More "Litchfield Watercade 4 Mile" Photos

>> Thursday, July 25, 2019

Nearly 2 weeks ago, I was camping with my boys and I paused to do the Litchfield Watercade 4 Mile around the lake in Litchfield. Just after the race, I found an album of photos here. So here are 20 photos I want to show from the finish (these first few you may have seen already in my race report):

The winner, with 2nd and me in 3rd back there.

2nd place finishing, with me still fighting to the finish in 3rd in the distance.

Oww. My finish. A beautiful down-stride photo.

2+ minute gap, then this battle for 4th.

This 12-year-old was 6th overall!

The unassuming washed-up rocker who posts a fast time.
(With me walking back there to cheer on finishers.)

I liked this guy's "Highway 61" tattoo.

I was worried this guy could beat me pre-race. And the guy behind him
has a Camelbak for a 4 miler, which is a bit odd. (But, it WAS hot.)

Lots of finishers coming in.

A nice Mom I chatted with while stretching for a while post-race.

Carrying her shoes to the finish?!?

An adorable couple sprinting to the finish?

Sub-10s! Nice job, Mom!

The ole "I didn't wear a watch but need to get my finish time" glance.

Looks graceful like me.

Quite graceful! Light on his feet for a bigger guy!

This is the only shot of him, but this is the guy who I mentioned
had done this race for the last 20 or 30 years in my race report.

Talk about a "defeated" looking finisher's photo.

The kids 1 mile race!

Yes, you out-kicked your sister. Don't worry. :)

The most adorable finisher. Cute matching kit.

Here's my race report in case you missed it!


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