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>> Monday, December 15, 2008

About a week ago, I was contacted about trying a new workout product called Powerhouse Hit The Deck. I’m always game for something new (especially in the winter months), so I said I’d try it out. On Thursday, a little package arrived in the mail. It looked like this:

It was the size of a super-sized deck of cards. Inside was a timer and a bunch of cards:

All of those cards have different exercises on the other side:

• The yellow are the “Warm-Up/Cool-Down” cards
• The blue are the “No Sweat” cards (easy)
• The green are the “I’m Glistening” cards (medium)
• The red are the “Sweating Buckets” cards (hard)

Here’s a brief rundown on how it works:

• Set the timer to a certain interval (ie, 30 seconds) and that’s how long you’ll do each exercise.
• Start with the 5 yellow cards. Take one, do the exercise as many times as you can before the timer beeps, then move on to the next card.
• Then, randomly draw any of the blue, green, or red cards. Do the exercise until the timer beeps, then quickly grab another card and repeat.
• Cool down with all the yellow cards.

Basically, it’s SIMILAR to doing a Crossfit style workout. But the idea is you never know what’s up next - it’s the luck of the draw. I thought it could be a little “beginner” for someone like me (who’s no greek god, but who’s in pretty good shape). I figured I’d do a “ladder” style workout, so I did this:

Timer set to 60 seconds (for a total of a 25 minute workout)
• 5 warm-up cards
• 3 No Sweat (easy)
• 3 I'm Glistening (medium)
• 3 Sweating Buckets (hard)
• 3 I'm Glistening (medium)
• 3 No Sweat (easy)
• 5 warm-up cards

I started doing some of the warm-up exersizes. I’m awkward:

Then, Steph and Borsch showed up, so I took my workout upstairs. It was about the same time that I had to loose the shirt. So because I ran upstairs, there are no photos of me topless, hairy, and sweaty. You’re welcome.

Here’s my verdict: It was a little more intense than I thought it was going to be. I worked hard for 60 seconds, but as soon as I was done, I had to go on to the next one. It was a good burn! A little spot deep within each ass-cheek was nice and sore for 2 days afterwards! And before I started, I thought the timer was a little unnecessary. But it was GREAT to have during the workout: I didn’t have to keep checking my watch - I could just work until the timer beeped at me.

Here’s how I see the Pros and Cons of Powerhouse Hit The Deck:

New To Working Out (“Noob”):
• You can do it in your own home.
• You need NO equipment.
• You can start with easier cards, and work your way up as you get stronger.
• Your form could be crap, and there’s no way to know.

Seasoned Athlete:
• Great way to cross-train.
• Fun “change-of-pace” workout now and then.
• Not SUPER intense, so you can’t cancel your gym membership.

My Overall Impression:
• Small package you can EASILY take on the road and do in a hotel room.
• You need NO equipment.
• Drawing a random card gives infinite possibilities for a workout.
• It’s only $19.99!
• More exercises than I liked for the lower body, with fewer for the upper body (I understand that’s because lower body are easier to do without weights or other equipment...)

I had some questions about the program, so I just called up Jenny, the creator of Powerhouse Hit The Deck. She said she likes to do the exercises for 30 seconds, and she’ll do the entire deck! She’ll start with card #1 and go through card #30. THEN, she’ll start over again, but this time she’ll shuffle the deck and draw cards at random. That sounds like a killer 30 minute workout! But, then again, Jenny was the model on the cards. She looks like she could handle the workout, see:

Jenny and I had a nice chat, and she’s actually hoping to meet up with us for Dome Running on Tuesday! We may have a new training buddy! So, if any of the above sounds interesting, check out Jenny’s product: Powerhouse Hit The Deck. It’s cheap, and it’s a good workout to throw into the mix! I’ll probably be doing it a few times a month.

Now, is there anyone interested in running at the Metrodome on Tuesday (tomorrow) at 6 pm? To get to Dome Running, first find the big inflatable toilet Metrodome in downtime Minneapolis. Then drive around it. Find the big parking lot up a hill next to the dome. (The entrance to the lot is at 11th Ave and 5th St.) So turn into the lot and go up a hill (the red arrow on the map). Then just find a spot in the shaded red area on this map:

Then just head to the closest gate. You’ll be in. Here’s what the MDRA site says about Dome Running:

Dome Running is each Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. each night. The cost is $1. Enter at Gate D. You can park free in the upper Dome lot. If you have questions contact Rick Recker 612 375-0805.

