Official Photos from the 2021 Square Lake Sprint Triathlon

>> Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Nine days ago, I raced the Square Lake Sprint Triathlon as my first tri in 25 months. It was FUN! Here are some photos from a huge Facebook album of race photos:

Eventual winner Diane H!

Eventual 2nd place female Jennifer M (being zipped up by a stranger).

A blind athlete starting with his guide.

It was easy to spot this guy (and his pecs and biceps) all day long.


I'm not joking.

Maybe it had something to do with being my first triathlon in 25 months, and my first open water swim in 25 months as well. But I look SUPER TIMID AS I STARTED:

Dear. God. In. Heaven.

A close-up. Because I'm a masochist.

That strange facial expression reminds me of the "Phteven" dog:

I swear this next photo of race director Judi laughing is her pointing and laughing at me:

Diane starting.

This guy seemingly crawled into the water sideways. Still not nearly awkward as me.

You can see the swimmers heading "out" on the right, and back straight ahead.

Me with belly showing back there.

Realizing I have belly hanging out and trying to pull down my shirt.

Diane hitting T1.

The blind athlete coming out of the water!

The kayak near the right is following the final swimmer.

Judi cheering on a swimmer on the left...

... and that swimmer got a hug from Judi when she made it out of the water.
(I don't know what happened here - if she knows Judi, if it was her first tri, or what-not.)

Timer Randy!

Buff guy.

There aren't many photos from T1 because of the time trial start - by the time everyone finished swimming, the leaders were already getting off the bike and heading into and out of T2. Here's the eventual winner (who KILLED US ALL) coming back to T2:

2nd back to T2. This 63-year-old had a faster bike split than me! Awesome!

3rd back to T2.

Me coming in as 4th to T2. With a crooked helmet.

I passed this young buck not much before transition. He kept up!

I had trouble with my race belt in T2.

Heading out on the run.

Me running up that damn hill in the background.

The young guy chasing me down.

In my race report, I mention following a woman with strong legs
up the long hill on the bike. This is her not far behind me!

I passed her just over 1 mile into the ride, so she didn't fall too far back!

And notice the young guy chasing me down in the background of that photo above. He caught me as we turned out of the park about 2:00 into the run. But as I mentioned in my race report, I then caught him back around mile 1, and then he had to stop to walk a few times before the finish. He WENT for it!

Jennifer starting the run.

Diane finishing the bike.

New race buddy Connor finishing the bike.

Timothy taking the win WAAAAY in front of me.

All the cool kids get the "stopping your watch at the line" photo.

Love that jersey!

Mr. Muscles hitting the run.

Lots of cyclists coming in with lots of runners heading out.

Sweaty me hitting the line. (Side note: the snot/spit on my shirt wasn't
there leaving T2, so it was something gross that happened on the run.)

I passed the 63-year-old with just under a mile left. We chatted post-race
and he said he was pushed by me knowing I was coming for him!

The young buck who passed me who I passed back took 6th overall.

Chatting with channel 9's chief meteorologist Ian Leonard. Man I'm gross.

Jennifer heading to the line! First female to cross, but 2nd overall based on start time.

Diane coming in with the W.

Connor representing the Vikings on opening day!

I loved this guy's hair.

I was impressed with her on the bike!

I caught her SOOO SLOWLY on the bike (meaning I wasn't biking much faster than her), and she ended up as the 6th female overall and almost in the top 1/8 of all finishers!

The strong-legged cyclist I followed up the hill on the left.


Speaking of "arm goals..."

The blind athlete coming to the line!

Here are 3 photos that tell a story. He's catching her here...

... and they are duking it out to the line...

... but then they both relax and smile as they cross the finishline.

And here are 3 adorable photos...

... holding hands. Cute...

... finishing with a smile.

I don't know what's happening here.

I appreciate a hairy man.

Here are a few fun jerseys to finish this post. First, a hippie.

Then my favorite pizza jersey.

And finally the (sugary) breakfast of champions.

In case you missed it, here's my race report from last week. It mentions a lot of what's seen here: following the woman with the strong legs, fumbling with my race belt in T2, being passed (which DOESN'T HAPPEN) in the run only to pass him back, and chatting with Ian after finishing.

Oh, and here are some Square Lake 70.3 photos from the day before the Sprint Triathlon.

Thanks again for another fun race Midwest Multisport Races!


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