Official Results and Post-Race Words from the Dinosaur

>> Wednesday, January 18, 2017

First, a word from the dinosaur. I had a few photos of the dinosaur in Monday’s race report, including this one with this caption:

Well, the dino caught wind of this on Facebook and left me this comment:

When my wife mentioned to mister dino that our toddler was afraid of him, yet wanted to see more photos of him after the race (Charlie is a walking oxymoron), the dino said “Have fun showing Charlie this pic of the dino too!” and sent along this photo:

Some updated results came out from this past weekend’s Indoor Triathlon. I’m not sure what has changed, but here were the results from the 22 of us in the “Mini” race (400 yd swim, 8 mile “bike,” 1 mile run):

I like that they have an 11-page PDF of results for this race, which includes the breakdown of the race by swim, bike, and run. Here are those 3 for the “Mini” race which show me on top of all 3 categories: out-swimming an 11-year-old girl to take the fastest swim, out-biking a 56-year-old woman to take the fastest bike, and out-running my buddy Kate to have the fastest run:

There were 64 racers overall between the 3 distances, and the 11-page results even show an overall ranking of transition times. Out of 64, I had the 4th fastest T1 (2nd fastest in my distance):

I’m not sure it’s physically possibly to get from the pool, through the gym, down the hall,
and onto the bikes in the Sports Center in 0:20, but I’m sure the time got
added in somewhere else - the overall total would still be correct.

And my 0:02 T2 time was only good for 3rd (well, “tied for 3rd”):

Unlike my 0:01 T2 at this race a few years ago that I’ll never be able to beat.

If you missed it, my full race report is here.


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