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>> Saturday, October 23, 2021

I waved "hi" to "race buddy" Tom R in the starting corral of the TC 10 Mile. He had a friend stationed at the finish with a camera and got photos of the 10 Mile finishers through about 74 minutes. Here are a few I'd like to share:

This shows the scale of the flag over the end of the course - it's HUGE.

10 Mile winner Danny D coming under the flag.

Danny in 49:19, winning the 5K and 10K the previous day as well!!

Nadir in 2nd in 50:00. I heard him being interviewed post-race and he
mentioned how hard the course was. I love/hate those elevation changes.

That's a respectable "final kick" face.

And here's this guy... just not working at all... turning in a casual 51:47. NBD.

Another great face.

This guy was just in front of me in the starting corral. (His splits show
that: he passed 60 people and was passed by only 4 in the first half.)

First masters female breaking 60!

I've NEVER seen nipples that bad in a 10 mile! Especially for a 60:xx finisher!

Former student Jeremy had a rough race (after some KILLER 15:xx 5Ks this summer!!).

These guys also started around me.

She was on the horizon in front of me for the majority of the race.
(0:20 ahead of me at mile 5, and 0:28 ahead of me at the finish.)


Gracia (who we met and helped at her duathlon debut years ago) beat me by 11 seconds! Nice race!

Here's where I start peaking into Tom's photos...

I look like I'm standing still here. Super.

At least I look like I'm MOVING here... albeit it I look like a drunk duck.

Working hard.

I couldn't wait for the finish line.

Jared looks HUGE here! He went 0:20 slower than his
65 min goal. (And he was seen in this post 10 days ago.)

I've never seen a finshing/gasping face quite like this.

She was making it through many photos!

"Get off my finishline lawn."

Angie (who you saw starting right in front of me in my race report).

Bobby P.

Most people masked around the starting area, maybe 30% masked in the starting
corral (around me at least), but this was the first guy I saw finishing with a mask.

It looks like he's making faces as he plays with his nipples.

Here's Tom who posted these photos!

The classic "stopping the watch at the finishline" shot! Nice race Tom!

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