Friday Funny 16: Christmas and Winter

>> Friday, December 26, 2008

I wasn’t going to have a “Friday Funny” this week, but being I’m stuck home sick unable to do anything else, I figured why not. BTW, no big change in my sick state - I’m no better, but I’m no worse either. I’m still just feeling crappy.

So, here are some Christmas and Winter-Related funnies:

Even though I’m not feeling any better, at least I’m not feeling so bad that I need to try out our new bathroom installation:

Happy Holidays! Enjoy those leftovers!


Eric Gervase 7:24 AM, December 26, 2008  

Thanks for stopping by my blog. The infamous Steve in a Speedo... Awesome. Hope you feel better soon.

teacherwoman 7:31 AM, December 26, 2008  

Rest up, Steve. I hope you feel better ... fast!

Darcy Franklin 7:41 AM, December 26, 2008  

Thanks for the Merry Christmas wishes despite how you are feeling. Sorry to hear that. There is always New Year's......Do you stay up late enough to see midnight?

Feel better soon!

joyRuN 8:00 AM, December 26, 2008  

Feel better, quick! Maybe you do need some of the supadupa eggnog??

CoachLiz 8:15 AM, December 26, 2008  

Thanks for the funnies. I hope that you get feeling better. Have you tried Chicken Soup yet? Keep hydrated and keep resting.

Oh, it is 72 this morning in H-town and I will put some slow miles in for you this morning on my run.

Unknown 8:17 AM, December 26, 2008  

I'm still laughing regarding the two dogs. Hope you start to feel better soon. What a bad time of the year to be sick.

Unknown 8:57 AM, December 26, 2008  

Some of those are quite funny. :-)

Hope you are feeling better. My Daughter's best friend starting feeling sick Christmas eve and had a fever of 102 on Christmas morning. What a cruddy time to be sick!

Kelly 10:34 AM, December 26, 2008  

For some reason, "Winter Cuddling" made me laugh really hard.

GoBigGreen 10:36 AM, December 26, 2008  

I am doing the same as well. No voice and a sinus ick:)
take care and maybe we should check out oxford pool!!
happy holidays I hope you are better for the next track race.

Ron 10:58 AM, December 26, 2008  

Thanks for taking the time. Love the Angry BBQ. That's the way my grill and I feel.

Trishie 11:39 AM, December 26, 2008  

Feel better, Steve! love the Friday funnies ... and merry xmas!

Charlotte 11:56 AM, December 26, 2008  

Sorry you are feeling sick! Get better soon so you can pee off some roofs yourself;)

Jim Smith II 12:53 PM, December 26, 2008  

Sorry your not feeling well, but really appreciated the Friday Funnies!

Feel better soon!

chia 1:08 PM, December 26, 2008  

Who hid Santa in Gizmo-Cat's bum?

Hope you're feeling better! For the record... Vodka doesn't help. At all.

Anonymous,  1:19 PM, December 26, 2008  

I like "You lied to me," and "My feet are just freezing."

However, I can't help feeling there's something missing: Steve Stellar, Steve SUPERSTAR!

Get well, and come back to us!

I know, you hate that word (comeback!).

It's RETURN....

Glaven Q. Heisenberg 1:36 PM, December 26, 2008  

Still sick? Just what kind of "iron" are you made out of, Mr. "Iron" Man?

Just kidding. Please don't track me down and kill me when you get better. I've only ever won a "Fragile Man" competition, which you win by breaking into many, many pieces before any of the other competitors. If it weren't for the honor of it, I'd just as soon be whole again.

Get better soon!

Julianne 3:52 PM, December 26, 2008  

Sorry to hear that you're sick... :-(
But thanks for making me laugh!

Anonymous,  8:53 PM, December 26, 2008  

These are hilarious. I love the barbeque.

Feel better soon - I'm sending healthy vibes your way. Although... I'm sick too, so I don't know how well that is going to turn out. :)

J~Mom 11:20 PM, December 26, 2008  

Those cheezeburger things crack me up every time! Feel better soon!!

KimsRunning 5:57 AM, December 27, 2008  

Awww....feel better soon!!!

Winter is the reason I left Cape Cod, Ma 5 years ago for SW Florida! We're going to the BEACH tomorrow!!! Yippeeeee!!!

ECrunnergirl 8:32 AM, December 27, 2008  

Sorry you are sick Steve! I had that mess too last week...get well soon!!! Love those funnies!!!!

Missy 8:40 AM, December 27, 2008  

Booo for the sicky icky, Yeah for the pictures...still funny! Poor dog is freezing his balls off:)

Speed Racer 6:41 AM, December 28, 2008  

Hope you're feeling better. I like the one about freezing your ass off.

Merry Christmas!

Triteacher 7:21 PM, December 29, 2008  

Ha, it's so true! Even I do not like fruitcake.

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