More Photos from the USATF Hopkins Raspberry Run

>> Saturday, July 22, 2017

Race buddy Tom R posted an album of photos from last weekend's Raspberry Run 1 Mile, and here are a few I wanted to share of friends, teammates, and me:

350 people racing down main street.

The winner!

Sweet! Another pair of short yellow shorts. With an unfortunate bulge.
(You might remember a similar unfortunate bulge in my Brian Kraft 5K race report.)

1284: "former student Jeremy" who's now WAY faster (and still more photogenic)
than me. I'm in the pack behind him around the guy in red.

The following pack of runners. That's me in
the yellow shorts and orange shoes near the left.

I looked truly pained over there! (Also look at these last 3 photos to see the kick
by 1093: he starts behind the guy in the orange shorts, then pulls up
beside him, then blows us all away in this last photo! As I mentioned
in my race report, there were ALL speeds at the final kick!)

Contemplating death over there. And Rob E to the right!

More pain...

... yet more pain. But I was happy to get under 5:00!

Teammate Jamie who officially finished right at 5:00.

Teammate Geoffrey working through the pain!

Y buddy Casey, with teammate Jacob behind the guy in yellow.

Teammate Jacob making it look easy. Like a Sunday stroll.

Teammate Quinn finishing his first 1 mile race!

I don't know this guy, but this is how we all felt.

THEE Rick Recker. Still lookin' good!

The WONDERFUL spray of water I enjoyed at the finish.
(I just stood off to the side to feel the mist.)

I heard about this after I got back home from the race: apparently downtown Hopkins
has the "World's Largest Raspberry." Sorry I missed this. (Don't know HOW I missed this.)

Thanks for the photos, Tom!

If you missed it, here's the link to my Raspberry Run 1 Mile race report from earlier this week. Happy weekend!


SteveQ 12:59 PM, July 23, 2017  

"Orange shorts" #1346. is the famous Pat Billig (he's in his 50's!)

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