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>> Thursday, June 08, 2017

So last Monday (Memorial Day) was the Brian Kraft 5K as part of the USATF MN series. Here are the official team results:

Men’s team: 11th out of 13. The AVERAGE finishing time of the top team was 14:58!

Women’s team: 6th out of 11. Sarah ran a PR to hit 21:03!

I joked about this last year after the 2016 O’Gara’s Run where I was the "worst" best runner out there (I had the slowest time of anyone who was first for their team). Well, at Brian Kraft last week, I was SECOND to last! (It was only an all Master's team that I beat.) Moving up in the world!

The good news here is that the results don’t show the 2 different divisions (red and blue, I believe), and we should be doing OK in our division once they show how their split up. All of the biggest, fastest, best teams are in the other division - it’s like varsity vs. JV.

If you missed it, click here for my Brian Kraft 5K race report, and click here for more photos from that race.


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