Photos from O'Garas Irish Run 8K

>> Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Race buddy Tom R had a friend with a camera out at O'Garas, and he ended up posting 2 albums of photos (here and here). Below are some of me and my YCWA Endurance Sports teammates:

At the start. I like how an A-line bus was PERFECTLY in the background on Snelling.

Nine seconds in (per the clock on the left).

Fellow Dad-on-the-run Brian in the white tank (who's faster than me).

I'm somewhere in this photo on the far side of the road.

She's pretty happy.

Teammates! Laurie (purple headband), Dina (pink long sleeve),
Rose (barely visible) and Alisha (1517).

The last of the 8K and 5K runners headed over the bridge at the start.

Looking across Hamline Ave in the distance from on top of the bridge.

"Former student Jeremy" has turned into a streaking running stud. That's him in the
white tank headed back over the hill to the finish in 26:06 (5:16 pace!!!)!

Impressive "fireworks" shorts in the middle. (With Patrick Parish back there too.)

Fellow Dad Brian headed up the final hill (finished in 27:29; 5:38 pace).

Rob and Brian finished in the lower 29s.

My pink shorts are visible back there! This is where I was really hurting.

Hurting. (Also, the woman back there with the white long sleeve under her blue tank was the one
I mentioned in my race report that I briefly chatted with and took a selfie with a few months ago.)

Close up of that last photo. (Also seen in my race report.)

Is that a Moose Knuckle?

Still hurting. Cursing this hill.

Nearly at the top. Dead.

Melissa G leading a pack not far behind me.

That's a good "this hill sucks" face. (Also, I like that the electrical
conduit behind him makes it look like he's blowing out his earbuds.)

Teammate Jordan 2nd from the left.

Jordan on the left. I love the STARE he's getting as he passes that guy!

Kelly D! (1338) I worked with her through Life Time Tri and
Trinona before. I didn't see her there! Hope you're well, Kelly!

Sporty blazer.

THEE Kirt G.

Tom, who provided these photos. Thanks Tom!

Teammates Gabe and Scott on the left!

Go Mike!

Awesome sidenote: Mike's beard is trimmed here. Over the winter, he lets it
get longer, put's on a 150 lb fat suit, and works as Santa at Bachman's...

SEE?!?! More photos in this article. Our team might not be the fastest, but we have SANTA!

There's Rose back there at the base of the hill!

Go Rose and Alisha!

This was Alisa's first team race! (1517)

Dina (and part of Laurie's purple headband).

Dina's race photos also double as shampoo ads.

Favorite trainer Laurie!

Go Andrea!

This was also Rachel's first team race!

Go Rachel!

A leprechaun and someone really smart.

People cooling down post-race.

Rachel's pre-race selfie!

Another angle of the post-race team shot. Nice job, team!

Here was my race report with more photos in case you missed it.


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