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>> Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Around mile 2.5 of Goldy’s Run this past weekend, I saw race buddy Evan out on the course. He was right at Franklin and River Road, which is where he often is during the TC 10 Mile and Marathon - note my post full of his photos from that spot last fall during the TC 10 Mile. I teased him on Facebook later saying “Surprising seeing you at that corner!”

I waved for his camera as I went past, and he sent me a link to an album with a few photos and a short video.

The leader WAY off on his own! He either let up or really started to hurt, as
he “only” won by 1:19 and probably had that much of a lead by here.

Four of us in 6th-9th. The guy in white 2 spots behind me would pass me
entering St. Paul, and then one more guy (not pictured) would pass me at mile 5.

Close up. What did I say in my race report about having gained 10 lbs since
wearing this shirt last and probably having a little belly showing at times? :)

Running off.

The top 3 women back-to-back-to-back. They’d finish within 0:43 of each other.

Then the last few photos of Evan’s surprised me. He somehow (biked [I’m assuming], or maybe ran) got about 2 miles farther down the course. (UPDATE: Evan told me he "jogged" to the next bridge just before the leader got there. He raced a 25K the day before and ran even more after that, so he didn't feel bad using the word "jogged." Ha!) Here’s where he jumped to:

From mile 2.5 to mile 4.25 / 5.75.

The leader heading back all by himself.

Second place.

5th and 6th (the guys on either end of the
2nd photo in this post) with me WAY back there in 9th.

Close up of me running the tangent back there in 9th. That guy in
black had just passed me after the turn-around about 0.5 miles before this.

Then Evan took a video as I passed under him as he was standing on the Lake / Marshall Bridge. Here are 3 screenshots of that video:

8th and 9th.

I remembered 8th being a LOT farther ahead of me at this point!

Trying to hold on. He’d pull away until about mile 9, then I ended up closing to 0:14 by the finish.

Here’s Evan’s photos and 1 video if you are interested. And here’s my race report if you missed it. Back with more photos shortly.


SteveQ 11:56 AM, April 10, 2019  

I just looked at the results and the only women in the top 125 whose names I recognize are daughters of guys I've raced in the past!

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