My 1 Mile Races Through the Years

>> Monday, August 01, 2022

I was happy with my 4:55.7 at the Raspberry Run 1 Mile about 2 weeks ago. It was noted in my race report that 4:56 was my official time, but the exact timing was officially 4:55.7:

I had to look back through the race reports in my right sidebar here on my blog, and I found that this race was my 14th 1 mile race, and it was my 7th 1 mile road race (so half of my 1 miles have been on a road route and half have been on a 200 meter indoor track - I've never raced a mile on an outdoor 400 meter track).

Here are my 1 mile results from fastest to slowest:

• 4:49.53 at the 2011 Meet of the Miles

• 4:50.0 at the 2013 Midsummer Mile (ran 4:40 on a short course as noted here)

• 4:53.01 at the 2010 Charities Challenge Meet

• 4:53.86 at the 2012 Meet of the Miles

• 4:54 at the 2018 Raspberry Run (but I had it being more like 4:56 or 4:57)

• 4:54.60 at the 2009 Challenge Resolution Meet

• 4:55.7 at the 2022 Raspberry Run

• 4:55.9 at the 2012 Rice Street Mile

• 4:56.6 at the 2013 Meet of the Miles

• 4:56.60 at the 2016 Meet of the Miles

• 4:58 at the 2017 Raspberry Run

• 4:59.6 at the 2019 TC 1 Mile

• 5:00.7 at the 2008 Challenge Courage Meet

• 5:02.3 at the 2018 TC 1 Mile

It's pretty easy to glace through those results and see that I've been slowing down as I get older (exceptions being my first 1 mile in 2008 being just over 5:00 and maybe my most recent mile in 2022 that just cracked the top half of times: 7th out of 14). Generally, the dates are older near the top of the list. To be expected.

Comparing this most recent 1 mile with all of them, it shows that I've ran 4 "road" miles slower and only 2 faster (and one of those faster miles was unexplainably 2 seconds faster than what I had and probably should have been listed slower than my most recent mile). And it's near the middle of my "track" miles: I have 4 that were faster and 3 that were slower than my Raspberry Run finish last month. Overall, I JUST cracked the top half with 6 races that were faster and 7 that were slower.

I noted in my recent 1 mile race report that I was thrilled to be in the 80th percentile for "age graded" results for the first time ever! I was at 81.28%. I looked at some of these previous 1 mile times to see what my age graded results would have been. My 4:49 PR when I was 29 was age graded at 77.21%. My fast 4:50 road mile a few years later (the first mile I specficially trained for) was a bit higher at 78.66%. And my 2018 Raspberry Run (that may have been artificially fast) was at 79.52%. So I'm slowing down overall, but getting faster for my age.


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