TC 10 Mile Photos from Mile 9.3

>> Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Coach Gary Westlund from the “Charities Challenge” races put up a Facebook album of 257 photos from the TC 10 Mile. I started looking through it for a picture of me as I waved at him when went past. I flipped through a lot of photos by the time I got to this one of Doran C:

Uhhh, he’s a lot faster than me… I still have to flip through a lot more photos.

Rob E: also a lot faster than me.

Megan who I met at the failed half IM relay 4 year ago.
She finished about 90 secs ahead of me as the SECOND female!

Finally, a SIGHT of me. You can barely make out my pink shorts back there.

Waving to Gary.

Sidenote: As I noted in my race report from the official results, I started too far back and passed a lot of people (282 in the first 5 miles). But I tend to negative splits races like this and keep picking off people later in the race (32 in the last 5 miles). In that photo above, note the 3 guys to the left of me. In this photo from my race report just 0.16 miles later, those 3 guys are now being left behind as I’m passing someone else who wasn’t even in the frame in the photo above:

The 3 guys from the last photo.

Back to Gary’s photos:

This one’s nice!

This one’s a little more awkward/real.

Nathan and Kari just behind me (as shared in a story in yesterday’s post).

Melissa G who I passed around mile 8.5 with Nathan and Kari.

Super friendly/smiley Paul G.

My cousin’s wife Lana who ran a 1:06!

Danielle G.

Michael B with a wave.

An “arty” one with some flowers.

Funny women. And what’s happening with the woman in the background?!?

Beer!! There were guys giving away beer just a block earlier in the race.
This woman apparently got one.

I looked through all of Gary’s photos but couldn’t find any more of my family - he didn’t get many “individual” photos like he did of me and some of my friends as the field got thicker. Look through his album yourself if you’re interested. Thanks for the photos, Gary!


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