Official Photos from the Minneapolis Halloween Half Marathon

>> Tuesday, November 08, 2022

For how much I've liked the Minneapolis Halloween Half the 3 years that I've ran it, their race photos page is hot trash. Photos are in a totally random order, and many are in there 3 or 4 times making you unsure if you've seen them all yet. I waded through and found a few fun ones to share, and there are just a few of me starting about 5 or 6 photos down:

[And in case you're curious, PURPLE numbers are for the half marathon, ORANGE numbers are for the 10K, and GREEN numbers are for the 5K. Just so you can judge the difficulty and distance based on someone's costume.]

Posed before the race. (I know the woman on the left as she's raced with our team before.)

Hans and Franz. Awesome!

Posing across the river.

People lining up at the start - see the balloon arch WAY up there?


Less than 60 secs before the start.

Close-up on me! Awkwardly leering.

More nervous pre-race energy.

Close-up. Running through the game plan: GO SLOW AT THE START, STEVE!

Close-up on the other side of the image, capturing a sweet loogie!!


Close-up of me starting back there on the right and

There we go!

Doron running off on the right.

Close-up of Forrest Gump back there who passed me and
was super friendly later in the race (as I noted in my race report).

Close-up of the guy who passed me at mile 2 (who then I passed as he was walking around
mile 8-9), Sonja, and the leopard shorts who ran with me near the middle of the race.

Star Wars people waiting on the 5K.

5K getting ready to go.


Lots going on here.

Sexy Clauses.

Handmaid's Tale on the left, and Sesame Street on the right.

Lime, salt, and tequila. Nice.

A kayaker! NICE!

I saw this super simple cactus outfit at the race, and was impressed!

The muscle morph suit seen in my race report. A full 13.1 miles in that!

Impressive She-Hulk.

Veruca Salt! Sorry, I was wrong: Violet Beauregarde! (And Willy Wonka.)

Cut-off overalls!

On the race course around mile 2.

Again, around mile 2 with the river on our left.

Somewhere just before the 10K turn-around around mile 3.5 or so.
(Those are 10Kers coming back on the left.)

Mickey and Minnie in the half around mile 5.

Post-race with the Stone Arch Bridge in the background.


At first I thought this was a "running with scissors" sort of a thing...

... and then I saw it was a "rock, paper, scissors" thing instead.

This one took me a moment: a Q-Tip and an ear. Nice!

Crossing the Stone Arch Bridge to the finish.

Hippies mere feet from the finish.

There's a female vending machine and a male quarter back there that's KINDA sexual.

Fireball. Gross.

Bacon. And a beautiful downtown view.

Powerade and Gatoraid. Scandalous.

You can see the mile 13 and mile 3 marker back there (from the half and 5K).

Mickey and Minnie (in front of the potties I used pre-race).

Through the finisher's chute.

Magic 8 Ball - see you next year!

In cased you missed it, here's my race report from last week.


T 8:51 AM, November 08, 2022  

Ahem, the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka is NOT Veruca Salt, but rather Violet Beauregarde. Veruca Salt went into the trash thanks to squirrels. :)

Steve Stenzel 12:58 PM, November 08, 2022  

Ha! Ooops! Thanks T! Fixed it! :)

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