More Photos from the Maple Grove Tri

>> Thursday, September 06, 2018

Midwest Events put 2 albums of photos on Facebook from the Maple Grove Triathlon 2 weeks ago. Here are a few I want to tease share:

Getting set up.

Athletes ready to race!

I can't see myself, but I'm in one of those yellow caps back there.

There were 2 people pushed/pulled for the entire race. It was amazing! Love this smile!

"Something touched my foot! SOMETHING TOUCHED MY FOOT!"

This cute pregnant woman was directing traffic all morning.

I believe that's Kevin O'Connor gallivanting so dramatically into the water.

A final hug...

... and they were off!

Fit butts are the best butts.

It's too bad this guy has such nice biceps.

Kevin ended up being the 2nd elite!

Hitting the shore.

I was still waiting to start when the beach ERUPTED with cheers. This was why. Awesome.

Phil worked at my gym (now is "higher up" at one of the other YWCAs). I passed
him on the run, but he started behind me so he finished 6th overall (to my 11th).

I want to be this guy someday: small speedo and sweet cycling tan lines!

I'm sorry Jesus, but we have to disqualify you for just running across the lake.

OH MAN! What a sweet photogenic start! This is THEE photo of this post.

... and this one is a little less photogenic.

Gym buddy Leah heading in!

Kelly D helping at the start!

Diane H out of the water. She was the 2nd female
in the sprint (finishing just behind me in 12th overall).

Kelly T who I met for the first time: 2nd elite female in the Oly!

Luckily it was cloudy, or he would have had
2 white maple leaves on his cheek for the rest of the year.

"NO. That was NOT fun. You CAN'T make me do that again! Harumph!"

Big line of swimmers heading to the beach.

Wheelie for a sharp/fast turn out of transition.

Here's that hill I mentioned climbing out of transition.
She looks fast. The guy on the right... not so much.

Working that hill.

Major respect climbing with that big wheelchair!

The secret to a fast 5K is to just not breathe.

It's my fellow bright pink buddy from the Cinco DU Mayo Duathlon!

So even though I managed to be wearing bright pink, there were NO photos of me in this album! Dang.

If you missed it, here's my race report from the Maple Grove Tri, and here are some official photos that show the course nicely.


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