I Survived The "Get in Gear" 10K!

>> Saturday, April 30, 2022

Well, it didn't quite hold up to my pre-race thoughts/goals posted on Tuesday, but I got through the WET race this morning. Here are 3 images from 2 people's posts on Instagram that show the dampness:

Maddie posted a photo of them all wet before the start...

... and then in dry clothes after as it had stopped raining. (About an hour too late!)

And Miranda showed these 2 wet fellas post-race. THOSE SHORTS!
(He passed me in the first half in those heavy wet shorts.)

Back with a full (not super LONG, but super WET) race report on Monday.


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>> Friday, April 29, 2022

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New Shoes For This Weekend's Race

>> Thursday, April 28, 2022

I checked my training log a few days ago, and realized I had 502 miles on my current pair of shoes. I usually try to swap them out around 350-400 miles. Oops. So I posed a question on Twitter:

Would new shoes be "faster" for the race? Or would I just run the risk of tearing up my toes and being uncomfortable running hard in them before really breaking them in? (I wasn't worried about the extra few miles on the old shoes, just if it was smart or worthwhile to replace right before a race.)

Coach Jen's opinion has always meant a lot to me, and she confirmed what I was wondering. (AFTER I had determined I should just stick with the old shoes.) So I busted out the new ones yesterday for my last easy run before the race:

New ones in the foreground. The old ones REALLY held up!

My Garmin showed me a good omen after I finished my run.

Retiring the pair with 502 miles on them.

I looked back at my old shoes, and I saw that they just had a few runs on them before last Novemeber's Moustache Run Half Marathon (which went well!). So they had a few runs on them last fall before being on the treadmill most of the winter. And then just a handful of outdoor runs this spring before retiring.

Hoping for a fast 10K race on Saturday!! Stay tuned...



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