>> Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thanks for all the well-wishes everyone! I think I’m finally feeling better - yesterday things started looking up. Today, I might try something other than bread, Honey Nut Cheerios, or generic Frosted Flakes (that's been my nutrition for the last 4 days). Wish me luck!

As a “thanks for stopping by” gift, here’s a drawing I recently found that I made in 2nd grade. It shows what I want to be when I grow up. Yep, that’s me as a priest.


GoBigGreen 11:50 AM, December 27, 2008  

Wait i thought friday was the funny day? I am feeling alot better too, but still have NO FAITH IN THAT POOL!

rest up and i will let you know when i am ready to face the water again!

Mel-2nd Chances 11:57 AM, December 27, 2008  

my life didn't turn out the way "i saw it" either! That's cool that you found that though. Glad to see you're feeling better. Enjoy some real food.

Michelle 12:09 PM, December 27, 2008  

That drawing is so cool!!!

Just like you! Glad your feeling better dude!!!

Hey i ran a sub 1 hour 10K today WOOHOO!!! 58.52

Amytrigirl (aka Amybee) 12:40 PM, December 27, 2008  

Amen, Brother.

Happy holidays to you and Pharmie.

Glad you are feeling better.

I promise to come to a Saturday run soon. I have to actually get out and RUN one of these days to make sure I remember how to do it.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg 12:56 PM, December 27, 2008  

A lot of kids start out wanting to be priests.

Then they discover sex and it's like ... uhhh ... the free wine and getting to know everyone's dirty little secrets through confession just isn't a good enough trade-off.

Leastways, that's how it went for me.

Glad you're feeling better. Perhaps God afflicted you to remind you of your earlier promise to serve Him?

It's never too late, Father Steve-in-a-Speedo-Gross.

Unknown 1:34 PM, December 27, 2008  

Glad you are feeling better.

You can't just leave us with the old drawing and no story about when you changed your mind and decided that Professor Steve was a better decision...

Kevin 1:41 PM, December 27, 2008  

Glad to hear you are feeling better

Lisa T 2:50 PM, December 27, 2008  

Love the stained glass window. That was my favorite part about church.

Anonymous,  4:37 PM, December 27, 2008  

I guess that explains it. We're your lost followers, seeking atonement or, in lieu of that, another picture....

Hope you can soon keep down something more invigorating that No Name Frosted Flakes. I find really spicey-hot food helps, with Jamaican hot pepper sauce with capsecum (aka scotch bonnets) in it, so hot you can't stand it and start to cry....

I really miss those photos of your latest athletic feats (feets?), so I mean it when I say get well, soon. I have a selfish motive, which makes me sincere.

In lieu of these, maybe we could have some candid shots of your convalesence, the other Steve, the needy, Invalid Steve, whose recovery is a DIFFERENT KIND of MARATHON, a grueling AGON, HEROIC MARTYRDOM....

Forget FATHER STEVE. It's SAINT Steve!

Why, just getting up to answer the phone, taking your temperature all by yourself, feeding the cat, not letting it push you around, and even WASHING the cereal bowl after emptying it....

These are the real tests of an ironman....

You've evidently passed them all, but so far left no record....

That is wrong!


P.S. Drymax will make a bundle.

Unknown 5:17 PM, December 27, 2008  

Glad you're feeling better. You just might make a good priest some day. Just one that takes a lot of pictures.

Anne 8:50 PM, December 27, 2008  

I see you had a sense of humor even as a young kid. Get well soon.

Casey 8:58 PM, December 27, 2008  

Awesome. The "T" in your name is very cross-like in that illustration.

J~Mom 11:00 PM, December 27, 2008  

SHUT UP! Lol Good stuff!!!

Sarah 11:47 PM, December 27, 2008  

FUNNY! I wanted to be a youth pastor - and actually was one for 4 years before I realized that was CRAZY!

chia 11:57 PM, December 27, 2008  

Dude, I'm jealous of your sick diet. I had to survive on blended potatoes, broccoli, and carrots in conjunction with ginger ale and saltines.

I'm not touching the priest picture with a 10 foot pole.

Shannon 8:35 AM, December 28, 2008  

Glad your feeling better.

I always feel better with a good hot & sour soup. GET IT!

Priest?....I don't think so......

kerrie 9:43 AM, December 28, 2008  

glad to hear you are feeling better! - just in time for some new years fun!!!!!

Meg 2:42 PM, December 28, 2008  

Glad you're feeling better! That picture is innocent once! I love the stained glass, it's a really pretty touch.

Marcy 3:14 PM, December 28, 2008  

Wow! You as a priest?!? Really?!?

Trishie 3:36 PM, December 28, 2008  

must.... keep... mouth... shut. =D

Anonymous,  6:23 PM, December 28, 2008  

Glad you are feeling better - bugger you got sick right at Xmas, but at least you aren't dead.... right???

You as a priest.... hahahahahaha

TRI-ROB 7:38 PM, December 28, 2008  

I noticed the distinct lack of a pre-pubescent boy under the table... hmmmm... glad you chose another path! :-P


CoachLiz 9:26 PM, December 28, 2008  

Father Steve,

Would you have worn a chicken suit for one of your Sunday Sermons???

I got the gopher guts in my sinuses from my kid over Thursday and Friday. I am on some antibiotics now and am feeling much better. Continue to take it easy and stay hydrated. Don't go out and run as much as you want to. That's what set me back on Friday.

Topher 10:41 PM, December 28, 2008  

Dude, I wanted to be a priest when I was a kid, too. In fact, I used to make my little brother play "Mass"; I'd take a slice of Roman Meal Wheat Bread, smash it real good, then cut little circles out for communion. Then I became a Mormon, so kind of shot that "when I grow up I wanna be a Priest" thing all to heck. Worked out better for me, so it's all good.

rolf 11:03 PM, December 28, 2008  

Nice picture, love the stained glass, a great detail for 2nd grade! Glad you're feeling better. Looking forward to hearing about your workouts again, they're an inspiration!

Julianne 1:02 AM, December 29, 2008  

You wanted to be a priest??? How cute is that? Kinda funny but cute! Hey, if running thing doesn't work out maybe you should be an artist? Oh wait, or a priest!

Glad to hear that you're feeling better!

Jenna 1:04 PM, December 29, 2008  

Forgive me Father for I have SINNED..... cute drawing!!

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