Asking About My Hamstring

>> Saturday, July 11, 2020

On Wednesday, I saw my normal chiropractor for the first time in like 9-10 months.

The day before (Tuesday morning), I did some regular push-ups like I've been doing 3x/week since March, and my back locked up after my first set. So strange. I figured it would work itself out, but I also got in for a quick appointment the next day in case it didn't.

My back felt back to about 85% the next morning, so I figured I'd still keep my appointment and also ask about my hamstring. It's still something I feel on most every run since I tweaked it in April. It never HURTS, and it might feel a little tight/off while running easy or while pushing hard, so I haven't been TOO worried. But I thought I'd ask.

Checking in to the clinic was slower as there were lots of COVID-19 precautions:

A sticker showing I answered some questions and I'm good to go.

Waiting rooms set up for social distancing.

Waiting for my chiro to grab his Graston tools.

THE GOOD NEWS is that my chiropractor (and yes, his last name is "Backus" which is quite appropriate) generally leans towards saying "Steve, you need some rest" when I have minor things flare up. But he wasn't worried about this. He figures it was just a minor tweak that will end up working its way out. Nice. (And I haven't been worried about it, but I was starting to get a little concerned as it's been lingering for like 7 weeks now.)

I went back yesterday (so Wed and Fri) and he worked the hammy a little more. I ran yesterday morning before going in, so when he asked how it's been feeling, I said: "I ran this morning. And you know how I OVERTHINK EVERYTHING regarding any aches or pains? Well here's a first: I FORGOT to pay attention to the hammy! I couldn't tell you anything about it because I finished running and thought 'huh... was that the same... or better... I wasn't thinking about it at all.' SHOCKING, right?!?" He laughed. He knows that's so unlike me.

I might make another appt for next week just to give a little more work, but otherwise I'll just keep up with my leg exercises and stretching. I was happy to hear it should work itself out.


Friday Funny 1789: Fail GIFs

>> Friday, July 10, 2020

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Friday Funny 1788: Software Glitches

Here are some funny software glitches from Bored Panda:

#1 I Got A Coupon Code For 30% Off Bluetooth Headphones That Ended Up Being 98% Off When I Entered The Code:

#2 Thanks For Having My Back Tinder, I Guess:

#3 How?

#4 What The Hell Did I Do:

#5 Setting A Reminder:

#6 Could Not Copy Files Because No:

#7 Scuber Diver:

#8 Everything Is Broken:

#9 Thanks For The Help, Siri:

#10 Netflix, What Are You Trying To Do?

#11 Homonyms Are Such A Bliss To Virtual Assistant:

#12 Ah Yes The Ultimate Relaxation:

#13 Yes Google, That’s Exactly How Bridges Work

#14 I Was Driving, And My Phone Vibrated In My Pocket To Tell Me This:

#15 Did My Dog Just Discover Teleportation?

#16 Everything Is Good:

#17 I’m This Unpopular:

#18 I Think My Subway Is Trying To Tell Me Something:

#19 That's A Pretty Strong Password Policy:

#20 Cool Sign:

#21 You Learn Something New Every Day:

#22 Jeez Siri:

#23 And You’re Telling Me Now?

#24 My School's Cafeteria Survey:

#25 My Microwave Is Disagreeing With Me Again:

#26 I Don’t Really Know What To Say:

#27 Firstly, Her Hair Is Right In My Face. Secondly, Where Is My Plane Going?

#28 I Can't Use My Notes App For 3.5 Weeks Because I Used The Right Password:

#29 OK:

#30 Guys, I Think I’m Addicted To Settings:

#31 Merry Christmas:

#32 This Is Getting Ridiculous:

#33 Scooter App Right Before The App Crashed. Behold The Rideable Cyclone:

#34 Fastest Driver:

#35 Believe It Or Not Google, There Are Hospitals Closer To My Location:

#36 This Glitched Dentist Sign Looks A Bit Inappropriate:

#37 Help:

#38 Looks Pleasant Outside:

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