Failed Treadmill Speed Workout

>> Monday, February 06, 2023

I ran a 17:26 treadmill 5K in early December, and then I bested that in late December with a 17:07. That got me thinking...

... could I see "16" at the front of my time for a treadmill 5K?...

I went for it on Friday. Based on my 17:07 treadmill 5K about 5 weeks ago, I had a pretty decent idea of what speeds I'd have to run to make 16:5x possible: I started at 10.6 mph for just about 0.1 miles, then up to 10.8 mph for a few tenths of a mile, and then held it at 10.9 mph until around mile 1.9 or so. Around mile 1, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to finish, and I suppose that's a goal of a super hard run.

Around mile 1.9, I bumped it up from 10.9 mph to 11.1 mph, then 11.3 a bit later, and then 11.4 mph around mile 2.7 or so. But at 2.8 miles (without even THINKING about it), I found myself hopping off the treadmill. I was done 0.3 miles short.

Being my treadmill only gives tenths and not hundredths, I don't know exactly how far I was when I stopped. The treadmill said 2.8 miles, but it wasn't RIGHT when it clicked over to 2.8 miles, so I'd guess I was around 2.82 miles. Here are my half mile splits:

2:47, 2:45, 2:44, 2:44, 2:42, 1:39 (0.3+ miles) = 15:24 for 2.8+ miles

If that were EXACTLY 2.8 miles, I'd be at 5:30 overall pace and I'd have hit 3.1 miles at 17:03 (but I had sped up the treadmill throughout, so I was running faster than my "average" speed near the end). If it was 2.82 miles, my overall average pace would have been 5:27.66, and that would have put me at 16:55.7 for 3.1 miles. If I ran the exact same speed as my previous full half mile for that last 1:39, that'd put me only 0:02 past 0.3 miles, but I had been speeding the treadmill up, so it was longer than 0:02 past 0.3 miles. Anyway, I was totally on track, but I just couldn't pull it off!

Climbing heart rate throughout.

No walking (duh), and a lot of zone 5.

My cadence is high when I run fast! (Except for that last
really low red dot showing I had stepped off the treadmill...)

I can't do this workout as my next speed workout (as I try to not do the same speed workouts back-to-back), but MAYBE I'll take another stab at this in 4 weeks or so.


January in Review

>> Saturday, February 04, 2023

I still need to put together my "2022 in review" post, but that takes TIME! In the meantime, here's a look at last month's training:

• SWIM: 7,720 yards. This is 2 "normal" weeks, a week in Mexico, and a week getting back to normal while not being able to fit in a swim. And then this last partial week I ended up swimming on Thurs, so I got in my weekly swim, but it shows up in Feb.

• TRAINER: 9 hrs 28 mins. Again, it started with 2 "normal" weeks. Then nothing the week of Mexico, and then 2 kind of normal rides the following week. Because of missing the whole week while in Mexico, this is my smallest monthly total in a long time: 2022 AND 2021 had bigger months EVERY month - my first total lower than this was back in Dec of 2020! (But I'm not complaining - I've just been VERY consistent over the last few years, so taking a week off shows in my totals.)

• RUN: 105.63 miles. I ran 107 miles in August of last year, and 100 a year ago January. I ran just over 100 miles in 2 months in 2021. But besides the 107 miles a few months ago, the last time I was over 105 miles was in January of 2016! That's 7 years ago! I had a nice month of running. (And the way it lined up allowed it to be bigger on paper: it was 4 "normal" weeks of running with then a 5th long run at the end of the month. If the month had started and ended a few days earlier, my total would have been down by 6 miles or so.)

• STRENGTH: 37 hrs 43 mins. This is SLIGHTLY on the low side with only 2 months of 2022 being less than this. But still solid numbers here.

So here's why I had some weirder numbers: I was in Mexico the 15th - 22nd, and then I flew to Florida with my brother-in-laws early Fri through early Mon the 27th - 29th:

Red means gone!

So considering those 2 trips (thinking about the time away from home AND the work to get prepared and then caught up before and after them), this month of training is quite decent!

Here's a quick post with some pics from Mexico, here are some workouts from that trip, and here's a post about mile repeats that I did along the road in Mexico. A few pics from Florida coming soon!


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>> Friday, February 03, 2023

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