Easy Spins, But Decent Trainer Time

>> Monday, January 18, 2021

I haven't done a "week in review" in about a month. As I mentioned in Saturday's post, my running has been nicely consistent. And my strength work has as well.

My trainer time has had a decent little uptick in time over the last few weeks (seen in the purple below). Here's the last 3 weeks of my training log:

Notice that I ended 2020 with one of my longest rides of the winter at 80 minutes. And that week was my longest of the winter at 3 hours and 45 minutes: that was partially due to that long ride on the 31st, partially due to planning 3 rides (I usually do 2 or 3/week), and partially due to my ride being cut short on Saturday so I did a nice longer one on Sunday.

These last 3 weeks have had nearly as much trainer time as my best 3 months of 2020. But they still come with LITTLE intensity - I need to start cranking up the actual "workouts" on the bike in the near future if I think there could be a triathlon and/or duathlon that I'd be comfortable participating in this summer.

The last 2 weeks shown above have been a bit more "normal" (after that bigger week on the trainer), only I've been busting my butt with a J-Term class. (I think I shared these links before from my photo blog, but here's a post about some prep, and here's a post after our first critique.) And on top of that, I started teaching my first fully online (and asynchronous) class at another college as well - today marks the start of week 2, so I'm currently prepping week 3 materials.

Here's a post about all the lectures I'm recording for that online class. I'm adding to that weekly (obviously), and I'm currently up to about 5.5 GB of video files. My students have a lot more lectures to watch in the front end of class (and I have a few recorded already for next week), so I suspect that I won't hit 10 GBs of video files by the end of the online course.

This week I'm hoping for a good long run and more of the same! My J-Term class is nearly wrapped up! I've quite enjoyed the pace.


Cranking Out the 20-Mile Weeks

>> Saturday, January 16, 2021

In this post from early November, I noted I had been having a good stretch of 20 mile running weeks: I had covered 200.49 miles over 10 weeks (20.05 miles/week on average), which included a shorter 18 mile week post virtual TC 10 Mile.

Well, the stretch has continued. I've had 20+ mile weeks every week since then. I'm now up to exactly 410.0 miles over the last 20 weeks (20.5 miles/week on average). Running is feeling nice and consistent!

My sore leg from over a week ago is better. I stopped playing with the incline as much on the treadmill, and I think that was the key. I mentioned how I skipped my speed workout 8 days ago as it was sore, but I got in a good fast workout yesterday. Henry heard I wanted to run fast, so he asked me to call him down when I was at my fastest. He snapped a pic:

I don't look fast at all in this fastest-I've-gone-on-this-treadmill moment. Damn.

More on that speed workout in a few days.


Friday Funny 1871: Parenting Funnies

>> Friday, January 15, 2021

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