GREAT Stretch of "Every Other Day" Strength Workouts

>> Tuesday, April 07, 2020

I realized 10 days ago when I posted about the previous week of running that I was on a big streak of "upper body" one day followed by "core and legs" the next day. When I looked back, I saw that this every-other day streak started over 7 weeks ago in MID-FEBRUARY the day after I missed a workout because I spent a night in Jay Cooke State Park with my boys.

Here's my calendar looking back through that point. Everything after the day we were "up north" (Feb 13) was upper body one day, and core and legs the next:

(That calendar shows a lot more: it shows me in my boot and on my scooter for the first 3.5 weeks, then 1.5 weeks of me swimming and working out at my gym, and then the final 3 weeks are all "at home" workouts as everything is shut down due to COVID-19. That's 3 VERY distinct sections of time.)

When I posted about my foot being a little sore 10 days ago, I questioned if it wasn't because I was coming off a week of leg exercises one day (Sun/Tu/Th/Sat), followed by running the next (M/W/F). So my foot never got TOTAL rest any day.

I finally changed that around this weekend. Saturday (the 4th) was a normal upper body day. Which meant Sunday should have been legs and core, and then Monday should have more upper body. But instead I kept Sunday at JUST legs, and then Monday at JUST core. So I can do my regular Wed and Fri runs this week and then do core/legs later those same days. WORK my legs/foot one day, and then REST it the next. That won't be a magical fix, but I think it's a bit smarter. (And it allows my weekends to be a little more stretched out and act as a bit more as general rest as well.)


Week Three of Coronavirus

>> Monday, April 06, 2020

Lately, Monday's have become my "weekly update from home" posts: here's week one and here's week two. Below are my daily updates from Instagram from week 3 (March 30 - April 5):

Working on some two-wheel skills at the park today:

Day 15: cuddles, zoom meetings, training wheels OFF, and chocolate brownies made with black beans (surprisingly good!).

Day 16: woke Henry looking like this from a dead sleep at 9:04 a.m. #SummerVacationInMarch

I posted a video on Instagram of Charlie trying to start on his bike by himself. I said "Here's the FIRST (and only) successful unassisted start! (Not Dad-assisted, but still technically hill-assisted.)" Here's all the clips I took, with the last clip being the one I posted:

I gave him lots of coaching ahead of time. And between all the falls, I kept re-positioning one pedal to be ready to start the stroke while his other foot was meant to push off the ground. Sometimes he'd forget to push off. Sometimes it was entertaining. :)

Day 17: Charlie gave out backrubs as Henry did his homework, and a very timely delivery arrived. #RowRowRowYourBoat

Day 18: my first day of “remote” teaching. Soooo much work transferring these 2 classes online mid-semester. It’s been a crazy few weeks to get here. I settled into my “office” in my “work slacks” and “dress shoes,” and I left the boys containers of healthy snacks in the fridge. Mama broke in the new rower for an hour tonight as I made all natural* organic* no artificial colors* Galaxy Pancakes (with sprinkles and marshmallows). And Charlie had an evening Zoom meeting with his class for bedtime stories with his teachers. *Everything with an asterisk is clearly not true.

This was Thursday, and I had GREEN poop on Friday and Saturday. Charlie did on Saturday.

Day 19: I didn't post anything, but I posted this the following morning:

Loved the remarks by former student "A" in the middle. ;)

Day 20: some creek-jumpin’ and icicle-pickin’ at Hidden Falls (where the Mississippi is FAST and HIGH). Then Charlie joined me on the rower (as I was on my bike) and chugged an applesauce like I would an energy gel. Ended the day with Ella watching over a game of Skip-Bo.

My boys love Hidden Falls.

The tiny falls that makes the stream.

HIGH and FAST water.

She's feeling better!

Day 21: Ella is back to her(annoying)self! Had a drive-by Palm Sunday as Father Warren asked “how many ya need?” and then chucked 4 palms through my open window. #SocialDistancing Had a video date with the Kuglins, and then worked on more bike skills at the park.

Being her normal attention-starved self as I was trying to do some class prep.

My sis and niece on the bottom, and I think that pizza was my nephew.

This week is spring break for the boys (their REAL spring break), so they won't be having homework or class check-ins this week. That will be a nice change of pace. I think. I hope.


Social Distance Running

>> Saturday, April 04, 2020

I had 3 more non-interesting pretty easy runs this week. I'm not trying to "progress" with any training, but I'm trying to get my body used to running WHILE making my foot/ankle feel better. It's a work in progress / I'm a work in progress.

I've been avoiding my favorite route along River Road for a few reasons. First, I want to not be turning if at all possible - it stresses my foot a bit more. Second, it's down a decent sized hill, so I have to climb that on the way back, and I don't want that to over-stress my foot either. And third, it's been a bit "crowded" down there, and I'm trying to be good about "social distancing" in this time of COVID-19.

My wife works in the 2nd biggest hospital in the Metro, and (I believe) the biggest trauma center in the state. So they see lots of cases there. She's afraid of bringing it home, so I have to always act like *I* might be the one who's sick when I'm out in public. I'm not wearing a mask yet, but we talked about it again just last night. (And she's joked [but is also serious] about making a "HEALTHCARE WORKER: STAY BACK 6 FEET" shirt because on days she runs home, people have NOT been good about staying to their side of the trail. She's annoyed.)

My point is that I've been trying to be good about it on runs. By running straight down my street and back, I'm avoiding "runner heavy" areas nearby like Summit Ave, River Road, and the Greenway Trail (which, in my current state of 4-4.5 mile runs, I'd barely get to that trail anyway before having to turn around). Yes, I encounter people, but I SWING WIDE. Cleveland Ave has a bike lane in either direction, so there's usually 4-5 feet of lane for me to hop in to swing wide if I need to. And my Garmin shows that as well. Here are a few times meeting people in my 3 runs this week:

Heading north, popping into the parking/bike lane to pass a family with a kid on a trike.

Swinging wide at Dayton to pass 2 college students.

Passing a guy walking his dog.

Two groups: first passing 2 dog walkers, and then
passing (what looked like) a mother/daughter out on a walk.

Notice most of those happen at a cross-street or an alley. I do that just because it's a bit easier on my foot, and because there's SO little traffic, I haven't felt the need to jump out of the bike lane ASAP. (Side note: even though there's SO little traffic, I nearly got hit by a car on the sidewalk at the gas station on Grand and Cleveland on my first non-treadmill run on March 16, and I was nearly hit a week later by a garbage truck who wasn't paying attention as he came out of an alley as I was on the sidewalk - no, he didn't have an impeded line-of-sight.)

Anyway, just trying to do my part. If it just means not getting to close to people, that's easy.

If you missed it, on Thursday I posted some running tips during this COVID-19 pandemic, and there are some other helpful links for "fit" people at the bottom of that post as well. Happy weekend!


Friday Funny 1744: Coronavirus Funnies #6

>> Friday, April 03, 2020

A "social distancing" baptism. Ha!



Mom, I'll explain this for you: in an N*Sync song, Justin Timberlake
says "It's gonna be me" but it sounds like "May." So... yeah...

As a Viking's fan, I approve of this tweet.

Here's a final "April Fools" video from a lock picker. It's TOTALLY clean. Completely. Much like what I said in an earlier "Friday Funny" today, it's only inappropriate if *YOU* make it inappropriate:

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As always, check out for more funnies. HAPPY WEEKEND!!



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