Stop The Presses!!

>> Saturday, January 31, 2009

I’ve done TWO bike workouts in the last 3 days!!

I hardly believe it myself.

Thursday: 1:40 on the trainer. I started off just watching TV. Then I started watching “Mission Impossible 3” on DVD (Borsch lent us a huge bag of DVDs for just this purpose). I didn’t make it all the way through the movie, but 100 minutes on the trainer wasn’t too bad.

My legs were burning and my bum was sore. Time to shower and get to a meeting. Good workout, but mentally draining. I REALLY hope that by mid to late March, the sun will have cleared some local bike paths so I can do my 4 hour rides outside. REALLY hoping!!

Saturday: Brick workout at the Y. Today, I got up at 6:45 (although sleeping in sounded REALLY good!) to get everything ready to go. I planned on hitting the 8-9 am interval spinning class, then heading outside for about a 6 mile run. When I got to the Y, the class was already full with 2 people on the waiting list! But once I set my mind to a workout, it must happen.

I found 3 old spinning bikes in the far back corner of the Y (not in the regular spinning studio). I figured I could make up my own interval workout on the bike. I got changed in the locker room, and I got my running clothes all laid out in my locker so I could get off the bike and out on the run quickly. Here I am all ready to go:

(it’s OK to have a camera in the locker room, right?...)

So here’s the workout I made up (after a 12 minute warm-up of easy-moderate spinning):

• 3 minute intervals with resistance up
• 2 minutes with resistance down, spinning easier
• Repeat 5 times
• Cool down

Partway through my workout, I started thinking that running outside once I was SOAKED THROUGH with sweat maybe wasn’t the smartest idea. So I started keeping my eye on open treadmills - but they were filling up quickly. As I was starting a little cool down, I figured I’d see if I could find an open treadmill and sign up for some time on it. As I walked into the other room, a lady was just getting off her dreadmill. I snatched it up, and cut my spinning workout a little short.

So I signed up for the treadmill, wiped down my sweaty bike, ran to the locker room to change out of my bike shorts, and ran back out to start my run. About 3 minutes after jumping off the bike, I was running on the suckmill. Here’s the treadmill numbers:

• Started: 8.0 mph
• At 10 minutes: 8.5 mph
• At 20 minutes: 9.0 mph
• At 25 minutes: 9.5 mph
• At 30 minutes: 10.0 mph
• At 35 minutes: 10.5 mph

About 90 seconds before speeding up, I started really trying to run easy, smooth, and quiet. That way, when it was time to speed up, I felt like I was running easily, and I was ready for the faster pace. I think that idea worked well. Try it sometime - you’ll be ready to speed up after focusing on running easy for 90 seconds. My first mile was done in 7:30, and I kept speeding up until my 6th mile was done in 5:45.

I finished 6 miles on the treadmill in 40:04 feeling pretty good. And that was after a 45 minute interval ride on a spinning bike. Weekend workout done!

Here I am after I finished:

Compare that to the first photo, and you can kinda tell that my shirt is COMPLETELY soaked through with sweat. I smell nice. Trust me.

Then I headed home and stretched while watching “Saved By The Bell.” Remember when puffy rainbow sleeves were a good look?

Now excuse me, but after a few good workouts on a bike saddle, I need to go put some soothing cream on my taint.

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p.p.s. The photos from last weekend’s COLD race just came out, so I’ll post those in the next day or 2. There are some good ones!! Check back. Happy weekend!!


Friday Funny 21: David Hasselhoff

>> Friday, January 30, 2009

One of the truths you come to learn in life is that there are many cool looks David Hasselhoff can pull off that you simply cannot. Despite how unfair that may be, it’s simply something you have to come to grips with. So, here are 12 Looks David Hasselhoff Can Pull Off, But I Can’t:

The Eye Patch. I operated under the impression that the Hoff lost an eye in a freak cigar accident for roughly two years after seeing this look.

Cuddling with Two Puppies. How does he look so masculine when it makes me look so femmy?

Cuddling with Two Puppies Naked. The Hoff is making it clear how much he owns me.

The Speedo / Leather Jacket Combo. I have neither the chest hair nor the package to pull this off. Well, maybe 1 out of 2...

Camo Shorts. Remember that time you tried on a pair and looked like a douche? Yeah, the Hoff didn’t have that problem.

Drunk and Shirtless Eating a Cheeseburger. Before I watched this video, it would have been impossible to believe someone could pull this off with such class and dignity. Just score another one for the Hoff.

The "Anaconda 3" Poster. If there’s another mutha in showbiz who’d look like they’re taking this role so seriously, we’re not aware of him.

Rocking a T-Shirt That References You in Third Person. For starters, my last name isn’t all that pun worthy. And no one is printing t-shirts about me.

The Lifeguard Look. No one ever starts singing "I'll be there…" to themselves when they see me holding a red buoy over my shoulder.

Looking Surprised on a Rope Swing. That’s all talent folks. No way around it.

