Tri-U-Mah Results for 2024

>> Thursday, February 08, 2024

I raced an indoor triathlon as a part of TWO relays with co-workers this past weekend. Results are up, and here's how we did:

The team of May swimming, Carol biking, and me running took the top spot of our 5 teams:

May: 1450 yards swimming in 30 mins (0.88 miles)
Carol: 9.87 miles biking in 30 mins
Steve: 4.46 miles running in 30 mins (not correct)

15.21 miles total

BUT there's a big asterisk there as they recorded my distance incorrectly! I really don't care and I'm not going to try to correct them, but I had 4.96 miles of running, not 4.46 miles. As if I need to prove it to you, here are my half-mile splits that I took with my Garmin (don't look at the "distances" here, as when I'm running on the treadmill, it always says I've gone extra far when I'm running extra fast):

Laps 1-9 were 0.5 miles on the treadmill, and
then the last lap was 0.46 miles before time was up.

The team of me swimming, Jim biking, and Lila running took the next team spot, just 3 spots below our team above (38th overall out of everyone, when our top team was 35th). But Lila's running time got mixed up with someone elses as she ran something like 3.7x miles:

Steve: 1900 yards swimming (1.15 miles)
Jim: 11.88 miles biking
Lila: 2.09 miles running (not correct)

15.12 miles total

So if Lila's run was correct on that team, and if my run were correct for the first team, this 2nd team would have beat the 1st team. Oh well. I'm on both of those teams, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The team of Caryle, Jim, and Caryle (she swam and ran on the same team) finished like this:

Caryle: 1700 yards swimming (1.03 miles)
Jim: 10.37 miles biking
Caryle: 3.40 miles running

14.80 miles total

My boss Fancy swam on a team with James and Ashley, and here's how they did:

Fancy: 1150 yards swimming (0.70 miles)
James: 11.44 miles biking
Ashley: 2.43 miles running

14.57 miles total

And our "last place" team was in last because they didn't get a bike time recorded:

Brad: 1150 yards swimming (0.70 miles)
Meghan: 0 miles biking (not correct)
Jim: 3.73 miles running (I think this run and Lila's run were flip-flopped!)

4.43 miles total

Of course I'm curious how my splits stack up against all the other athletes (total of 219 finishers - combo of individuals and relays), not just the professors I raced with. My LISTED run split of 4.46 miles was 4th fastest overall, but my ACTUAL run split of 4.96 miles was 2nd fastest overall, with only the overall winner beating me out:

The top 7 places. Winner with a run distance of 5.11 miles in 30 mins!

My swim split was 21st overall, which is about right for me. A LOT of "Female under 29" athletes beat me in the swim - a lot of college swimmers!

Jim really toasted his legs on his first bike (which was for my team) as he had the 9th farthest bike there!! And he paid for it right away on the run... remember, he biked for a team, ran for a team, and then biked AGAIN for a team.

Finally, here are a few more pics of us:

May, Ashley, Meghan, Caryle, and Fancy.

Jim not happy about running after frying his legs biking
(with Lila running in the foreground).

Me awkwardly down-striding.

A pixelated pic of me from May.

James biking.

So it's a little annoying that most of our results are messed up, but it's also a low-key indoor triathlon put on by a college team. So it is what it is, and I have no big issues with that! My lap counter in the pool asked what I got to confirm her total (we matched up when I said I had 1900 - she thought it COULD have been 1950), and I had to track down a "race official" after the run as I was standing on my treadmill as no one came over to me to get my total... I suspect that some people who have totals of "0" in swim, bike, or run (like one of my co-worker's teams) didn't think to make sure someone from the race got their total before leaving the area. Oh well!

Here's my race report if you missed it. I was really happy with my swim, but that good swim fried me for the run! (You think I'd have this multisport thing figured out by now...)


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