Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Another Doc Visit

>> Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Yesterday I saw my podiatrist again:

I basically said I’ve been seeing PT and doing my exercises, iontophoresis therapy doesn’t seem to be doing anything, and I’m still in daily pain. She said to keep swimming and to get an MRI. So that’s scheduled for next week, as well as a meeting with a second PT just to get another set of eyes and ears on my foot/heel. Hopefully the MRI reveals something helpful!


Kare11's TC Marathon Photos

>> Monday, October 28, 2019

Ben Garvin from Kare 11 always puts up a great album of "finishers from the TC marathon." Here are a few favorites from his album this year:

She was seen in Evan's photos from mile 19.5.

This is adorable.

The start of an "ugly cry."

Yeouch. Like I mentioned in my post of Evan's photos,
I feel like I saw more cramping or stumbling people this year.

The winner that we saw go by with her pacer just before the finish.

Chewie did it!

Two of the major reactions to finishing a marathon.

I missed the juggler this year! Must have been well after my wife.

Wheelchair at the ready... must have been a rough few closing miles.

That's gotta be salty.

Here's Ben's full album if you didn't see it.

And here's my post of TC 10 Mile / TC Marathon photos, and here's Evan's photos from mile 19.5 if you missed those posts.


Lots of Swimming = Lots of Kicking

>> Saturday, October 26, 2019

I've been swimming 3x/week the last 11 weeks since being injured. (Except I skipped 2 swims early on to make sure more rest wasn't going to help, and I missed 3 swims over the last 2 weeks: 1 due to being home with a sick kid, and 2 while we were gone on our "8 state parks" trip.) I noted that last month was a PR distance month.

I've been working on my drills a bit too. My middle swim each week has contained 2-3 different drills. Right now, they've mainly been simple "pull" or "kick" drills. A few times, I did some kick drills that work as breathing drills as well.

I've been curious how much I've been "kicking" lately, so I took a look today. I posted at the end of 2016 that I ended with a lot of kicking, saying "and 2016 is EASILY the most kicking I've done in a year." That was 6,700 yards of kicking over the last half of the year (when I only swam 46,000 yards all year, when this year I've swam 45,000 yards since the first of LAST MONTH).

October (this month), I've kicked for 2,000 yards.

September, I kicked 3,925 yards.

And the last part of August (after being injured in mid-Aug), I kicked for 900 yards.

That's 6,825 yards of kicking in the last 11 weeks. Kinda puts 2016 to shame.

I looked back through the rest of Aug and all of July just for fun, and I've had 8,325 yards of just kicking in the last 4 months. I know, I know... not much for a "swimmer," but good for *me.*

I'd like to keep that up. Now, if I can only get my foot better so I can start running again!!!

SIDE NOTE: I've been doing my "go to" kick drill at the end of most workouts. It was given to me by the swim coach from our old gym years ago (Andrea from the YWCA of St. Paul). It's 4x75 kicking with a board, with 0:20 rest between. In each 75, do the first 25 "moderate," the middle 25 "hard," and the final 25 "easy." She stressed that it makes you realize the effort you're putting into your kicking.


Friday Funny 1672: Creepy Home Inspection Photos

>> Friday, October 25, 2019

In the name of Halloween, I thought I'd share some creepy home inspection photos. These are from "Structure Tech" - the same group of inspectors that always have the "home inspection fails of the year" at the end of each year. The captions are what they said about each of these photos:

[WARNING: some of these are a little gross. But you're on a blog called "Steve in a Speedo?! Gross!" so you can handle it. Put on your big girl / big boy pants.]

Opossum in a crawlspace.

Here’s a frozen bat.

We’re not sure what this used to be. We’re guessing a squirrel.

Big wasp nest.

This squirrel was frozen solid in the attic.

The friendliest raccoon ever. It kept rubbing its face
up against the basement window while we were inspecting.

Creepy crawlspace.

Fishnado? This fish was sitting in the backyard of an unoccupied house, no bodies of water nearby.

This squirrel got stuck. We’ve shared this photo before, but it’s worth sharing again.

This squirrel skeleton made me wonder why I don’t find more skeletons.

Obligatory skeleton in the closet.

Hop on in, the water’s green!

How did this fish get on a roof? We’re guessing a bird dropped it. Yes, there was a lake nearby.

A murder of dead crows in a furnace vent.

Another creepy crawlspace.

Roaches on Ice. This was a vacant, unheated, dirty house.

Dead rat in the toilet.

And perhaps one of the creepiest things we’ve seen this year, an old doll
floating face-down in a sump basket, covered in bugs. They all float down there...

If the thought of "funny home inspection fails" interests you, check out this "Friday Funny" from the beginning of the year, and then follow the links at the bottom of that post for more fun.

Lots more funny things on HAPPY WEEKEND!!


Friday Funny 1671: Halloween Funnies

Here are some recent posts from that were tagged with "halloween:"

"Stupid sexy Flanders..."

A "sexy Mr. Rodgers" costume?!? NOOOOO!!!!

A schoolgirl Jack Sparrow. I don't know how to feel.

More funny things on



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