Official Photos from the Square Lake Triathlon

>> Monday, September 26, 2022

There's an album on Facebook of 900 photos from the Square Lake Sprint Triathlon, and here are a few I want to share. (In case you missed it, here's my race report from 2 weeks ago.)

It was a foggy day!

The other swim buoys had disappeared in the fog! Luckily, it cleared up before the race started.

I can see part of my bike on the far left behind the person in the hoodie.
And you can still see the foggy lake in the background.

I met her years ago at a race. She looked at me 2 weeks ago and said "I KNOW YOU!"

Loved this watermelon tri suit!

Judi starting pre-race announcements under the tent.

The National Anthem was on a sax! (Well done too!)

I'm back there with the blue pits talking to some former swimmers.
I was telling them they should go in front of me. :)

One of the former swimmers taking off...

... with the other one behind her...

... and me barreling in after them! What's with my face/neck/entire being?!?

Former EvoTri buddy Michelle had seen me but hadn't
said hi yet. I didn't know she was there at this point!

Jesus cheated and just ran across the water.

That 'stache MUST drag him down in the water.

More common than you think: running in with your goggles still not on.

When I exited T1, I had a number of people in front of me. The 2 guys who took 1st and 2nd were already in 1st and 2nd, but I caught everyone else in the first 1/4 mile of the bike. We started up a steep little hill, and the eventual winner actually ran up it:

The "mount" line was out of frame way off the top of this image, so he really ran aways!

2nd place powered up on his bike.

This was the last guy I passed, just before getting out onto the highway.

I left transition shortly after this guy (with a shoe issue), and I flew by him as he ran up the hill.

Here I come! Lookin' pained and ready to work!

As I noted in my race report, I'd catch 5 people in front of me right away
(not all pictured here) and then ride the rest of the bike by myself in 3rd.


Lots of people coming out of T1 back there ready to climb this hill.

Pretty sure this is the Invisible Man because I can't see any skin. Ha!

Very muscley on the left side.

Another train of people coming up.

A temporary sunglasses malfunction.

Mustache man made it!

Nasty time to have to "teeth" a gel!

Love that you can wear anything in a tri!

Heading up that short nasty hill with a friend.

The eventual winning out of T2!

2nd place out of T2! Which means...

... I was next. 2nd place was WELL in front of me when I rode towards T2, but I was still fighting.

At least my hair looks good. Sheesh.

Michelle having a problem that I often have.

Waiting at the finish line!

The winner was a mile in front of me, so he was gone. I made up some time on 2nd, but couldn't close the gap - 2nd place beat me by 2:24, but left T2 4:44 in front of me, so I made up half that gap (2:20).

The winner!

Wait... did he barf? What's that white stuff on his face? Maybe a poorly consumed gel?

2nd place.

Me coming to the line in 3rd.

I'm not looking for any particular split here, but just to make
sure I hit the right button as this was my first tri with this Garmin.

4th overall with the fastest run split trying to reel me in!

The "aqua bike" athletes just finish the ride and then run across the line with their bike.

Michelle finishing as the 2nd place female!

Mr. Mustache made it!

Thumbs up.

This is partly cute and partly seems like a bad idea. Not a problem at a smaller race like this.

What has to go so horribly wrong that you end up with your jersey like this?
(It's tied around his neck like a necklace!)

A pack heading to the line.

Love this!...

... and then a big smile!

Strike a pose.

A family finish! Go Mama!

The watermelon tri suit and her friend made it! :)

Here's the entire album on Facebook, and here's my race report from 2 weeks ago.

Back with some pre-race TC 10 Mile thoughts shortly!


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