More Photos from the Raspberry Run 1 Mile

>> Monday, August 07, 2023

The Raspberry Run 1 Mile was a few weeks back, and I had a good race. I also posted some finish line photos of everyone, and a post of just me finishing.

But then another album showed up from mid-race. Here are some photos from this large SmugMug gallery of images from the race:

The start of the 5 mile race an hour before the 1 mile race.

The cooling waters waiting at the finish line!

The leader of the 5 mile with less than a half mile left!
(With 2nd place just a block behind.)

Cooling down.

Big stride!

I hadn't seen Paul in a while!

"Strong and pretty." I love it.

This photo makes my testicles chafe.

I missed a selfie opportunity with this raspberry mascot.

"Everything hurts & I'm dying." YES!

Online friend Emily!

Two things: I parked near the couple, and look at us 1 milers lining up back there!

Here come the 1 mile runners!

This clown pretended to lead the race for a while.

Colin had a big lead that would only grow before the finish.

I'm back in that mix somewhere...

... OOOOooh, there I am near the left...

... and here's a close-up. This was just over half-way through
the race, and notice Dakotah W is still well in front of me.

Another close-up.

Now you can see the battle for 1st female in front of me between Heather K and Dakotah W.

Close-up. Heather won (by nearly 10 secs), but Dakotah was actually ahead here.
And I'm back there looking focused. Or pained.

Last pic of me back there.

A gaggle of Mill City runners going by.


Lots of kids and an old guy.

She doesn't look like she's having a good time...

... but this guy's posing for the photographer!

We've all had races like this girl: at times we're feeling rough...

... but then your mood changes!

A saw these 2 on my cool down to the car.

Another gaggle of Mill City runners cooling down back along the race course.

Cute pic of Suzie's family!

Cooling down under the water at the finish.

Splashing in the run-off.

- My Raspberry Run 1 Mile race report
- Photos of me nearing the finish
- More finish line photos of everyone


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