Photos from the Start and Finish of the 2022 Brian Kraft Memorial 5K

>> Monday, June 06, 2022

Race buddy Tom had a friend stationed near the start/finish line of last week's Brian Kraft Memorial 5K. He ended up posting 3 albums of photos containing over 400 photos total: at the start, finishers under 20 mins, and finishers over 20 minutes. I SO APPRECIATE it that he posts them as public albums! Here are some I want to share:

About a minute after the start.

#4263 on the left might have gone out too hard. He's ahead of the
winners who finished in 14:27 when he finished over 17 mins. Oops.

Runners getting damp (with the first sign of me on the far right in the pink shorts).

These next few show me getting closer and closer from the right.

A little hip drop happening. Dang.

HEY! The guy right next to me was seen in my race report as I
barely out-kicked him! Apparently we were close all day!

Teammate Mike who started just in front of me!

Go Mike!

Teammate Geoffery in the pink-ish shorts! #RealMenWearPink

Suzie with the braid in the background.

Teammate Tom in the black hat!

Thanks for posting these photos, Tom!! (In the yellow.)

Teammate Meg!

Brady's first race since having kids! Nice to see you Brady!

"Favorite trainer" Laurie!

Siri (in team colors and the pink hat) on the far left, and #4382 is another teammate I've barely met!

Go Karri!

After just over a lap around Lake Nokomis, the 5K was coming to a close. Just like at the Get in Gear 10K a few weeks ago, Daniel Docherty took the win. Here he comes with 2 guys not far behind him:

LOVE this face.

2nd and 3rd. Third place looks like Kevin Nealon...

Daniel taking the win, and you can see the clock reading 14:something. Holy balls.

Pain face.


There's the lead female in the distance who set a course record of 15:31! AMAZING.

Making it look easy.

No ma'am, that runner doesn't want your half-consumed coffee.

2nd place female finishing in 16:01!


I own a similar looking sweater.

The guy with the hair is the guy from Get in Gear who ran a
1:17 half marathon
, and the other guy is a race buddy's brother!

The photographer moved to the other side of the road, and then I appeared in the background chasing the same group of people I was chasing for the last 17 minutes:

I'm back there (like the 3rd head from the left).

I tried to keep up with her on the right, but she pulled away in the last 1/2 mile.
(A similar story to when I was trying to catch her at Get in Gear as well!)

These next 5 of me coming appeared in my race report:

#4169 might hate me. We went back-and-forth a few times,
and I think I annoyed her doing that. Sorry! I was hashed.

Awkward speed.

Trying to fly.

Classic "awkward Steve" with granny checking me out.

Running out of frame with a lip curl to the finish.

Epic finisher's face.

That ankle doesn't seem natural.

Rob! I never saw you there! (He finished just a few seconds after me!)

Pained faces.

Suzie's hubby said she had a goal that she missed by just a few seconds!
Dang. Here she's checking her "mile 3" split.

Charlie R!

Teammate Geoffery!

It was still damp. :(

Tom who posted these photos! Thanks Tom!

Go Mike!

Kirt G!

Momma Brady back at the finish line!

I've told teammate Tom that I like his legs.

This was the next photo after Tom's and I'm clearly cheering Tom on to the finish!

Looking for friends in the background.

My ass was dirty/wet from the race.

Leaning/cheering people coming in!

I spotted friends across the road and crossed to chat.

Laura waiting for me to high five her.

There was steam coming off me while we chatted. The air cooled and I was still wet and hot. #TWSS

Teammate Meg!

There were more finishers still out there, but the photo of Meg was the last one in the album. Again, here are Tom's 3 albums if you want to go look through more: at the start, finishers under 20 mins, and finishers over 20 minutes. And here's my race report if you missed it.


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