Official Race Photos From the TC 10 Mile and Marathon

>> Monday, October 18, 2021

Here are some "official" race photos from the TC 10 Mile and TC Marathon 2 weeks ago, and I look like absolute hell in some of them:

First a few at mile 3. I'm on some weird downstride here and my face looks 10 years older.

Looking a little better here with both feet off the ground.

The guy behind me had his tongue out...

... and was flashing gang signs.

DYING at mile 9.7!

Some hip drop around mile 9.95.

Catching my breath at the finish.

This is the oddest photo of me! Gross. Maybe 60 secs after finishing just after I got my medal.

After heading through the finisher's area with my 3 bottles
in 1 hand, and keys and mask and mylar blanket in the other.

Those are all of my photos that showed up, and here are a few of my wife and her training buddy Alicia doing the marathon together:

Around Lake Nokomis I think?

Sarah with Alicia in the shades on the far left.

With just a few blocks left!

Everyone in this photo looks pooped.

In the finisher's chute!

Hitting the line!

Congrats ladies!!

I have some more photos from a friend at the finish line, and I think I'll post those on Saturday. So stop back for more!


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