Virtual TC 10 Mile Results

>> Tuesday, November 10, 2020

When I did the "virtual" 10 mile race about 5 weeks ago, I was just using it as an excuse to run hard.

Around July or August, I knew I’d like to do a “time trial” 10 mile of sorts around TC 10 Mile time. But I told my wife that I had 0 interest in signing up to race the TC 10 Mile virtually because I didn't need another race shirt or medal. I said there’s NO reason to pay money and sign up to do a virtual race.

She said, "well, we love TC in Motion, so you could do it to support them."

And surprise surprise... she was right. And that was the option I selected when I registered last month (AFTER I actually did my 10 mile race):

Had I known I was "actually" racing, I know I would have pushed a BIT harder. (Especially during that SLOW mile 8, and my much-slower-than-normal final mile.) But it is what it is.

The official results have me in 9th overall out of 1732 overall, and FIRST in my age group:


2020 Virtual Medtronic TC 10 Mile
Steve Stenzel, 39, M, St. Paul

6:15.30/mile pace

9 out of 1732 overall
1 out of ??? in the 30-39 age group

That will be my only top-10 finish at the TC 10 mile, as well as my only age group win! EVER!!

The last time I did this race in 2018, I was 95th overall (out of nearly 11,000) and 13th in my age group. Look at my results from this year above: there was 1 guy 0:02 slower than me, but otherwise the next person was over 0:30 back, and the person in front of me was 0:34 faster. Compare that to 2018:

19 finishers within a 0:39 spread (from 0:21 faster to 0:18 slower)

Starting the year not knowing if I'd ever be running again and then throwing down a 1:02:33 10 mile before the year is over is fantastic! I'm thrilled!


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