Team Results After The First USATF MN 2018 Race

>> Saturday, March 31, 2018

O'Gara's 8K was the first race in the 2018 USATF MN series, and we had full female and male teams (barely). Both of our teams scored second-to-last overall, but that doesn't consider the "division" (red or blue... although we'd still probably be second-to-last in our division). Here's the female results:

Top 5 runners score (much like CC), so that's why Rachel's name is in parentheses.

And here are the male results:

We'd all have to shave off (an average of) over 2 minutes to move up,
but we had a big cushion behind us so there was no danger in coming in last.

If we are able to score at every race (and that's a big IF), then I know we'll move up. Our numbers aren't as big as they were 2 years ago, so I'm afraid we'll be hanging out near the bottom throughout the year. But it's all for fun, so I don't think any of the team really cares!

If you missed my race report click here for that. And click here for lots of fun photos from the start and finish of the race.


Friday Funny 1419: Good Parenting

>> Friday, March 30, 2018

Learning to drive.

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Friday Funny 1418: Most Viral Fake News

I forgot where I found these, but here are the most viral fake news stories found on Facebook last year (from #10 down through #1). Some are too random/funny, and some a little more sad:

This always ALWAYS makes me giggle.

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Friday Funny 1417: Signs Doing More Harm Than Good

Some odd signs (from Buzzfeed).

Maybe work on your letter spacing...

This was a valid joke for maybe about 2 months of 2015.

Finally, a fight I can win! I think. Maybe.

Uh oh... I think someone got in trouble.

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