Practicing Chipping in Drag. Well, chipping in drag is easy - doing it in front of a cardboard cutout of yourself is the hard part.

And Crying on American Idol. How is it that my friends would still be punching me in the junk if I teared up on Idol, yet the Hoff seems all the more awesome for it?


Seriously People?!?...

>> Thursday, January 29, 2009

You bloggers are amazing! Because of my last post, I thought a few more people would vote for me. Well, a BUNCH of you voted, and you've been leaving the NICEST comments while voting too! You guys and gals are so great! I'm seriously touched!

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A while back, I started a Wellsphere account. Wellsphere is a place to meeting other athleticly-inclined friends, set goals (running/eating/lifestyle/etc), and track mileage. AND, if you have a blog, it will automatically publish your posts on your Wellsphere page too! So I set a half-marathon goal and started logging my miles...

Then they started a "People's Health Blogger Award" contest, and I was in. I'm currently about 15 votes out of the top 20, and about 40 votes out of the top 10 (and a few hundred out of first). Voting is only through the end of the month (Saturday), so if you could, I'd be greatly appreciative if you could take a minute to vote for me! Either click on the "Vote Now" logo at the top of my sidebar, or click on the logo below:

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Thanks everyone!!


Seven Nuggets

>> Wednesday, January 28, 2009

• All is well after the FREEZING 10K! We all lived. None of us are sick. I got a little frostbite on my thumb because I was carrying my camera and that left my thumb more exposed to the elements (even though I was wearing gloves AND mittens). But that's all better. And just because I love it SO MUCH, here's that great finishers photo from right after the race:

Minnesota: winter fun for everyone!!

• My first triathlon of the year is under 6 weeks away! I'm doing an indoor triathlon in Eagan, MN on March 8th. The best part is that Borsch is doing it too, and it's going to be his FIRST triathlon! (I'm also trying to talk Andrea, the swim coach at my Y, into doing her first tri with us too!) Are you going to be in the area that weekend? Sign up to do it with us!

• ...and it's under 10 weeks away to the New Orleans Half Ironman!! Which reminds me, has anyone seen my trainer? I should probably spend some time on that...

• I now have a matching pair of dead toes. My nasty 12 miler just over a week ago killed off a toenail on my left foot. And having to wear 2 pairs of socks during the race this past weekend killed off a toenail on my right foot. So I now have a matching pair:

(Pharmie and I made a bet: if I loose either nail, she gets a 30 minute back rub. If neither of them fall off, I get the back rub. I'll keep you all posted on how this goes down...)

• Last night, Pharmie and I did some intervals at the Metrodome. I ran for 2.5 laps, which is about 1502 meters. I was going to do 3, but I actually convinced myself to do 4! Here were my splits: 5:38, 5:25, 5:18, and 5:07. That's an average of 5:22/1502 meters, which is about 5:43/mile. Not bad for doing 4!

• My wife has been getting annoyed with me. Any time the temperature hits 5 above, I proclaim, "Hey! It's a heat wave!" Pharmie just scowls at me and says, "It takes at LEAST 30 degrees to be considered a 'heat wave.'" She's probably right. But, then again, it's Minnesota. Look at that first photo again...

• Pharmie and I both went for a 1 mile swim on Sunday (1800 yards). I think I posted my fastest time ever at that distance: 31:23 (that's 1:44.6 / 100 yards). Pharmie hadn't swam in a while, but she looked GOOD! New Orleans 70.3, here we come!


Half Marathon; no, Quarter Marathon; no, 10K; no 10.25K Race Report! Whew!

>> Monday, January 26, 2009

We found out the day before the race that the Winter Carnival Half Marathon was going to be shortened to a Quarter Marathon because of the cold. Regardless, we were ready to go.

I sat down in the living room with all the clothes I as going to race in. I weighed myself before and after - the difference was nearly 5 pounds of fabric!

Borsch showed up to take Pharmie and I to the race, and we were off. When we got downtown, we saw a sign that said the air temp was 12 below with a wind chill of about 20-25 below. Sweet. We got out of Borsch's car, and Pharmie started adding more layers:

We got inside and went to get our race packets. Here's Pharmie and Borsch riding up the escalator. (One thing to note in this photo is how there's hardly anyone in the background - last year, the place was packed at this time. We knew that some people had stayed in bed on a cold, cold day like this.)

We started to hear them saying that the Half Marathon was shorted to a 10K, not a Quarter Marathon. "Whatever," we thought - it's all about the same.

We got our stuff, and then ran into Jeremy. Shortly after, Jen showed up. We all duct taped our shoes with the tape I brought along. Here's Jen taping her shoes:

The duct tape helps seal the heat in your shoes - when you tape over the mesh top of your shoes, your toes will stay warmer in cold conditions. Here's 4 of us with tape over our feet:

We had to make a couple of porta-potty runs, but that was no problem, because there was NO LINE! Here's Pharmie headed to the potty. She was afraid that she was going to freeze to the seat (seriously, she was):

When I went, I just had to go #1, so I didn't have to sit down. I was pretty amused at the amount of steam coming off my pee-stream. I contemplated taking a photo. I didn't. (Yes, I took my camera into the porta-potty incase a photo moment arose.)

