Semi-Wordless Wednesday: a Bike Boo-Boo

>> Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I tweeted this image last Monday:

Caption: "To the woman in the white car on your cell phone not paying attention to anything: please be aware that you are not the only one on the road. (Bike’s fine. I’m fine. This is the worst of it.)"

A week later, it looked like this:

I also had a scraped up palm and a few scraps on my elbow. After I showered off after the incident, I had to use our needle-nose tweezers to pull out 2 small embedded rocks from my knee. That was fun.

OK, ok... I know this is a "Wordless Wednesday" post, but here's a little more of the details. I was out down the Greenway Trail just past "the lakes" about to cross that bigger road before the Nordic Ware factory. I *pulled to a complete stop and clipped out* with my left foot (worth noting). No cars to my right, and a line of cars to my left but with the lead car going VERY slow. I assumed that meant "oh hi cyclist - go ahead." I gave a "thank you wave" and clipped in to cross the road. I immediately glanced up and saw that the driver had NOT seen me and was NOT driving slow to let me cross - she had her phone up to her face and was holding up traffic because she was completely distracted by whatever was on her phone. I had barely started, but I stopped right away and fell in the grit in the gutter (still clipped in) as she rolled right past me without ever seeing me. Jeez. She is NOT totally to blame for me falling, but in this scenario, her phone up to her face as she goes half the speed limit is a big issue. (AKA: illegal.)

My other knee was MUCH sorer when I fell while running last month - this is more of a superficial scrape, whereas last month's was a HARD fall. Damn my beat-up knees.


Week in Review: Overtraining?

>> Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ten days ago, I was camping with my boys for 3 days / 2 nights. Then we got home, and I tried to hit the next week (which was last week) relatively hard. Here's what it looked like:

MONDAY was a moderate ride at 20.5 mph.
TUESDAY was a long run with the first 7 just under 7:00 pace.
WEDNESDAY was a quick hard ride: 2x5 mile intervals (22.2 and 22.5 mph).
THURSDAY was a tempo run: 2.5 miles in 14:49 (5:55 pace).
FRIDAY was a ladder swim.
SATURDAY was a medium-to-long run without a Garmin.
SUNDAY was a long (harder) ride with the first 25 on a lot of hills at 20.3 mph.

I realized a while back that I biked and ran too easy all winter. I needed MORE intensity to be starting around the new year, and I didn't do that. So when I started working harder, it was too close to race season. And this past week, I skipped a swim for another bike, and I really started to feel fried by the end of the week. (My "easiest" ride was 25 miles, so that's a 75 min workout that was a LOT harder on my body than even a "hard" 30 min swim that it replaced. Not an even trade.) That's nearly 80 miles on the bike, which is my biggest week since a similar week in September 2015. (And my longest individual ride since last September.)

UPDATE: I dug through my training log. My 79.18 miles biked last week was the most since April of 2010 when I went 86.6 miles (2 rides that were longer than my 2 longest rides this last week [longest being 44 miles down the Gateway Trail], and a short easy ride). Here's a blog post from back then about both rides. No wonder I was feeling a little extra pooped by the end of last week. Sheesh.

Photo between my 2 intervals on Wednesday at 5:45 a.m.

So I'm starting this week a bit easier. I had a nice swim of 100s yesterday (averaging 1:25), and today will probably be just an easier mid-distance run with some good stretching.

I MIGHT be racing on Monday!


Cross Country Race for My Boys

>> Monday, May 21, 2018

Saturday was the "TC Kids Cross Country Fun Run" at Como Park. Twin Cities in Motion posted that nearly 1000 kids were there in total, and both of our boys did one of the races: Charlie did the 1/2 mile, and Henry did the mile!

Playing on 2 big inflatables pre-race!


Charlie learned that going down face-first creates enough force to kick himself in his kidneys.

Pre-race with Mama!

Selfie pre-race.

Charlie's wave taking off! Charlie's in the middle in the green, and he's left Mama in the dust (far left).

A Team USA MN runner commenting on how fast Charlie is!

Mama rolling her eyes still trying to catch up.

Over one of the obstacles!

Coming to the finish after 1 loop on the 1/2 mile course!

Cutting in front of Mama at the last minute to give his big brother a high-five.

LOVE this photo of "thumbs up" as he heads for the line!

Charlie ran the half mile course (with a little obstacle course in the middle) in just over 5 minutes! Then I took him to play on the inflatable slides for a bit as we had a few minutes before Henry raced.

Another pre-race selfie with Mama.

Henry in the red on the right (with a wave that had a lot of kids in matching shirts from the same school).

And he's off!

Laughing at his brother after 1 lap.

Mama went to cheer across the course, and Charlie decided he wanted to follow.
You can see the course in the distance, Mama hitting the trees, and Charlie giving chase.

Cheering on Henry on the far side of the course.

Nice hurdle buddy!

Henry getting close to the finish!

He looked a little more pained after 2 laps. :)

Henry did GREAT: he finished around 8:29 (rough half-mile splits of 3:56 and 4:32)!

Post-race sandwiches, chips, applesauce, and fruit.

Charlie deciding if he liked "dill pickle" chips or not. Verdict: he liked them for 45 seconds.

Later that night waiting in line for rides at our parish festival! FUN DAY!

After the race but before the church festival, I took the boys to a root beer tasting at Blue Sun Soda Shop in the north metro. They LOVED it. Click that link to see photos of that.

Back with a training update tomorrow.


That Sweet "Hot Dash" Pic in "Midwest Events"

>> Saturday, May 19, 2018

In my Hot Dash 5K race report from March, I shared a sweet photo from the starting line. Well, I just picked up the recent "Midwest Events" magazine...

... and I found that sweet photo featured in their "photo spread" on the inside:

Click here for a larger version of this pic.

Here's a close up of that pic in the magazine:

I still love that pic, and I love that I'm right near in the middle in my pink shorts. Too bad that race just sucked for me...


Friday Funny 1441: Funny Texts from Mom

>> Friday, May 18, 2018

As always, stop by for more funny stuff. HAPPY WEEKEND!!


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