ACTUAL Fat Tire Loppet Results

>> Thursday, April 14, 2022

I raced my first fat bike race about 2 months ago, and I enjoyed it! I noted in my race report that I was 1st out of 7 in my age group, even after taking a wrong turn. Well, the results have now been updated, and I'm back "where I belong:"

Same finish time, but now 24th out of 91 overall (instead of 23 out of 90), and back to 6th out of 15 in my age group (instead of 1 out of 7).

(And Matt dropped to 2nd out of 14 in his age group, and 8th out of 91 overall, down from 1 out of 4 in his age group and 7 out of 90 overall.)

Oh, and in that video screenshot above, I'm behind the clock to the right, and that's the guy in the raccoon suit who passed me just before the finish on the left. I'm glad he made my "finisher's video." :)

Looking at the results and how I had been riding just in front of Matt for the middle of the race before taking a wrong turn that had LOTS more hills added in, it appears I would have finished 2nd in my age group if I stayed on course. The winner of my age group was 2nd overall and 5 minutes faster than Matt, so that was never in the cards for me. And then 2nd in my age group finished 4 minutes behind Matt, and there's no reason I wouldn't have been in front of him. (Err... except for the reason of taking a wrong turn and doing a big hilly loop that wasn't part of the 20K course that I was racing... DAMN IT.)

So I've made an ammendment to my race report. Still had a fun race, still wished I didn't go off course, but just happy I stayed upright and didn't hurt myself on a new bike for the first time!


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