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>> Thursday, June 01, 2017

Tom Ruen had a friend taking LOTS of photos at the Brian Kraft 5K as he raced on Monday. (Here's my race report if you missed it, and here's one of Tom's albums on Facebook which has a link to the other 2 albums as well - a total of 720+ photos!) Here are some I want to share of the race, me, and my team:

A mass of runners.

I'm probably in the middle of this photo behind 100 people.

Three of my teammates: Lara, Scott, and Geoffrey.

Teammate Sarah. (And Kris in orange on the far right - we met years ago.)

Teammate Leaf. (And Fox9 anchor Kelsey Carlson in the pink visor.)

Quinn and Megan.

We suffered our way around the lake, and then we ran that same stretch seen in the photos above as the final meters of the race. Here's the top-3 heading to the line:

Finishing times of 14:15, 14:18, and 14:18. CRAZY!

Laurie watching #2 and #3 duke it out!

Former student (and many-time relay partner) Jeremy grimacing
on his way to a sub-16! Really! 15:54! Congrats, Jeremy!

These are the only 2 females who beat me, and I'm JUST around the bend back there.

Peek-a-boo! There I am! (And there's THIS GUY with an awesome face.)

As I noted in Tuesday's race report, I passed a lot of people and was only passed by 5. Most of those who passed me probably passed me early on when it was crowded. There was 1 guy who got me just before the line, and my race report showed a photo of me shooting him a stink-eye. (I really wasn't pissed that he passed me, but the photos looked pretty funny!) In the photo above, you can clearly see him behind me, and here he works his way to the outside to make the pass:

Again with the bulge. Don't look. For the love of God, DON'T LOOK. So sorry.
(And that's "tall nice guy Kyle's" Dad looking at me on the right. Kyle and I cooled down together.)

#2485 has made the pass. And I tried to keep up. But my face is saying I can't.

Here's some more of my team finishing:

James and Nicole, just 15 seconds behind me. Nicole was the 4th overall female!

James (with Nathan C's wife Keri next to him).

Carrie who won the Cinco DU Mayo Duathlon with me a few weeks ago!

Casey and Geoffrey.

Kelsey again. (And someone making a face - I LOVE "final kick" faces.)

Again with a face.

Teammate Sarah on her way to a PR!

Race buddy Nordica making it look easy (and another face).

Teammate Scott (and Leaf back there in the black hat).



Molly (in pink).

The topless guy with the awesome face is the topless guy from
the 40-45 degree TC 10K in 2015
! Even in the same shorts!

He's convincing her she's having fun. She's not being convinced.


Quinn, in his FIRST 5K!

As this guy was live-streaming his daughter's 5K finish, my team was in the background:
me and Rose on the left, Scott and Geoffrey in the middle, and Tom (in yellow) on the right.

Oh, and Brian B was out there cheering (I didn't see him on race morning), and he recently sent me 2 pics just after I ran past him just before mile 3:

Nice shot of the shorts. And my haircut. Both short.

Dying towards the finish. The guy in front of me is a guy
I closed on but couldn't pass (as seen in photos of me above).

Again, here's my race report if you missed it.


SteveQ 11:13 AM, June 01, 2017  

I seem to know all the people you don't! #2284 is the legendary John Naslund, 4468 is Jillian Tholen (her brother Ryan is also really speedy), 2121 is Paul Giannobile who ran a 4:41 mile at age 45, 4467 is the immortal Al Zetterlund (finished 2nd at Twin Cities Marathon in 1982 in 2:16) and Mr Shirtless 2399 is Mike Setter.

Steve Stenzel 3:36 PM, June 01, 2017  

Ha! I didn't point out Paul G, but we met a few years ago at an indoor track meet where he was just behind me. We've chatted since a few times at Meet of the Miles (I think) where he was volunteering. I don't know the others though!

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