A Gross Close-Up from the Lake Johanna 4 Mile

>> Monday, March 25, 2019

Local event management company FrontRunner Events was at the Lake Johanna 4 Mile last weekend. They posted a video from the start, and you can see me go by in about 20th place (before working my way to up 9th place and then settling into 8th place for the last 85% of the race as noted in my race report - I'm ALWAYS sure to line up "too far back" with the stroller as to not impede someone who's faster than me). My friend Leah alerted me to the video by tagging me in a comment on it:

Then a few days later, FrontRunner posted a few random photos from the race. One was of me and the boys!

If I remember right, this was just about 3-5 seconds from the finish line.

I downloaded that photo, and then realized that it had decent resolution! So I (maybe unwisely) zoomed in:

Downright ANGRY!!

There's a mix of spit and sweat running down my chin. There's mud splattered on my forearm from the potholes. And nothing's sexier than a Dad in mittens.

Zooming in on the stroller also showed the wet potholes. That's a lot of spray!

And that white text in the stroller is the back of our portable DVD player as the boys were watching Looney Tunes.

I went back to that photo on Facebook last night, and I spotted a lot of fun comments. Here's all of them:

Andy's right: my 5K PR is 17:11, and all but 2 of my 1-mile races have been sub-5. But I don't think the stroller slows me down by 0:30/mile - maybe 0:15-0:20 at a race like this. And I think I'm being initiated into another stroller running Dad gang by those last comments.

If you missed it, here's my race report, and here's a post with more photos. OH, AS I VISITED THAT "MORE PHOTOS" LINK, I THINK YOU CAN SEE THE FRONTRUNNER PHOTOGRAPHER OVER MY LEFT SHOULDER IN THE PHOTO OF MY BUTT. He's pretty close to the finish line.

Back with a training update tomorrow.


Two Injury Scares, But I Think It's All Good Now

>> Saturday, March 23, 2019

Two weeks ago was the O'Gara's Irish Run where I lightly sprained my ankle. I got some therapy for it (having my chiropractor use Graston Technique on my lower leg which HELPED SO MUCH, and having acupuncture as well), and it got better quickly. I had no worries racing the next weekend at the Lake Johanna 4 Mile with both boys in the stroller:

I NEVER had to give my ankle a thought in that race, which was great news! ESPECIALLY because the road was really rough in areas, and I could have stepped wrong and turned my ankle. (The stroller helped here - it's easier to take a longer stride and "fly" over a pothole when holding onto the stroller.)

Then the next morning after the race (last Sunday), my right butt cheek started to ache deep inside. I had just been on the trainer an hour before, but not doing anything weird. I stretched it out, but it never really got better. It got worse. Going up stairs hurt. I was bummed. I didn't know what I had done.

I saw my chiro (Dr. Backus) on Monday, and he figured it was a tight (maybe "strained," but not really "hurt") piriformis muscle deep in my butt:

Image via.

He massaged it with his elbows to help loosen it up. I'm supposed to keep stretching. I wonder if really pushing it up those hills at Lake Johanna while pushing a stroller just made something deep in my glute angry.

Then I had acupuncture 2 days later on Wednesday. I basically had to pull down my shorts and let my ass breathe for 45 minutes while being treated. He stuck some needles in it, and even hooked some up to electricity and did some e-stim (similar to what he did to my quad in this video from 2 years ago). It felt a lot better by Thursday.

And then on Friday, I had a massage my wife got me for my birthday, so it got even MORE attention! Jeez, 3 days of work on that butt between Monday and Friday - that's pretty good! ;)

This morning, I went on a long run, and it seems to be OK. It's a little tight right now, but I'll keep stretching it and I think we'll be good! Back with a training update soon!


Friday Funny 1577: Bad Days

>> Friday, March 22, 2019

Just a handful of people having a bad day:

Lots more funny things posted all day long on SportsAndLaughs.tumblr.com. HAPPY WEEKEND!!


Friday Funny 1576: Dick Runs

There's an Instagram called Dick Runs Claire where... well... someone named Claire runs in the shape of dicks:

A "3 year anniversary" of dick runs.

Everyone needs a hobby.

Lots more funny things posted on SportsAndLaughs.tumblr.com.


Friday Funny 1575: Cross Stitch

Lots more funnies posted all day long on SportsAndLaughs.tumblr.com.


More Lake Johanna 4 Mile Photos

>> Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Race buddy Tom R was at the Lake Johanna 4 Mile this past weekend, and he had a friend stationed with his camera just after the start and just before the finish. Here are a handful of his photos from the race:

Maybe 30 seconds into the race (note the start line to the far left).

The leader was already pulling away. He gapped the rest of us from the start.

Pack of 2nd - 6th, then 2 more guys, then me in 9th.

Settling in after passing a few people after the start...

... only to pop to the outside to pass the 2 guys in front of me.

As I mentioned in my race report, I ended up passing both of those guys to move into 7th (breathing REALLY hard, wondering if that was a good idea). Then one of them passed me right back pretty quick to put me in 8th. Then maybe around the 3/4 mile mark, I passed the guy in the orange shades and green top, and shortly after, the other guy who I passed just after that last photo caught me too. And I ran the rest of the race right there in 8th place.

Wondering if I’m going too hard.

Running off to find out.

A stream of 182 runners starting.

Race buddy Danielle (#2370).

Everyone heading around the lake.

I “complained” about potholes and rough roads in my race report, but I wasn’t *really* complaining. I was just noting the conditions out there which made it a bit harder for a stroller. It’s been a rough winter on everyone, and the roads took their toll too. So you’ll see some of those rough roads in a few of these finishing photos:

The leader WAY ahead of everyone else!

Heading to the finish averaging 5:12 pace!

2nd at the line, with 3rd coming in.

4th through 6th.

6th and 7th.

4th about to finish, with 5th on his tail. (5th was the last guy to pass me 3.3 miles earlier.)

Here I come 21 seconds back. With no one behind me.

Comment on that last photo. :)

Such beauty, such grace.

I like how it looks like I’m not even moving in this one.

Hunched shoulders + wide elbows = perfect form.
(I still hadn't noticed the finisher's clock here - when I did, I gave it all to the line to break 24:00!)

Comment on that last photo. Yep, I ran 23:48 with just (baby) Henry in 2012.

A pack of 4 runners (and 2 women out for a walk) 49 seconds behind me.

The guy in the orange shades was ahead of me for 4 minutes. Then he lost a lot of ground.

The first female. She finished and gave me some “dad praise” in the finisher’s chute.

A 10-year-old girl who finished in under 7:00/mile pace!

Race buddy Tom. Thanks for the photos, Tom!

Me still chatting with Brian at the end of the finisher’s chute on the far right.

A pack of runners running through the asphalt chunks.


This guy (like me) was happy to be nearly done!


A very casual finisher’s photo.

Sookie from my gym!

And THEE Rick Recker, coming back from an injury.

Find all of Tom’s photos here. And if you missed it, here’s my race report from Monday.



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