Thirsty (for knowledge) Thursday: Your "Ah Ha" Moment for 2019

>> Thursday, December 12, 2019

A long time "blogger buddy" just posted an interesting question on Facebook. Ryan Falkenrath is an athlete and coach at Set The Pace Triathlon Coaching, and you can follow him on Facebook as well. He asked his Facebook friends what was the big enlightening moment they had for the year. Many of these are a bit more "long course triathlon" specific, but there are still nuggets of good info in there:

I piped up on the treadmill one, because I found the benefit of that this past winter and spring. It helped propel me to my fastest spring 10 mile with a top-10 finish at Goldy's Run 10 Mile in early April.

If I had to add my "ah ha" moment, it might be something about consistency. This year (but really starting last year), I was really consistent in my run and swim training, and it showed. I'm injured now (unrelated to the "consistency"), so I can't still be preaching about that, but it really helped me in the pool especially. Find a routine that works, be open to adjusting it as needed, and don't expect immediate results - consistency over time WILL pay off.

For more on Ryan, check out his coaching here, and follow him on Facebook here. Thanks for letting me share this, Ryan!

For more "Thirsty Thursday" posts that highlight workouts, body science, and all kinds of interesting information, CLICK HERE. As always, back with some "Friday Funnies" tomorrow.


Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Swimming, then Nothing

>> Wednesday, December 11, 2019

After my biggest swimming month ever (which included my biggest swimming week ever), now things are slowing down to see if that can help heal up my foot:

The end of Oct, all of November, and the first few weeks of Dec.

Here's to rest!


Trying Some Rest

>> Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Last Wednesday, I saw my PT for the first time in 2 weeks. The week before, I cancelled my appointment saying this:

I had told her that running was a bad idea from the start. And it got hurt on a run 2.5 weeks ago. So back to not running.

When I saw her last Wednesday, we agreed to try as close to TOTAL rest as I can do. So no swimming, biking, or running. (I hadn't been running or biking, but I cut out my 3x/week swims as well.) And no weight-bearing leg exercises. And I think (as she suggested) that stretching isn't helping and could be hurting, so I'm not doing any calf stretches either. I'm just doing some "gentle" foam rolling when I need it.

She asked what percentage better I was since I started seeing her a number of weeks back. I said "well, I AM a bit better... I'd say like 20%?" She smirked and said "Do you know what we call 20%? We chalk that up to the 'placebo effect.'" She's saying I haven't improved. And I think she's right.

Also, on Friday I got in with my old acupuncturist, Robert:

This wasn't a thing I initially thought acupuncture could help, but he relieved a lot of pain on Friday. I'm headed back again this week.

So as of right now, no swimming, light stretching, light rolling, off my feet whenever possible, out of my shoes whenever possible, doing "toe yoga" (more on that later) when I can, and icing that spot daily. We'll see if that yields any added results after 2 weeks.


Goodbye Tri Suit

>> Saturday, December 07, 2019

I recently said goodbye to an old friend. I partnered with a PR firm who did work for Sugoi many years ago, and I raced MANY triathlons in my Sugoi tri suit:

From some 2009-2011 triathlon. Probably Chisago Lakes?

I set my Olympic Distance PR of 2:15 in that suit in 2010 (a year otherwise know as "pre-kids").

Well now, after years of racing in "fancier" shorts, I figured I didn't need the "boring" tri suit anymore. And we've been doing some de-cluttering around here as well. So up on eBay it went:

Yep, a fully functional (but slightly-yellow-in-the-white-parts) tri suit went for $33.89

The auction contained lots of close up photos of
the tri suit, but then a few of me racing in it as well.

The "pinky and the brain" plaid shorts and the "tutti fruitti" wild lightning shorts I wear now days are just swim jammers, so I do duathlons and triathlons with Sugoi tri shorts under them. They offer me the padding I need to get through the bike. So my Sugoi days are still with me. (And by "still with me," I mean "still protecting my taint.")

I hope eBay user Luis from Puerto Rico can get a few races out of my old boy!


Friday Funny 1691: That New Peloton Ad

>> Friday, December 06, 2019

This video's been all the rage this week. People were noting how desperate the actress seems in this. The 30-second clip chronicles the already-slim woman’s "wellness journey," which includes 6 a.m. wake-ups and working out five days in a row, and concludes with a shot of her on the couch with her partner at the end of the year, watching the selfie diary together on a TV. (Via)

Here's the ad:

As a "fitness enthusiast," I don't see the huge deal. I like to workout 7 days a week. But I TOTALLY can see why some people think it's gone a bit too far. Peloton had to take down the comments and disable commenting on YouTube. Yikes.

Here are some Twitter reactions, starting with the guy who made fun of Peloton ads earlier this year:

This is quite true.

Finally, watch this spoof video of the ad that is quite fantastic:

UPDATE: Ryan Reynolds (yes, the actor) owns a gin company. He hired the same actress to appear in a commercial for his booze. It's meant to be a funny follow-up to the Peloton ad. Check it out here. Golden.

For more fun at Peloton's expense, check out this "Friday Funny" from earlier this year where someone makes fun of the oddly "rich looking" settings in their ads.

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Friday Funny 1690: Taking Signs Literally

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Friday Funny 1689: Nostalgic Images with Funny Text

The 2020 Anne Taintor calendar is now out, and it'c good cause to celebrate some of her funniest work:

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