Friday Funny 629: Notes from a Dad

>> Friday, November 29, 2013

I posted some of these a while back. Here are some Post-It notes from a stay-at-home Dad. (Being I'm home with Henry a lot, I can totally relate to the first one - well, MANY of these, actually.)

Make sure to check out some internet Black Friday deals along with some local deals that I posted at the bottom of Thursday post. Many of those deals go through the entire weekend (like the 50% off local triathlons and duathlons). Check it out!

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Friday Funny 628: Great Bike Ads

This person has obviously never trained for an Ironman.

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Friday Funny 627: Thanksgiving Funnies

Here are some Thanksgiving-related funnies from (that have been tagged with my "Thanksgiving" tag.)

Here's 10 bits of advice from 10 comedians about how to handle your family on Thanksgiving.

And as always, check out for more "funnies!"


Friday Funny 626: Dumb People Online

The internet hasn't made us more stupid... it's just broadcast our stupidity to others. Here are 18 prime examples of that from ViralNova:

No... just... no.

You know, they have a word for that.

That’s NOT what you should have been correcting. Just FYI.

Nice try, dude.

No matter how awful this guy is, the girl who retweeted it is worse.

This is why other countries hate us.

Nope, that’s not how that is used.

Please, someone find this girl and make her wear a helmet so she doesn’t bump into things.

It’s all about context clues, Dayna.

At least he knew to fall on his own sword

It would be funny if she wasn’t being serious.

No, they certainly can’t take that away from him… because he never did it.

Someone please steal that baby. She clearly isn’t interested.

Maybe she just moved to the US. And is four years-old.

She gets an A for effort.
(This might be less "stupid" and just more "absent-zminded")

It only took him 1 minute to realize this mistake. This man is a hero
(relative to everyone else on this list, at least).

Yep, that’s exactly what it sounds like.

Posted by the only person on earth still using a Blackberry. Makes sense.

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The Best "Turkey Hands," and Black Friday Triathlon Deals

>> Thursday, November 28, 2013

First, here are 12 of the best "Turkey Hands" from Mashable:

I swear this person is me.

There are some proud parents on the receiving end of this.

Oh Lord. Well, I supposed it had to be done.

And if you're looking for Black Friday deals, here are a few that I've found: (where I got my underwater camera) is having the following sales:
- Friday 11/29: $10 Speedo Vanquishers
- Saturday 11/30: Aqua Sphere Goggles from $11
- Sunday 12/1: FREE Barracuda Anti-Fog
- Saturday 12/2: $5 Silicone Swim Caps

Zensah is having a sale on compression socks - I love my pair:

And finally, if you're a local, check out my article about local Black Friday deals - race companies offering CHEAP registration that I've taken advantage of in the past, and some good deals at local tri and running shops.

Happy Thanksgiving!


5 Quick Instagram Updates

>> Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Some life updates from my instagram photos:

This photo doesn't do it justice, but the new studio space
above the garage was thick with dust when the drywall was sanded.

Mom and Dad were up last week, and Dad and I did a lot of work.
This is the first of the color going on the walls.

Henry watching our Christmas Tree get a fresh cut before taking it home.

Riding around Menards with 200 feet of window casing and base trim (for the studio).

Forget shorts at the Chiropractor? They'll give you a sweet ass-less hospital gown. Yay me.

That gown gets extra awkward when on your back with 1 leg in the air. I'm sure the good Doc got an eyeful.

p.s. (for locals) - if you haven't heard, the 2014 and 2015 Duathlon National Championship will be raced HERE in the Twin Cities! Check out this Examiner article of mine for more info.


Review: Granite Rocx "The Tahoe" Backpack

>> Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Last week I was sent "The Tahoe" backpack from Granite Rocx. It's a Backpack Cooler.

The Tahoe with a chair strapped to it.

This is where the chair goes in The Tahoe - it's padded between you and your stuff!

Room for more below The Tahoe (in my case, a tripod!).

Here's the kicker: there's a cooler attached to it that can hold a 12 pack. Fantastic.
And it's detachable with 3 quick buckles.

This would have been a nice-sized backpack with good features for when Pharmie and I went running / hiking at the Superstition Mountains a few years ago. Here's a shot of me wearing a cruddy backpack on that hike:

Click here for the rest of that post.

And it would have been perfect for our run to Hoover Dam when we went to Vegas in January:

Both of us along Lake Mead on the trail to Hoover Dam with my cruddy backpack on.
Click here for a lot of fun photos from that post.

Here I am wearing The Tahoe this morning:

With the 2 front straps buckled. (And you can see my sweet "No Shave November" beard.)

And here's my 2-year-old wearing it as he played with his tractors:

You can see how nicely the detachable cooler sits on the backpack.

I found 2 reviews on Amazon (it's a newer product), and here are parts of them that I found helpful:

It easily fits all that fun stuff along with, including my all-important beer stash. And the chair to sit and drink it in. Used refrigerator ice at first in the cooler and it leaked a bit. Ice in a Ziploc was an easy fix. Finally upgraded to store bought ice packs. I most def plan on using it on the mountain this year to carry my gear, as well as beers for the lift :) Very pleased with this backpack and the use I'm getting out if it.

Here's part of another one that's helpful:

-Offers everything you find in a name brand pack at a cheaper price.
-Pack is a comfortable fit on shoulders.
-Cooler is detachable. Which is nice for long hikes where weight is important.
-Plenty of pockets to carry other items then a chair.
-Cooler keeps beer really cold on fishing trips.
-When chair is in pack you don't even feel the weight of it.
-Like having options for attaching a cylinder chair or tent to bottom of pack.
-Built to last.

-Shoulder straps can start to hurt on longer hikes. As the straps do not have thick padding like an overnight pack.
-Zippers occasionally get stuck on fabric.

So here's my own PRO and CON list:

Detachable cooler. Need I say more?
Room for rolled-up gear on the bottom.
Good shoulder padding.
A waist strap AND chest strap to keep the pack against you when doing more strenuous hiking, etc.
There's a nice bit of extra padding right above the ass area - helpful when REALLY packed up.
Did I mention a detachable cooler? I'll just throw that in again...

It's heavier for a "little" backpack. (But you can store a lot in it.)

I'd say this would be good for hiking and taking a day trip. It'd be too small as your ONLY pack for camping unless you were a very efficient packer. I'd LOVE to use it on easy runs / hikes / outings like our trip to the Superstition Mountains and our run along Lake Mead on the Historic Railroad Trail. So if you're interested, check out "The Tahoe" backpack from Granite Rocx.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received "The Tahoe" backpack for free from Granite Rocx as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication. But they didn't ask me / tell me to say any of this - all of these thoughts are my own.



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