Another PT Visit

>> Monday, October 21, 2019

Last Monday night (before heading out of town for 5 days) was my second PT appointment for my heel/foot issue. I spent a few days tracking down my podiatrist to get the proper steroid cream for therapy (as noted in this post).

I had the same PT I had a few years back for my lower back/sacrum thing, and she's my "usual" PT (the guy I had the first time was a fill-in for my "usual" because she was out sick). After looking at all the notes from my first visit and asking me more questions while prodding at me, she said I'm a mystery. She's not ruling out my lower back AGAIN sending pain to a different part of my body. We are trying a few things over this week. We'll see.

PT Natalie (and her student shadow) getting my iontophoresis
therapy ready to go on the inside of my left heel.

The little iontophoresis device "pushing" a steroid liquid into my heel.

Natalie thought my boys were ANGELS as they just played
with some light weights and watched Looney Tunes that I brought along.

I see her again this week. I don't think we'll have any more answers by then. I suspect an expensive MRI is in my future...


Back from "Up North"

>> Saturday, October 19, 2019

Our family has been M.I.A. for the last 5 days as we've just wrapped up a big trip up north. We hit the 8 northwest most state parks in Minnesota. Here's a pic I posted earlier today on Instagram:

Caption: A tiny cabin, a dying campfire, 1 bare bulb, 1 outlet, and just a fireplace to keep us warm for the night on the shore of Hayes Lake. Finishing up our 5th day “up north” right now. Like WAY north... we drove into Canada to go to a bakery. This night, it was PITCH black. A darkness I’ve never experienced before. This is a 30 sec exposure with the lens wide open, and even some of the foreground on the left was lit by a small lantern.

More later. For now, a shower and some laundry. :)


Friday Funny 1669: Fitness Funnies 21

>> Friday, October 18, 2019

Just a handful of funny things tagged with "fitness" from

This one's a little brutal.


Weird. But I'd also like it for my bike.

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Friday Funny 1668: Animals

I love "animal" funnies:

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Friday Funny 1667: Fails

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