Final TC 10 Mile Photos, Garmin Data, Etc.

>> Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Here are three random things from the TC 10 Mile from over 2 weeks ago:

FIRST: I only got one “official” photo from the race, and it was coming down the hill past the Cathedral with 0.2 miles left:

Close up. Not too ugly for being the most painful part of the race.

I don’t think I got any others because my race number kept flipping up on my race belt as seen in this photo from my race report:

SECOND: In my race report, I noted that all of my family had the course a bit long on our Garmins right from Mile 1. Race buddy Evan pointed out what that could have been on Facebook. He noted the big buildings could have thrown things off as we left downtown Minneapolis. When I downloaded my Garmin data and zoomed in to the route that I ran, he was proven correct. I ran a great line through downtown Minneapolis, but my Garmin map shows me weaving all over the place and cutting through buildings:

Those issues can also be seen in my pace chart early on as well:

I did NOT run 3:30 pace for a while, and then ease back to over 8:00 pace a few times.

After the first mile, I can believe that pace chart above. At mile 2.5, we climbed that long hill under Franklin. At mile 5, we hit that short steep hill coming off the river. At mile 7, we finally leveled out after climbing a false flat for 2 miles and I really tried to kick it in a another gear. The last real uphill was just before mile 9. And then there was a “useable” downhill near the finish line. Here’s all that info on my pace chart with the elevation superimposed:

Regarding the final downhill kick to the finish: here’s a zoomed in section of mile 9.4-10. I was
BARELY slower than 6:00 pace twice, and I peaked at 4:44 pace. (My average pace was 6:12.)

THIRD: Finally, here are 2 instagram photos I saw post-race that I wanted to share. Here’s one from up high showing corrals 2 and 3 lining up to wait for their start at the 10 Mile:

This is what 2/3s of 10,000 runners looks like.

And I mentioned the pretty orange sky as we were running along the river at mile 1 in my race report. Well this person got a photo of that (which was snapped from right in between those 2 corrals under the green light in that last photo):

I may have one more TC 10 Mile post with some of Evan’s photos next week. But here’s my race report if you missed it, and here’s photos from Gary at mile 9.3 if you missed those.


Streaking! (Sept in Review and an Injury Update)

>> Monday, October 16, 2017

Here's how my training looked in Sept leading up to the TC 10 Mile on Oct 1st:

SWIM: 10,900 yards
BIKE: 190.98 miles
BIKE TRAINER: 1 hour 15 mins
RUN: 81.98 miles
STRENGTH/CORE: 17 hours 15 mins

In mid-February, I had a bit of a knee/quad issue that wasn't going away with rest. I was told that I needed to WORK the quad with daily stress. That started a decent streak of workouts starting on February 12.

There are 230 days between Feb 12 and Sept 29 (which was my last workout before the TC 10 Mile).

In that span, I went camping 5 times with my boys (3 times it was just me and the boys) for a total of 11 days away from home. We also spent a week at a cabin with the Stenzel side of my family, and my wife and I spent 4 days in Vegas. We also had a few 1 or 2 day stays with extended family.

Within those 230 days, there were only 20 days where I didn't have a swim, bike, or run. And of those 20 days, 13 were the day before or the day after a race when I NEEDED to rest (or risk getting injured). Of the remaining 7 days, a few were spent camping, with family, or just resting an ache.

So I "missed" swimming, biking, or running on 7 out of 230 days. That's 1 week out of 33 weeks. Not bad. This helps to explain my best multi-sport season of my life. I was very lucky to keep such a solid streak going. Lucky to not have injuries, and lucky to have support to be able to get out and workout (or bring the boys with me).

Any thoughts of a streak are now over, but that's fine. In the last 2+ weeks, I've missed 5 days: a day before the TC 10 Mile, the 2 days following that race, and another day a week later when my ankle was still quite sore. I may miss a few more in the near future, but that's OK - I've got nothing to prove.

Time to see if my ankle will be OK running 10-11 miles on Wednesday which will be the final test to see if I can run a half marathon in just under 2 weeks! Stay tuned...


Injury Update: Haven't Ran for a Week

>> Saturday, October 14, 2017

I posted last Monday about some ankle issues I had just before the TC 10 Mile (and the week after it). Later that Monday, I saw my chiropractor thinking that something needed to be adjusted in my ankle (it had been cracking and popping as I noted in Monday's post). He didn't think anything was wrong on a skeletal level, but he thought I tweaked some tendon that was pulling on everything incorrectly. He didn't think it was my achilles (I didn't think it was that either), but he thought it was something else down there. Here's what I told my wife after our visit:

I ran 8 miles with the boys in the stroller the day before seeing Dr. Backus (which was last Sunday), and it was OK to run on. It was stretching it once I got home that angered it. So I haven't stretched my calves or even my quads well since then. I LOVE to stretch (and it helps me stay injury-free), but I've only been foam rolling to help loosen things up for the last week. No torquing on my ankle.

I'll try running again tomorrow. I'm not sure how I'll approach that run: I could go out and just try to run and easy 3-4 miles to "test" it, or I could go run 3-4 miles and say "it still feels fine - running is OK and it's stretching that's bad" and then run another 3-4 miles for 6-8 miles total. (Remember, I'm hoping to run a half marathon in 2 weeks, so in a few days I should be doing my final long run. I ran just over 11 miles 4 weeks ago, which was 2 weeks before the TC 10 Mile. I'd love to feel good enough to run 11 or 12 in a few days before backing off and running easy for the final 10 days pre-race.)

I guess we'll just have to see what happens tomorrow, and then adjust the plan accordingly!


Friday Funny 1342: Fall

>> Friday, October 13, 2017

The temps are finally dropping. We still haven't had to turn on our heat, but we have used our fireplace a few evenings recently. Here's a final "Friday Funny" for today about fall:

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TC 10 Mile Photos from Mile 9.3

>> Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Coach Gary Westlund from the “Charities Challenge” races put up a Facebook album of 257 photos from the TC 10 Mile. I started looking through it for a picture of me as I waved at him when went past. I flipped through a lot of photos by the time I got to this one of Doran C:

Uhhh, he’s a lot faster than me… I still have to flip through a lot more photos.

Rob E: also a lot faster than me.

Megan who I met at the failed half IM relay 4 year ago.
She finished about 90 secs ahead of me as the SECOND female!

Finally, a SIGHT of me. You can barely make out my pink shorts back there.

Waving to Gary.

Sidenote: As I noted in my race report from the official results, I started too far back and passed a lot of people (282 in the first 5 miles). But I tend to negative splits races like this and keep picking off people later in the race (32 in the last 5 miles). In that photo above, note the 3 guys to the left of me. In this photo from my race report just 0.16 miles later, those 3 guys are now being left behind as I’m passing someone else who wasn’t even in the frame in the photo above:

The 3 guys from the last photo.

Back to Gary’s photos:

This one’s nice!

This one’s a little more awkward/real.

Nathan and Kari just behind me (as shared in a story in yesterday’s post).

Melissa G who I passed around mile 8.5 with Nathan and Kari.

Super friendly/smiley Paul G.

My cousin’s wife Lana who ran a 1:06!

Danielle G.

Michael B with a wave.

An “arty” one with some flowers.

Funny women. And what’s happening with the woman in the background?!?

Beer!! There were guys giving away beer just a block earlier in the race.
This woman apparently got one.

I looked through all of Gary’s photos but couldn’t find any more of my family - he didn’t get many “individual” photos like he did of me and some of my friends as the field got thicker. Look through his album yourself if you’re interested. Thanks for the photos, Gary!



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