Race Photos from the Minneapolis Halloween Half

>> Wednesday, October 31, 2018

There are a number of albums of photos on Facebook from the Minneapolis Halloween Half that I did with my family this past weekend. (Click here for my race report if you missed it.) Here are some photos from one photographer’s album:

Duff Man, Pac Man with ghosts, and Dorthy.

This family was in my race report.

These 2 won the costume contest!

A few minutes pre-start. There’s me awkwardly staying loose while talking to a human hot dog.

Boys holding the flag for the national anthem.

A few photos from the start...

The fast kid I noted in my race report who went on to run a 1:39 half!

Fast kid’s Dad in the red between me and the guy who’d eventually win the 10K.

There were a few RBGs at the race.

Father/son hot dogs.

There’s always a few Forrests.


Carmen Sandiego and Waldo. No longer lost.

That Mary Tyler Moore on the end is fantastic.

Two families were late to the 5K start: these “wacky waving inflatable tube men...”

... and these sumos.

The guy in plaid gave me a chair massage post-race.
I’ve gotta be honest: table massages post-race are way better.

The guy who beat me in the 10K was the first person to the line (the 5K started about 16 minutes after us).

The 10K winner!

Looking back across the Stone Arch Bridge, here comes the 5K winner with me behind him in the 10K.

5K winner, with me closing.

About to finish the 10K, with The Flash barely visible back there
who I passed on the bridge who was in the 5K.

Looking good for 4:40 pace!

Flash coming to the line.

I passed this woman at the start of the bridge. I didn’t realize she was racing!! She did the 5K in 20:50!

Race buddy Nordica finishing strong in the 5K! And note the 10K winner cheering to the far right.

SIDENOTE: looking through these photos, I think I may have found why I was listed as the winner in the results for a while. In that last photo, the guy who won is back cheering down the course. He’s standing near a device on a tripod (by the orange cones) that reads your number as to get close to the line (so the announcers can announce you). My family noted coming back to me as I was cheering on the bridge, and hearing their names announced again. Maybe he rushed back down the course after he finished and triggered that, and THAT registered as his finish. I don’t fully know... just a thought. Anyway, Sunday night was the first time a “race timer” called me and said “yeah, did you win?” We had a 5 minute talk, and I assured her I was in 2nd and my time was about right (3 seconds different from my Garmin, but that’s “correct” enough), and that the guy currently listed as 2nd was probably about 45-60 seconds in front of me. In the end, they “corrected” his results to just show him 12 seconds in front of me:

Left: results for 2 days. Right: “final” results.
(But the women in 3rd-5th aren’t right. The guy in 6th is the true 3rd place finisher.)

YWCA teammate Mike!

This is cute.


Runners coming across the Stone Arch Bridge.

A big group of costumes.

My sons love Ant Man. They would have loved this father/son superhero duo.

Here's my race report if you missed it! It's a PR on paper!


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