Got that? Gate D. Upper Dome Lot. Bring a buck to get in. See you tomorrow.


Calyx Meredith 6:55 AM, December 15, 2008  

That was an interesting review! I have a person or two on my list who might like something like the Powerhouse cards. Thanks, man!

duchossois 7:12 AM, December 15, 2008  

Thanks for the review. I am interested (Jenny's photos on each card have nothing to do with that.)

Unknown 7:26 AM, December 15, 2008  

Sounds interesting. That's just the kind of thing that might keep me motivated if I were travelling or something...

Missy 7:35 AM, December 15, 2008  

I want to look like Jenny. I'm sure if I buy the cards, I'll look just like her:)

Marlene 8:20 AM, December 15, 2008  

Thanks for the review - sounds like something I'd enjoy.

And yeah, looks like she can handle it. WOW!

have a good run at the Dome!

Kelly 8:58 AM, December 15, 2008  

You said your welcome before I could say thank you.

chia 9:04 AM, December 15, 2008  

Oooh... gift that keeps on giving! Me likes!

LoveOfShoes 9:13 AM, December 15, 2008  

Does it come with a guarantee to look like Jenny? If so, it's on the Christmas list!

Trishie 9:19 AM, December 15, 2008  

Great review ... think I'll have to put this on my Dear Santa letter.

Trishie 9:19 AM, December 15, 2008  

Great review ... think I'll have to put this on my Dear Santa letter.

Danielle in Iowa in Ireland 10:00 AM, December 15, 2008  

So as someone who has zero spontaneity and does exercises in the same order all the time, these would spice up my life :-)

tfh 10:56 AM, December 15, 2008  

I'm with Missy. If I can get a body like Jenny's just by doing the exercises on the cards, I'm in!

Amytrigirl (aka Amybee) 12:14 PM, December 15, 2008  

The powerhouse thing is pretty cool. I'd use it when traveling and could see purchasing it for a couple of folks for the holidays.

Running at the dome tomorrow... you might see me there, but of course you -- and your speedy crew -- will be lapping me.

I'll yell HELLO if I go.

Darcy Franklin 1:22 PM, December 15, 2008  

Thanks for the invite to the dome! My week nights are precious family time so I won't be joining you. I will be thinking of you running circles however!

X-Country2 2:09 PM, December 15, 2008  

Yeah, Jenny's pictures are a little better than your pictures. Just sayin' dude. :o)

Triteacher 3:26 PM, December 15, 2008  

Greek God-ness, here you come!

CoachLiz 4:35 PM, December 15, 2008  

OOooo, that might be fun too add to my bag of tricks. I want to look like Jenny as well.

Anonymous,  4:49 PM, December 15, 2008  

She is stunning - if she can promise I'll look like that then I'll buy 10 packs!!!!

b 8:32 PM, December 15, 2008  

Enjoy the dome running on tuesday night Steve...nice deck of cards ;-)

Michelle 9:01 PM, December 15, 2008  

Sounds like a great workout!!! Something i need to start doing!!!

Thanks Steve!

Unknown 9:05 PM, December 15, 2008  

interesting workout. I've never heard of it it. I so wish I could join you for the dome workout.

Unknown 12:55 PM, December 16, 2008  

That sounds like an interesting product. Thanks for the review.

Chic Runner 1:40 PM, December 16, 2008  

Interesting, and that model is rediculously ripped goodness sakes! Thanks for not taking gross pictures of yourself. I have to reprimand you for those blister pictures. You disgust me. :) Ha ha, anyways, I keep forgetting to tell you, the mangroomer doesn't work. I got it for the bf a while back and it was a piece of you know what. :/ Thanks for the product review though. Looks like almost a keeper. :)

Anonymous,  3:33 PM, December 16, 2008  

Great shot of your big toe. Looks like it could use a little wax, too. Salty dog!

Anonymous,  3:37 PM, December 16, 2008  

I'll check back faithfully, for more toe & nipple pics. Don't disappoint your public! We like you sweaty!!!

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