Quick Run at Big Stone Lake State Park

>> Monday, July 06, 2020

Last Wednesday, I posted about a great camping trip the boys and I had in western MN at Big Stone Lake State Park. I left out a part about heading out for a run on our final morning there.

The boys were still quite tired when they woke up (common for anything but the first day of camping), and they just started reading in the tent without wanting to head outside. So I thought I'd just have them stay parked there as I went for a little run.

There were some grassy trails between the campground and the highway, but they were roughly cut with like a Bush Hog and not a nice mower. So they would be wet and nasty after the downpour we had 2-3 hours earlier. The highway outside the state park was winding with no real shoulder, so it wasn't safe to run on. But there was a gravel road on the other side of a cattle farm, so I just had to run about 300 meters or so on the highway:

My route (with HALF MILE splits noted - I didn't run 8+ miles).

After I got up a hill next to the cattle farm (where all the cows ran over to see me), the road looked like this:

Looks like where I grew up.

I decided to turn at the next intersection (as the map above shows) because there was a big farm yard up ahead, and what I've learned from growing up training for CC in the country is that big farm yards can equal big farm dogs. Big farm dogs that aren't used to people trotting by their farm. So I turned and ran past wheat and bean fields and turned around here:

I had to stop and take a pic of this gorgeous wheat field.

Headed back down the hill next to the cattle farm with the highway up ahead,
as well as parts of Big Stone Lake peaking through the trees way up there.

My legs were tried/heavy from camping, so my 1/2 mile splits started slow and descended as I worked my way into it (even though this was just a "run" with no effort or goals): 3:56, 3:53, 3:42, 3:40, 3:39, 3:33, 3:23, and 3:40 (before another few minutes of cool down).

It was a great morning for a little run! I got back and we all had breakfast.

Here's my post about camping if you missed it.


Slow and Steady Run Progess

>> Saturday, July 04, 2020

I shared a version of this graph in my "year in review" post that showed I had consistent long runs for a year, and then got injured and it was crap. I updated it now to show how running has been going over the last few months:

That little bump in the green (GREEN means "injured") was back in November when my PT wanted me to try a little running. Then when I took off in March, she had me build up my miles pretty quick as we learned it was nothing I would "further injure" with stress - we were just in "pain management." I changed the color back to red (RED means "regular") on my first 5 mile run, which was in mid-April. From that day on, I knew how to manage the pain and that I really WASN'T injured. I was just trying to keep my foot as pain-free as possible.

I know it's hard to tell, but last week I hit SIX miles for my long run!

Slow and steady progress.

Just for fun, I thought I'd look at my pace for my runs since starting back. My current pace is about the same as my pace last summer before getting injured, but back then I was running long runs that were 2x as far, so I was in MUCH better shape back then (so it doesn't makes sense to compare my current pace to back then because of how much farther I was running then). Every run since March is noted here (except for the blank spot where I did intervals and an overall pace is quite skewed), and this graph shows me getting consistently faster, and then plateauing in the last few weeks:

My first 2 weeks of runs (first 6 runs) were 8:00.5/mile average, and my last 2 weeks of runs were 7:06.2/mile average. But a random 2 weeks of runs in the middle of this graph averages 7:11.0/mile, so as the graph clearly shows, my runs are NOT going to keep dramatically getting faster.

Happy 4th!!


Friday Funny 1786: Drunks

>> Friday, July 03, 2020

Don't party too hard this weekend...

More funny things posted all week long on SportsAndLaughs.tumblr.com. HAPPY WEEKEND!! Have a safe 4th!


Friday Funny 1785: Social Distancing in Church

Here are some "social distancing" signs up in a church to keep extra space between pews of people:

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