Official Photos from "Tri-ing for Children's" Triathlon

>> Monday, August 07, 2017

Last week, I posted my race report (where I finished 5th overall and 1st in my age group), but here are a few official photos that show a bit more about the day:

This shows a nice stream of short-course swimmers in the background,
with buoys WAY back there as part of the 2-loop Oly course.

Happy to be done swimming!

That swim cap doesn't seem to be too efficient.

Me back there! Starting to struggle with my swim cap.
(Apparently, an "efficient" swim cap is hard to get off.)

Still struggling...

... STILL struggling. I'm amazed I don't die while tying my shoes.

Here were some of the ladies I passed with buoys and/or noodles.
Got stuck behind a good-sized group as I noted in my race report.

I couldn't find any photos of me on the bike. My best guess is that this woman is looking at me as I pass her on the right:

As I noted in my race report, people were ALLLLL over the roads in the first 1.5 miles (and even some issues after that). I figured I passed 20+ people ON THE RIGHT as they were either swerving all over the road or riding on the left. Some examples (NOT trying to call out individual people - just showing what I biked through):

Adjusting music/jersey while riding right in the middle of the lane.
(Note someone else passing far to their right in the OTHER LANE in the background.)

Sweet duckface and flex, but riding far to the left.

No-handedly putting on gloves while riding in middle of the lane.

Those were just a few examples. It was messy. Here are 2 other "fun" bike photos:

Looks like this guy lost a fight in T1!

I love this man. I know nothing about him, yet I love him.
The jersey, the smile, the half-cocked helmet: perfection.

Here are some photos from the finish:

A pretty decent photo of me heading to the finish!

About to finish.

Hitting the line. Robby B was just out-of-frame to the right announcing me. Thanks Robby!

Close up. You can see my used gel on the far right
tucked near the bottom of my shorts. Don't litter, kids! :)

This was the only guy who passed me on the bike (out-split me by 90 secs). But I passed
him right away on the run to finish 3 mins ahead of him. (I was 5th overall, he was 10th.)

Brother-in-law Matt heading to the line! #272

Go Matt!

Matt finishing.

Close up of that last photo: Matt's finishing, and I'm snapping a pic.

The Oly winner in 2:03! He looks like a majestic steed.

A EPIC sprint to the finish!

A not-so-epic saunter across the line.

Lots of cheers for the Team Phoenix ladies!

Hugs at the finish.

See more photos and hear more about my race (and Matt's race) in my race report.


Anonymous,  10:56 AM, August 07, 2017  

I'd be willing to bet that is an insulin pump and not a music player the woman is adjusting. She's definitely out of position, but maybe it's not quite as irresponsible as you make it out to be.

Steve Stenzel 5:21 PM, August 08, 2017  

Anon, I think you're right - it might be an insulin pump. That might make it a little less wrong, but still irresponsible and in clear violation of the most basic triathlon rules (along with the more strict USAT rules). I enjoyed this race, but it was crazy just how many people were riding in middle or left part of the lane, or simply swerving willy-nilly all over the road. The first part of the bike was dangerous for everyone.

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