Training During a Cold Week

>> Saturday, November 17, 2018

This past week was unseasonable cold here in MN. We got some snow at the end of last week, and it stuck around. We spent 7 days below freezing without strong enough sunshine to totally clear the roads and paths. I LOVE running in cold weather, but I will NOT go out when it could be slippery - running "tight" trying not to fall has injured me more than once in the past.

So on Tuesday (when I usually run OUTSIDE between classes from my campus), I hit the college weight room instead and stared at this wall for 36 minutes:

And on Wednesday, I hit the trainer. I'm still waiting for conditions where I can safely ride outside on my tri-bike again this year! As I was spinning, the morning news noted that this week had been the coldest EVER for these 7 days, and it's not even close to 2nd place:

(Sidenote: you might be able to make out the box of "Spinerval" DVD workouts on top of the TV in that shot. I still need to bust those out for this winter. As I noted in last weekend's post and also shared in my "October in Review" post, I haven't done any hard rides in a LONG time. It's probably been a good recovery period for me, but now I need to get back at it!)

Then finally on Thursday, I was able to safely run outside between my classes. I did a nice long 10+ mile run and only had to dodge a few icy spots.

Back with more training updates soon. Happy weekend!


Friday Funny 1522: Fitness Funnies 6

>> Friday, November 16, 2018

Here are some "fitness-related funnies" from posts tagged with "fitness" on my Tumblr page:

Damn right.


Also me.

This happened to a friend pulling into a ramp at Ironman WI. No joke.

As always, check out for new posts 10x every day. HAPPY WEEKEND!!!


Friday Funny 1521: Cremated Dad Hardens Up

Yep, you read that title correctly. Here's a wild Facebook post from earlier this week, along with some of the best comments:

Rest in peace, Brick Dad.

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Friday Funny 1520: Charging Your Phone

Sometimes you get into a jam and you need to charge your phone. NOW.

Seems fine to me.


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