Team Results After 'Get in Gear'

>> Saturday, May 18, 2024

At the end of last month was the Get in Gear 10K. I just finally saw the team results, and we had some good numbers with our "new" team! We often didn't have enough runners to score in past years, but now that "Fleet Feet" racing team has more (appropriate) rules about being on the team than "YWCA Endurance Sports" did, it seems like we'll be getting more bodies. I hope this continues!

Anyway, me and my new teammate / race buddy Chris took the top spots for our team:

6th out of 7 teams (5th place was 2:58:06, and 7th was 4:06:57)

4th out of 5 in the 40+ age group (8 mins out of 3rd).

4th out of 4 in the 50+ age group.

We had a BIG women's team! They came in 5th out of 5:

The 3rd place team only had 5 women, but they were ALL faster than our fastest! CRAZY!

They moved up to 3rd out of 4th in the 40+ age group (just 6 mins from 2nd!).

And they were 2nd out of 4 in the 50+ age group!

Notice Donella who was 2nd overall for our team as a 67 year old! She recently set a MN age group record! She's a BEAST running a 48 min 10K at 67 years old!!

Find full Get in Gear team results here. Next team race is just over a week away! Stay tuned!


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