Bike Crash Update: $500+ Later

>> Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A month ago, a cyclist hit me as I was biking. It was clearly his fault as he ran a stop sign, was going the wrong way down the road, and turned left where there were 2 signs there saying that was illegal. (Click the link for more details.)

Well, it all got resolved 2 weeks ago. At first, the other cyclist would take a long time returning each of my texts, and I was getting a bit worried. I kept thinking "well, my Garmin can sort of 'prove' that I wasn't at fault, but I hope I don't need to force the issue with this guy." But everything worked out well. Here's the update:

Here were the 2 pics in the post:

Finger wound that happened before mile 1.5 of a 30 mile ride because of my broken/cracked
shifters. Glad I went for a test ride before saying the shifters didn't need to be replaced.

Newly fixed up bike in the lot of the bike shop!

I sent a text to Bob (the guy who hit me) the next day. Here's how this all wrapped up:

Posted this on FB saying "Bob’s a stand up guy. Final interaction just now."

That could have been much worse, as I make dozens of dollars a year teaching part time, and I don't have $500 floating around to fix up my bike. I've been on the trainer a few times since it's been back, but it hasn't been out on the road yet. I'm not sure it shifts like it used to (may need a few adjustments), but it seems to be in good working order.


Post-Race Recovery Week

>> Monday, October 15, 2018

Eight days ago was the TC 10 Mile. So it's been all easy since then:

- MONDAY was just little core and lots of stretching.
- TUESDAY was some 200s in the pool (not "all out").
- WEDNESDAY was an easy spin on the trainer.
- THURSDAY was my first run, and it went OK! Legs just a bit "heavy" still.
- FRIDAY was a ladder swim (easier at start, faster at the end).
- SATURDAY was longer 8.5 mile run, and my quads were TIRED at the end. But nothing was sore!
- SUNDAY was just another easy spin. Maybe I'll bike harder this week.

Time for a LITTLE bit of effort this week as I'm thinking about a race in a few weeks...


A Few "Steve Stenzel's" in Run Minnesota

>> Saturday, October 13, 2018

Our "Fall" issue of "Run Minnesota" came in the mail recently:

I always joke (but kinda mean it) that when I see my name in the back of "Run Minnesota" then the last few months haven't been that bad.

This first listing I missed until I flipped through the magazine for like the 3rd time! I was fast enough to make the OVERALL listings for the Raspberry Run 1 Mile:

And then later in the age group section. This is what I saw first.
It was a week or 2 before I realized I was in the overall listings too!

And then I made the age group listing for the 15K I did with the boys in tow:

FOUR of these guys are YWCA team members (and the top 3 of us were the overall top 3 for our team, so we were the ones that scored points): James, Dan, me, and Jordan! (That's age group places of 5th, 7th, 8th, and 10th.)

I guess the 35-39 age group is where it's at for the YWCA Endurance Sports team!


Friday Funny 1506: Barefoot Runner Wants Acorns Picked Up

>> Friday, October 12, 2018

In a recent City Pages article, a barefoot runner named Eric Curtis shares the woes of running during acorn season:

"Hey Northeasters!" he wrote in the popular Facebook group "I Love NE Minneapolis," which has almost 28,000 members. "Lately I've noticed that the sidewalks have been LITTERED with acorns. As a competitive barefoot runner, this makes my training sessions very difficult."

The photo Curtis posted.

Curtis urged homeowners to sweep their sidewalks; he gently threatened to turn those who don't into the city. The since-deleted post was not well-received.

As Alex Conover cataloged on Twitter, neighbors gleefully teed off on Curtis, whose acorn complaint was widely deemed ridiculous. A previous post from Curtis, where he briskly sought out "SERIOUS" unicycling clubmates, resurfaced and was similarly mocked.

"If only there were something you could put on your feet to protect against the acorns and other debris," one person joked.

"Run with a leaf blower," someone else suggested.

"This is a joke, right?" another asked incredulously.

