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>> Saturday, July 21, 2018

Sunday was the Raspberry Run 1 Mile - a USATF MN series race. (Click that link for my race report.) Before noting some workouts post-race, there were 3 things I wanted to mention about the race:

First, a friend told me I was "looking strong." I told her I'd gained some weight (while grabbing my belly) but that I'd been in a gym a bit more too. I'm not good with compliments.

Second, teammate Niko had a HELL of a kick. Remember in my race report how I was with him at the half-way point and how he started pulling away maybe around the 0.75 mile mark? Well he ended with a 4:46, which was 8 seconds ahead of me! I ran pretty even splits of (approx) 2:27 and 2:27, so Niko would have ran (approx) 2:26 and 2:20!

Pic from near the finish line as seen in my race report:
Niko on the far right, and me in the tiny yellow shorts.

And third, I wondered HOW much better I did this year with those 3 one-mile specific track workouts. I noticed I was 12 seconds faster this year than someone who I just barely out-kicked last year, so for a moment I thought those workouts REALLY did a lot! But that's just a comparison of us 2: overall, I was 29th last year and 27th this year. So pretty much the same. STILL SUPER HAPPY that I did those workouts to get back under 5:00!

Here's what my workouts post-race looked like through yesterday:

-MON: SOLID swim with descending 200s: 3:02, 3:01, 3:01, 2:59, 2:59, 2:58, and 2:55.
-TUE: easy run with both boys. Legs felt OK.
-WED: 20 mile tempo ride (part of what bro-in-law Matt and I used to call our "every hill in St. Paul" ride).
-THUR: moderate effort / moderate distance run with both boys. Nothing fancy. Still didn't want to over-do it.
- FRI: 15x100 averaging around 1:27 (haven't officially done the math yet).

I need to be hitting the bike a little harder (I've really only had 1 good bike workout each week for the last 4 weeks), but otherwise everything thing else is going pretty well.


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