Team Photos from the MDRA 15K

>> Saturday, August 18, 2018

It’s been 2 weeks since the race, and I’ve been meaning to share photos of my teammates out there. (If you missed it, here was my race report, and here are more photos of me pushing the boys in the stroller for the race.) Some of these photos of me have been seen before in that second link.

Moments after the start.

Dan (76) in the orange, and Jamie in the dark blue on the far right.

Sidenote regarding that last photo: I think that’s Henry’s pre-school’s teacher’s daughter in the light blue tank top. As I was passing people in the first mile, she said “Hi Steve, I’m Ms. Sue’s daughter.” Ms. Sue and I had talked a lot about triathlons and such, and she had said that her daughter follows my blog. I laughed and introduced myself, and we both said we’d heard a lot about the other. Nice to “meet” you out there before mile 1! :)

Me heading far to the outside on the left, with Gloria (190) in the middle.

Me and the boys.

Joan (2nd from left) and Laurie (white hat on right).

Joan (backwards black hat).

Up around mile 3, here’s Jamie as the first from our team to go by!

Topless Kirt, with Dan on his tail.

Dan with Suzie right behind him.
(Suzie was the 2nd to last person I’d catch during the race.)

Jordan (orange on left) and me (3rd from right).

Charlie getting a sip as we ran past.

Jordan on my tail.

First pic of Jennifer at this race!

And the first pic of Tom!

Joan and Laurie together.

Back at the finish, the winner was sub-50
(for a 15K, or 9.33 miles, which is 5:21 pace!).

Non-teammate Rob.

Non-teammate Brian.

Jamie was the first YWCA finisher. I figured he’d be sub-60, but he was about
2 mins slower than I expected. I can EASILY blame the heat and humidity.

Dan was 2nd for our team, but I didn’t find any photos of him at the finish.
Here’s me and the boys awkwardly in 3rd for the YWCA.

Jordan about to finish, with the guy in front of him spitting at the perfect moment!

This is gross. I love it. Sorry if you were out-shined by this spit photo, Jordan.

Nice finish, Jordan!

Teammate Jennifer coming to the finish!

Tracy S and her hubby (Paul) and I chatted pre-race. Nice to see you guys!

Tom finishing!

I don’t know her, but I remarked with my teammates that
she looked SOOO relaxed finishing this hot 15K.

Joan finishing!

Here comes Laurie!

I don’t know this person, but I love her family. Also, is that a
box of donuts on the edge of the frame? It’d better be.

I posted this photo last week with the caption “‘The decline of man’ over a hot 15K.
#ThereGoesTheSmile #MoreHunchedOverInEveryPhoto”

Again, if you missed it, here was my race report and here are more photos of me and the boys at the race.


Friday Funny 1481: LaCroix Flavors

>> Friday, August 17, 2018

Sweet Jesus this is spot on.

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Friday Funny 1479: Modern Seinfeld

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First Tri of 2018 on the Books!

>> Thursday, August 16, 2018

It’s mid-August, and I FINALLY signed up for my first triathlon of the year! I’ll be racing in Maple Grove in about 10 days:

I know little about this race, other than what I know by being friends with the race director. It has an olympic distance, a sprint, a super sprint, and even a duathlon option. I opted for the sprint, which is swim heavy and bike light: a 1/2 mile swim, 11.2 mile bike, and a 5K run. I CONSIDERED the super sprint for a moment (1/4 mile, 5 mile, 5K), but didn’t want to be “that guy” in a race that might be made more for beginners.

Being it will be my first time at this race (and my first real triathlon in 12 months) I have no major specific goals. Go hard on the bike? Shoot for top-10 overall? Top-5? Place in my age group? Yeah, maybe some or all of those. I don’t know what to expect, and most of those thoughts are based on who else shows up on race day. Again, knowing nothing about the course, I think I COULD finish around 1:07 overall. ?!? But who knows. My swimming is OK, but biking isn't great, my running is OK, but how will it all come together being my last multisport race was the beginning of May?!?

I've had a decent week of training, and I'll be back with some of that shortly. (It was first a recovery week after the USATF MN Championship 15K race, then this week of solid training, now a few more days of harder workouts, and then a few days of easier workouts leading up to the race in a week!)


My Wife (and Family) at the YWCA Triathlon

>> Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Sunday was the YWCA of Minneapolis Women's Triathlon. They had a record number of athletes out there: there were around 1500 finishers total! My wife was there to race for the 2nd time (she did it in 2016 as well), and her sister Steph was there to do the bike portion of a relay with her sister-in-law and aunt:

Sisters. You can't tell, can you?

Henry and Mama pre-race. Charlie didn't want to be in the pic.

The boys and I hung out with Steph's family as we watched the athletes go by. Shortly, we saw my cutie come out of the water:


Then we walked over to the "bike out" / "bike in" side of transition to wait for our ladies to come by. We first saw Christina Roberts just KILLING it in first place:

Teammate Jennifer finishing the bike (ended up 3rd OVERALL) as long-time tri buddy Amy B heads out!

Aunt Stephie finishing her ride!

Steph averaged nearly 19 mph!

We spotted Mama in the distance!

She was so focused on safely getting around 1 more cyclist that she never heard us cheering for her.

Go Mama!

As she was out on the run, we played in large trees on the way back towards the finish line:

Henry, Wes, Evie, and Charlie (under Evie's butt) in a large tree!

The boys in another tree.

The boys running with Mama over the last 100 meters!

LOVE this photo.

Running off to the finish with her boys!

She ended up doing great! She took off about 2 minutes from 2 years ago, finishing with a 500 yard swim in 10:43, a 15.5 mile bike in 50:24 (18.5 mph), and a 5K run in 25:01, for a total of 1:29:59. She was 87 out of nearly 1200 overall, and 10 out of nearly 200 in her age group! CONGRATS HUNNIE!!

Then we headed STRAIGHT to bro-in-law Matt's house on Lake Minnetonka for a day of playing on the boat:

Mama and Charlie lounging.

Most of the gang. Yes, Charlie is practically falling asleep in that floaty.

The racing sisters with a tired 4-year-old.



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