track meet on Sunday!

Anonymous,  4:02 PM, December 17, 2008  

Whoever said hairy toes were bad? As Zero Mostel said in The Producers, albeit referring to different attributes, If you got'em, flaunt'em baby, flaunt'em.

P.S. You got'em.

P.P.S. The "sweaty pic" is definitely an attraction direction, but next time, a little more skin please, and some cleavage, if you don't mind....

P.P.P.S. If they ever do Beach Blanket Bingo meets Moon of the Wolf, you've got the part (of the wolf). Roll over, Paul Naschy....

Unknown 6:40 PM, December 17, 2008  

Looks like all of you in the pixs need some suntan !

Marcy 6:41 PM, December 17, 2008  

Dude that vein pic looks like you spent 5 minutes in the bathroom alone with some porn . . .just sayin :P

Anonymous,  7:16 PM, December 17, 2008  

Ya, she's got some solid abs.

I think it is really cool that the dome opens so people can run. Keep working hard.

Michelle 8:49 PM, December 17, 2008  

Dude, you so rock!!!

I love coming to your blog, its always an adventure!!!

I wish i had an indoor track to do cool workouts!!!

Run on my friend!!!

Nat 8:54 PM, December 17, 2008  

I think that your gang is officially too fit for me.

Cool that they open the stadium for you.

Ryan 9:00 PM, December 17, 2008  

Hell No to Hairy Toes...
Hell No to Hairy Toes...

I'm on strike until those toes feel the freedom of hairlessness that they deserve.

jen 9:06 PM, December 17, 2008  

Oooh an indoor track would come in real handy around here right now too. You guys are very lucky! And as a group, you're also fast/hot.

joyRuN 9:32 PM, December 17, 2008  

I'm JEALOUS of Jenny's abs. Your hairy toes - not so much.

SM 9:50 PM, December 17, 2008  

thats cool that they let you run in that place....I am jealous!

Calyx Meredith 7:36 AM, December 18, 2008  

You do not have to ask me twice to leave your hairy toes alone. Just saying. Great indoor 'track' workout Speedy McFasterpants.

Cy 10:16 AM, December 18, 2008  

I can't believe you had that many runners on Tuesday night. Major Trooper points.

I love the blury run photos!

Good luck at the track meet. I'm heading back to AZ.

Borsch 10:51 AM, December 18, 2008  

NICE! Wish I wasn't working late so I could have joined you...

but wait, I did get to have dinner with Steph around 6:30 or 7...so that made up for it.

X-Country2 12:22 PM, December 18, 2008  

What I wouldn't give to run stadiums all over that place.

Jess 3:32 PM, December 18, 2008  

Sorry I couldn't make it, but it was snowing badly, and despite our other committments, I'm glad I didn't have to drive in traffic and snow. But still sorry I missed it!!

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