At one point, Curtis posted a screenshot of a complaint he was apparently submitting to the city; it called out the sidewalk acorns, plus "cyberbullying and threats from the community."

Conover's screenshot rundown of the nutty drama has been re-tweeted nearly 30,000 times. Twin Cities sports talk radio station KFAN addressed it, as did national tech website Gizmodo.

Curtis doesn't find the situation so funny.

"I’m surprised it’s gotten this much attention," he tells City Pages via Facebook. "But I’m grateful because now maybe people will see the level of discrimination that exists against the barefoot running community."

Is this performance art satire, some sort of high-level trolling effort by Curtis? Impossible to say.

He reports being afraid for his safety, citing threats of sidewalk Legos and being told to "go run on the freeway." The names Curtis was called by fellow Northeasters -- "wackadoodle," "nut," "Nancy," and "pansy" among them -- amount to cyberbullying, he says.

"I was planning on doing a barefoot run tomorrow morning but I now fear being targeted," he adds. "I won’t be unicycling this evening either. Apparently that post has gone viral as well."

Oh, and if you're wondering, here's his post about the "serious unicycling:"

So you're welcome to make up your mind about Curtis' predicament. It seems to be a joke, right? No matter how you feel, people didn't need to start with the derogatory bullying.

But yes... it's a joke.

Since the City Pages article was published, they've added that they NOW know it's a joke (they didn't know when they published it). Of all the possible news outlets that covered it, Buzzfeed was actually the one to question Curtis enough to realize things didn't add up.

He said he lived on the west coast before moving to MN, but they couldn't find any record of that. He was vague about races that he's raced barefoot, and he wasn't able to produce a photo of him running barefoot. When he was asked about his unicycle, he couldn't remember the brand or any other info. He finally admitted to being a (well-committed) troll; he made the whole thing up. In this Buzzfeed article, they noted he was good natured about being caught. Here's a quick part of that article:

"Just goes to show. You can't fool journalists, unless they are from the Washington Post or Esquire or Gizmodo or Fast Company or Upproxx," Curtis said in a Facebook Messenger chat.

Asked if he had any final message, Curtis said, "I can’t believe BuzzFeed was the one who actually fact checked."

Neither can I. This was a glorious ride.

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Friday Funny 1505: Drunks

Cake may or may not be a sufficient apology for this.

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Friday Funny 1504: Fitness Funnies 4

Time for some more "fitness funnies" from posts tagged with "fitness" from my Tumblr page:

F*ck this. Seriously.

I felt like saying this to some people on our hikes in Zion National Park a year ago.

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My Wife is Famous! (Kare11 Slideshow of Marathon Finishers)

>> Thursday, October 11, 2018

For the past number of years, Ben Garvin (a photojournalist for Kare11 News here in the Twin Cities) has published some awesome finish line photos from the TC Marathon. Here's his slideshow from just a few days ago.

My lovely wife was pictured as #18 on his list of 100 finishers!!

The funny thing is (and to credit what a good photographer can do) my wife and her running partner Haley decided to jump at the finish line. If you watch the finish line video, it's a pretty mis-timed FAIL by both of them, and it's rather sadly funny. But Ben managed to turn that fail into a great shot because he's been honing his skills for years. Oh, and if you watch the video from the "left" in the results, you're actually looking right over Ben's shoulder, and you can see him snap his photo in the foreground as my wife jumps in the distance.

Screenshot from the finish line video with Haley coming down,
my wife going up, and Ben snapping a photo in the foreground.

I Instagrammed the picture Ben took, and my sister-in-law Steph commented "It is just soo good. However she has had 18 years to practice." Good point, Steph! Ha!

Here are a few more of Ben's photos from this year:


I get swept up in a good "ugly cry."

This is awesome. It would seem he was pushed in a running stroller for the race,
but then his "runner" helped him walk across the finish line himself. Love this!

Congrats finishers! Nice shots, Ben!

Here's my TC 10 Mile race report if you missed it.



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