Photos from Goldy's Run 10 Mile

>> Monday, April 15, 2019

Goldy's Run on Facebook posted an album of 302 photos, and I pulled a few that show the race nicely.

Ready to race, with the finish back there on the 50 yard line.

"Goldy" was a HOOT. Here he is with some of the "Team Triumph" runners at the start of the 5K.

5K ready to go!

Goldy wanted to be a speed bump for the strollers.

Gopher football coach P.J. Fleck.

Team Triumph is off!

The rest of the 5K runners starting. Goldy started with his head on backwards.

Excited to get a high-five from Goldy!

Excited to get a high-five from P.J.

Stopping (before even starting) to get a photo with P.J.

The 5K started about 20 mins before the 10 mile, and I was just coming down
from the stadium back there (from the bathroom) as these tuba players started.

Go tuba guys!

Goldy making pals before the 10 mile start.

"Team Triumph" takes off for the 10 Mile! (You can see me in red behind the woman.)

I cheered for all of them as I passed them 5-10 mins later,
and the guy on the right turned in a pretty amazing time!

We started a few minutes later. We had a count down from 10, and when they were 2 seconds in (so about down to "8"), Goldy comically took off ahead of us:

And he looked back and snickered.

Then he ran off and hopped off the course just after we started.

GOOO!!! There's me in red under the "T."

Eventual winner in white, 2nd in maroon and gold, and the guy behind me passed me a half mile later.

A sea of 2,400 10 mile runners!

5K runners heading under a little pedestrian bridge near the stadium 0.15 miles from the finish.

5K runners turning off of University Ave.

Around the stadium to the finish!

It appears things got QUITE crowded near the finish around 20-25 minutes into the 5K.

Through that tunnel, out onto the field, and finishing at the 50 yard line!

Heading to the finish! With video on the big screen!

Ringing the "PR bell."

In the 10 Mile, the first finisher shown in this album was the guy who finished just behind me (66 seconds back), so I was JUST missed. Here he is (and he often runs at my gym over the winter):

Melissa as the 3rd female.

1st female on the right, and that guy beat me (finishing in 1:00:12). His cotton shirt,
long baggy shorts, and handlebar mustache all caught me off guard.

10 milers finishing.

I'm back there looking for my sister-in-law to finish.
(Hand over my eyes, behind someone in a yellow vest.)

Coming around the stadium before heading in.

I nearly fell on the 2 little slopes through the stadium.

On to the field, to the finish!

There was a short kids race outside that was just around
the stadium and then in to finish with us on the 50 yard line.

There's always a kid that falls. Sometimes, it's mine. Not here, though.

Cute kids after finishing.

The finish line later in the day.

If you missed it, here's my Goldy's 10 Mile race report, and here are a few photos of my racing from race buddy Evan.


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