Start and Finish Photos from the Hot Dash 5K

>> Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Here are some photos from Tom R from the start and finish of the Hot Dash 5K from about 10 days ago. It was the first time this race was in the USA Track and Field MN circuit.

View from the Plymouth Ave Bridge where we were about to start.

Lining up to start.

Everyone leaning a split second after the gun went off.

My teammate Dan and I are just starting to be visible (in the orange).

Running off...

Highlighting people: me, Gracia (2nd female), Dan, Suzie,
former student Helen, and Tim who just beat me for 2nd in our age group.

Now Rob can be seen back there in the green too!

Last pic of me at the start.

Here are some teammates: Geoffrey!

Laurie, who was...

... running next to her husband Tom.

Geoffrey's wife Megan.

My neighbor in the mustard sleeves!

The rest of the photos pick up at the finish. As I noted in my race report, we looped up the hill off of Nicollet Island, crossed the Hennepin Ave Bridge, climbed a little hill, and then bombed down that little hill to mile 3 and then to the finish. This first photo of the leaders shows that final hill:

It looks so easy for them!

Casually running a 15:17 5K.

A battle for 3rd overall around 15:30.

This guy looks a little like me (only 20 years younger and 2:00 faster).

Breanna Sieracki taking the female win in 16:22.

A guy with a "race face" wearing some sweet jorts for the Hot Dash!
(He was the one making an awkward pose behind me and Suzie in my race report.)

In the next photo, Gracia and I are finally visible in the background. I had just kept up with Gracia through that looping hill off the island as I noted in my race report (which surprised me as I'd been running on the [flat] treadmill all winter), and I had passed her maybe 1 minute before this. Here we are in the background:

Gracia in the blue on the left, and me in the duller orange (not the BRIGHT orange) on the right.

Behind the guy in ALL the orange.

The guy in red was 2nd im my age group, and I could not make up those 0:06 to beat him.

Giving chase.

My boobs look decent here...

... and here I'm flying. That's a solid back-to-back set of images.

Flying as he checks over his shoulder. We had the same finishing time, but he beat me.

Last one of me heading to the line. I don't look too dead! I started easy
and built throughout this race, so I wasn't a hot pile of trash at the finish.

Gracia leading a group 0:07 behind me.

Rob finishing 0:37 behind me (2nd out of 30 in his AG!).

Former student Helen taking the 8th female spot and 1st in
her AG on the far right! And there's teammate Dan back there!

Dan flying to the finish.

I passed this guy like he was standing still about half way into the race.
I was concerned for him, but he got through it! And that's Suzie on his tail.

Former teammate Eric (4244). (I forgot his name so I re-introduced
myself when I passed him about 0.4 miles into the race.)

That's a weird/weak ankle!...

... seen in this photo too. Being passed by Charlie R on the right!

Geoffrey coming back there.

Good pained face, Geoffrey!

Tank tops and hoodie with hat in the same photo. Spring in MN.

Big smile and sweet tights!

Dads racing to the finish!

Tom R! Thanks for always sharing these photos, Tom!

That's an odd/pained final kick back there.

Flannel for the Hot Dash!

I love kids who kick!!

Teammates Stan and Donella!

Teammate Megan!

Mike and Mike! (I passed non-teammate Michael
a few times at the indoor 5K I did a few weeks back.)

Go Mike!

Wave for the camera!

Teammate Hilda has LOTS of hair!

Lots of people coming in now!

Is that snot? I hope that's snot.

Teammate Tom!

First stroller! (They give out extra numbers that say "stroller" that you can pin on the stroller!)

Go Laurie!

Go Jenne!

Gloria! I feel like I haven't seen her since before
the pandemic, but we got to chat a minute post-race.

It's important to update your social media at the finish line.

Teammate Kristen! Thumbs up!

More families and strollers!

Neighbor Darcie!

Team RWB and strollers.


Double stroller! And still lots of people coming.

Hey fella, I don't know that she wants you live streaming this...

I didn't know it at the time, but my sister-in-law who's gotten back into a little running after some major knee issues was at the race! Here she is in the light blue in the background:

Go Steph!

I don't know that she'll like how pained she looks
when these other 2 women look so fresh in the foreground.

Let's hope that number just flipped up and wasn't pinned on backwards.

I congratulated this guy on his look just before the start!

Lots of strollers and people!

More finish line posts! :)

What's happening here? I think the start line is moving.

Matching plaid. Love it.

Oven mitts for the Hot Dash. Nice.

There were a few older ladies with aprons.

This mom is managing to keep it under control!

That kid of the right... that's some hair!

I checked the results: this dad out-kicked his daughter. Nice.

In case you missed it, here's my Hot Dash race report, and here's a follow-up post with 3 more quick things post-race.


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