Official Photos from the City of Lakes 20K Fat Bike

>> Tuesday, March 15, 2022

In my race report last month, I noted that I saw a friend from high school just after finishing my first fat bike race. He was taking photos at the finish line, and I didn't recognize him in my exhausted stupor (which is what I said in Saturday's post). He recently messaged me with a link to his album of nearly 500 photos. Here are 30 that I'd love to share from my old friend Cam:

Leaders of the 33K fat bike race (that went off an hour before we did in the 20K).
I believe this is leaving Cedar Lake and heading onto tiny Brownie Lake.

The 4 leaders would end up being the top 4 (in a different order). And there's Mr. Cooley waving!

The guy in the racoon suit who passed me with a few seconds left in the race.

I smell a triathlete!! ;) (To be fair, Sean had aero bars too.)

I never saw her out there, but here's race buddy (and occasional triathlon teammate) Jenn!

Single-file into the wind. It was NO FUN riding north that day!

The 33K riders split off and did some loops through a park that us 20K riders didn't have to do, and here are 3 photos of that:

Like I mentioned a lot in my race report, there were plenty of times where walking was faster.

People off their bikes in the distance - tight turns on uphills was TOUGH.

I think these next 3 are around Wirth Lake (a section that both distances did), and that's when I mentioned we really started to catch some of the 33K riders:

I think that's Writh Lake in the background. This was the "good" side of the lake...

... and then on the "bad" side of the lake, there was LOTS of walking/running up rutted hills!

At that point, it would seem that Cam took off for the finish line. His first photo at the finish shows the winner trying not to die after he finished. And as I noted in my race report, it was actually my brother-in-law's coach:

Chase on the ground.

A nice shot of the winner of the 33K!

Sean Cooley always looking photogenic.

Cam getting a photo of Hannah getting a photo of Sean. So meta.

Jenn (on the left), and that might be Patti on the right?

When Matt came to the line, he noted that the female winner had just passed him (she beat him by a second). Here's Cam getting photos of the winner about to be "wreathed" (is that a verb?) as Matt's in the black being cut off by the edge of the frame on the left:

Brother-in-law Matt! Nice job!

Probably thinking "now how long do I have to wait for
dumbass Steve after I saw him take that wrong turn?..."

Icy beard at the finish!

A close-up!

There's the raccoon!! That means I'm about to finish!...

Non-epic finishing photo, trying to stop my new Garmin.

Close-up of my "exhausted stupor" where I wasn't able to recognize H.S. buddy Cam.

I was told to smile for a photo, but I didn't know who I was
smiling at yet! (This is super funny to me looking back on it.)

Close-up with sweat dripping off my nose.

YWCA teammate Anne took 2nd in our 20K race!

Love this!

A final nice shot of the finish line.

Here's all of Cam's photos if you want to take a look! Nice seeing you (even for a moment) Cam!

And here's my race report if you missed it.


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