Fun Photos from the Inagural Minneapolis Halloween Half Marathon

>> Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Minneapolis Halloween Half Marathon added an album of nearly 600 photos on Facebook from the race that sis-in-law Steph and I did 3 weeks ago. Here are 30 of those that I wanted to share:

Pre-race sharks.

I noted that we followed LOTS of lead cyclists. It was well organized!

At the start! That's me right in the middle. The 3 guys to the right were
first-third, the guy in yellow next to me was 4th, and I ended up 5th.

Starting with a smile. :)

That's the last photo of me, and I never found any of Steph. She was wearing all orange, but there were many more outlandish costumes, so she wasn't photographed (and I wasn't after these starting shots). It takes a Halloween race to make me a "tame" participant. :)

Sweet Charlie Brown on the right.

Start of the 5K 15 minutes later.

THEE Rick Recker.


The boy and old man from "Up!"

Hospital patients with butts. Nice.

This was one of the costume contest award winners: the 3 blind mice.

Finishing coming across the Stone Arch Bridge.

Tri race buddy Nicole in the 5K.

One of many Forrests.

Sonic and Tails.

Near the finish line across the bridge.

I liked this guy's costume.

Very formal.

"Oh yeah!!"

"Price is Right" contestants. Even with a "one dollar" bid. Nice.

Steph and I noticed this well-done Cruella.

A 5K is the first step to weight loss.

I thought this was cute, but then I realized their shirts didn't say "Thing."

The Half Marathon winner finishing to the roar of the crowd among some 10K finishers.

YES! Lady, if you aren't married to him, propose to him NOW.
He did THIS for you. So he must love you a lot.

The old lady dude finishing...

... her hubby faked a fall before the finish. Nice.

Third place in the half. Nice stride!

"It's so fluffy!!!!"

Gracia winning the female race in the half in 1:24 (in 8th overall!).
I was just to the right getting food, so I came back and we chatted.

Fox 9 anchor Kelcey Carlson finishing in 1:36 (15th female).


Sweet Angus!

This was a good race for me. I raced with a camera a took lots of photos along the way - check out my Minneapolis Halloween Half race report if you missed it.


Shinianen 10:45 AM, November 14, 2017  

Ok, so is it just me ... or do you also kind of just hate the douche on Price Is Right who hovers in at the end and pulls the $1 crap? At least take a conservative bid on a price! GAH! (LOL)

Bikerpete 9:15 AM, November 15, 2017  

The last one reminds me of Jack Black in School of Rock :-)

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