Pointless Long Run

>> Saturday, April 20, 2019

At the end of March, I did my last long run before "Goldy's Run 10 Mile" in early April (as seen in this post). I shared this map of my route along the edge of Como Park:

I ran that main north/south segment FOUR times, as well as that east/west bit on Jessamine.

On Tuesday, I did my first long run SINCE "Goldy's Run," and I went back all through Como Park:

This one had a lot more "wandering," along with 2 loops around Lake Como.

It truly was weird. I hadn't done "just" a moderate long run in a LONG time. Usually I do faster miles in the middle. Here, I just ran. About 6 out of my last 7 long runs (before this one) average sub-7:00 pace including the easy and the fast miles. This run averaged a consistent 7:10 pace.


Friday Funny 1590: Easter Funnies

>> Friday, April 19, 2019

Happy Easter! Here's a few funnies for this weekend:

If you liked those, then here's a post of "Lent funnies" that you'll also enjoy.

As always, there's more funnies on SportsAndLaughs.tumblr.com. Happy weekend!


Friday Funny 1589: Photoshop Troll

James has made himself know as being a "Photoshop troll" where people will send him photos, and he'll Photoshop them to make them "better." I like his sass.

Watch your spelling.

I mean, really. How can you crop him out without making it look obvious?

He likes to be sweet and sincere as well.

Lots more funnies posted all day long on SportsAndLaughs.tumblr.com.


Friday Funny 1588: Life Hacks

True story: I found a pill bottle of muscle relaxants while
playing with the boys down by the Mississippi last week.

Lots more funny things posted all day long on SportsAndLaughs.tumblr.com.



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