Photos from the Finish Line of the Raspberry Run 1 Mile

>> Tuesday, August 02, 2022

I know it's been 2 weeks since the Raspberry Run 1 Mile, but I've been busy. So FINALLY, here are some photos from race buddy Tom from just before the finish line:

The leader here is going to go 4:00 FLAT!! (With 2nd and 3rd at 4:02 and 4:04!)

3rd and 4th.

It's unusual to see Daniel Docherty (in the black) so far back in 6th place. He still ran a 4:23!

Some good faces.

I don't know how 20881 can look so casual at the end of a 4:26 mile!

Bati (20319) was fighting Docherty for the win at Get in Gear.

These next photos show a bit of a concern at the Raspberry Run. They start a 5 mile race an hour before the 1 mile race, and the 1 mile course is the last mile of the 5 mile course. So anyone running around a 13-14 min mile in the 5 mile is going to be blown past in their final mile by 4-5 minute milers. In previous Raspberry Run race reports, I've noted some people being passed in the final meters of the race. But these few photos shows a closer call:

Notice the guy in the blue shirt (5 miler) with another runner (1 miler) over his shoulder...

... nothing looks bad here...

... but then the miler cut around him REALLY close...

... and then sped off.

One of his friends posted this in the Facebook album.

Another pained face.

There's Doran on the right in the blue, posting a 4:49.

That's a GREAT face.

There's the first female back there, and I'm behind her.

Close up: there I am!

I don't know exactly where I disappeared to in this next photo, but behind the guy in the
blue tanktop is someone barely visible with neon shoes, and I must be behind them.

Pained and running past.


The wide shot.

These guys brought up the tail end of the sub-5:00 crew, and then
there was a gap! A 4 second gap is very noticeable in a race like this!

Three people worth noting: Angie (breaking a state AG record), the
rabbit I chased at Get in Gear (Andrea), and a great face!

A guy CHECKING HIS PHONE(?!?!?) and Rob making it look easy!

Suzie! (She beat her new hubby.)

Melissa G in the middle.

Bobby and Charlie on the left! Two great fellas.

Tom R - thanks for these photos, Tom!

Danielle and my teammate Mike back there!

Remember from my race report, Mike wanted to break 7 one last time and CRUSHED IT.

Kirt leading a pack home.

Lots of families coming in.

I think this kid was just breathing... and then this photo happened.

Here's the water that I could see with about a 1/2 mile left - it's
what I fixed my gaze upon knowing it was just past the finish line!

As I was walking back down the race course to the start (where I was parked), I stumbled across a former student of mine from maybe 14 or 15 years ago. (She's the younger sister of my wife's friend - the friend who ran the Grand Old Day 5K with my wife as they were both super pregnant with their first babies.) The camera actually caught the moment I was walking past where M caught me to say hi:

Me cheering with M about to stop me.

Chatting with her and her hubby.

Here's Tom's full album from the Raspberry Run if you want to take a look. And here's my race report if you missed it!


rueschmike 3:16 PM, August 02, 2022  

The photo you disappeared in looks like your forehead is just over his left shoulder!

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