Official TC 10 Mile Photos

>> Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Photos came in pretty quickly from the TC 10 Mile (that I raced 1.5 weeks ago). I was given 35 photos where my race number was tagged, but they were all in a random order. Here they are (approximately) chronologically:

Rounding the corner to get onto River Road less than 1 mile in!

I know this is early on because I was still behind the team in red. I let them
go when I realized I was going out too hard, but caught 2 of them at the line.

Floating down by the river around mile 2?

Still floating, but a bit more awkwardly.

Peeking out back there...

... as the guys in red pull away.

We were all "gifted" 2 files without the watermarks that we could download at full res (or at least a higher res), and 1 of mine was on the Franklin Ave Bridge just before mile 3. I had talked in my race report about easing up heading up the hill at mile 2.5, and then kind of sticking with a woman that passed me for a lot of the race (and then chatting with her and her hubby as we waited for the light rail post-race). Here she is on the right as I'm a few seconds behind her:

20400 became a new race buddy.

Close-up. Not ready to try to climb out of the hole I'd dug for myself by going out too hard.


... then a little better.

Then awkward again...

... still a little awkward...

... then a weird foot strike.


Around mile 4.5 with 52-year-old Daniel Strike (who was in the 2nd photo in this post too).

Running and looking decent!

That's "our bridge" in the background. I'm less than a mile from home here!

Somewhere on Summit Ave I think (the last 4.5 miles of the race). Hurting.

Awkward and in pain. (Not injured, just pushing hard.)

FINAL PUSH! This is about 0.3 miles from the finish down the hill past the Cathedral.

Awkward hip drop...

... this one's a little better...

... and even better yet!

Final kick!

Lots of lip curl, hurting hard.

This was my 2nd "gifted" file just before the finish:
just passed the 2 guys in red and surrounded by women.


A bunch of watch-stoppers!

WHAT AM I DOING HERE? Why is my mouth closed? Why I do I look so calm?

Awkward "slowing down" stride.

I look happy here. I was not. Just checking my Garmin and gasping for air.

Still in the finisher's chute.

With all my goodies (in my mylar blanket), ready to hit the train home.

Here's my TC 10 Mile race report if you missed it.


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