Official Photos from the Oakdale Duathlon

>> Monday, May 31, 2021

Some race photos showed up in this Facebook album, and here are some I'd like to share:

Staging the race early.

Race director Judi giving instructions.

I was parked next to these 2, and they did the entire race together.

A dorky dad and his ride.

She did the "reverse duathlon" on this fatty:
a 14 mile bike, 2.5 mile run, and another 14 mile bike!

My car in the background in the first spot (I may have a problem).

Ed and I were talking when the photographer came to get
this photo. Ed would end up being the "long course" winner!

Erin on the left: my "rack" buddy next to me in transition.

It doesn't look that hot, but the sun was BURNING and it was humid. Thick. Gross. When it was time for the pre-race meeting, I sought shelter in the shade of the "run in / run out" flag on the right:

Another shot with me finding shade on the right.

There were just a few people in the "reverse du" that
started 5 minutes before the "short" and "long" course.

And they're off!

Heading out on their first of 2 rides!

The short and long course athletes lining up at the start.

Receiving final pre-race instructions at the start.
You can see a bit of my Tutti Frutti to the right of the guy in the foreground.

No photos at the start, but after looping around a big parking lot, we came back
through the starting line area only to hop on another trail and run past it again.

Lots of the run course was tiny rollers like this.

She's about to make a hairpin left to join us on that trail.
This spot is about a 1/2 mile into the run.

No photos of the leaders heading back to T1, but here's the guy who finished 4th overall.

The lead females heading out of the trees close to T1.

That same pair of women I spotted all day. (The kits stood out.)

A guy running in as Ed bikes out.

Proper usage of aero bars allows people to flash gang signs.

A "reverse du" cyclist heading back to T1.

The same reverse du cyclist starting his only run (between 2 rides).

As I mentioned in my race report, this guy caught me around mile 6 on the bike...

... so he was the first back to T2. He had biked away with the win!

The leader on the final run.


I was around the green dot still running away from him. He was at the
sharp turn on the far left about 2:00 (and 0.34 miles) in front of me.

I had pretty much conceded the race at this point, but I was still going to run hard in case he was going to crash in the heat. In my mind, 0.34 miles isn't that much to make up over a 2.5 mile run, but 2:00 is. Especailly when he was just 20 seconds behind me after the first run. I knew I wasn't going to make up that much ground.

SIDENOTE: Notice that map from my Garmin of the final run above. It had been so long since I had raced that I forgot how to properly use my Garmin. I never turned it off at the finish. You can see me wandering around for 5 minutes after I was done before I realized it was still going. Oops.

He's looking for me knowing that I'm coming!

Me rounding the corner 2 minutes after the leader.


Well, as I noted in my race report, I came up 50 seconds short. Here's the winner crossing the line:

Me 50 sec later with the winner (and his wife and baby) on the far right.

Hitting the line with Randy Fulton timing right behind me.

Making some smart-ass comment to race director Judi about being HOT.

3rd place, over 3 mins behind me.

4th place, about 5 mins behind me.

The winner and his family. Adorable!

Transition buddy Erin heading out of T2.

I'm under that speaker cheering home the finishers.
It was this guy's first duathlon (as we chatted later).

He'd ran other races that Judi hosted, but this was his first du!

I'm off to the right, still cheering on finishers.

Erin and her buddy who I chatted with a bit post-race.

Ed coming in with the long course win!

Excited long course finisher!

Judi checking on timer Randy's work.

Judi giving out water as people headed out of T2.

That reminds me - I never mentioned it in my race report, but there was 1 water stop on the run. They gave out small sealed bottles of water per COVID protocol. I took one both times, and I was able to carry them to recycling bins that were just out in the park along the trail: on the first run, I had to carry it a while, but I was able to unload my empty bottle pretty quick in the second run.

If you missed it, HERE'S my race report from last week, and HERE are a few final thoughts that I forgot in the race report.


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