So, here's the whole bloggy gang getting ready to run:

From left to right, that's Borsch, BaddApple, and Badd's son: these 3 were running the 5K. Then it's Jen, Jeremy, Pharmie, and I, who were all doing the 10K.

Pharmie put on a few more layers as we were getting ready to run outside to the start, and we grabbed one more photo:

So us "10K-ers" ran out into the cold. I kissed Pharmie and wished her luck. (I didn't kiss Jeremy and Jen.) I hopped in line near the front. Here's people bundled up getting ready to run:

Check out all the steam coming off these people:

Before we knew it, someone came on the loud-speaker, and said "Everybody on their marks... GO! We were off! We ran a few blocks before headed down a steep hill. Here's the race map and elevation chart:

Check out that downhill in the first half-mile! Then the course is mostly gentle rollers. After that downhill, we turned to run along the river. It was a true out-and-back course. When I rounded that corner, I realized I was running in 5th place. That was a problem. I'm not that fast. I felt just fine, but I knew I must be going too hard.

Mile 1: 5:56. "Yep, too hard! Slow it up, Steve." Over the next half mile, I dropped back to about 25th. I could already see little ice crystals forming on my upper cheek just below my eye. So I grabbed my camera and took a photo of me huffing and puffing:

Smith Street High-Bridge in the background

I had trouble turning my camera off because of the 2 layers I was wearing over my hands, and I accidently took another photo without knowing it. It might just be the most horrible photo of me ever:

I haven't asked Pharmie, but I HOPE this isn't my "O Face." Lucky girl.

Mile 2: 6:29. "Better pace."
Mile 3: 6:38. "Umm, that's getting a little too slow." My legs were fine. I was warm enough. But the biggest thing I noticed was that my breathing was REALLY forced - the cold air was not going in and out as easy as "normal" air. I was hurting.

Turn around: 20:23. (Later, we were told that it was officially a 10.25K, so that's my 5.125K split.)

After turning around, we turned back WITH the wind. So we all got a little warmer. I saw Jen first: "Go Jen." Then Jeremy: "Alright Jeremy." Then Pharmie: "Go Hun!" I really didn't think I'd see all 3 of them - we all look the same when we're bundled up so much.

Nearing mile 4, I grabbed the camera again. I was REALLY hurting. I took another HORRIBLE photo of me working way too hard:

Notice the ice up my nose

That photo shows the peak of ice on my stubble. After running with the wind for another 2 miles, I warmed up a little and some of it melted off. If you don't run in the cold, you might not know this, but that ice on my face DOESN'T mean I'm cold. I was about the right temperature throughout the entire race. That ice is just condensation freezing on hair. No biggie. If you're from somewhere cold, you totally know what I'm talking about.

Right around mile 4, I started tasting blood. I wiped my face on my sleeve, and there was blood. Damn. The cold, dry air made me get a bloody nose. What could I do? I just powered through. I missed the "mile 4 marker," so here are my splits at mile 5:

Mile 4 and 5: 12:35
(6:17.5 average for those 2 miles)

From mile 4 through the finish, I REALLY wanted to stop and walk. I was hurting. I had gone out too hard, and I was paying the price. The bloody nose was making me feel a little weird too. "Steve, you're just looking for an excuse to walk. The bloody nose isn't that bad. Get over it. Keep running!" OK, internal thoughts, you're right.

Once I hit the base of that final killer hill, I knew I wouldn't have to walk. I knew I was around 20th place, and there were 2 guys just in front of me. I passed one of them up the hill, and caught the other one on the final 2 blocks to the finish.

Mile 6 and last 0.3ish: 8:31

Official Time: 40:10 for a 10.25K
Pace: 6:19/mile
Place: 18 out of 670
Age Group: 6 out of 43

I got through the finishers chute, and I snapped this great photo that I showed in the last post:

I cheered for other runners. After a few minutes, Borsch came running by as he was finishing his 5K:

Then Jen finished her 10K. She wins the "least epic finishers photo" of the day. Sorry Jen:

Then Jeremy came in:

Finally, Pharmie came in:

We all ran inside to warm up. After standing around for a while, Jen started quivering so bad! We all split up and headed home. I started documenting the blood that I got all over myself during the race.

Blood on my sleeve

Lower down my sleeve

On my pants

On my gloves

Despite temps of about 10 below with a wind chill of about 20-25 below, we all still had a great time!! Back in a few days with official race photos (they said they were out there, but I didn't see any photographers standing around in that crazy cold... we'll see...).

In the meantime, swing by the other runners blog's to see what they have to say: Borsch, BaddApple, Jen, Jeremy, and my cutie Pharmie.

Happy Monday!



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