Fun Photos from the Hot Dash 5K and 10 Mile

>> Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Here are 14 quick photos that I want to show from the TC in Motion "Hot Dash" race last weekend. They are from a small album that TC in Motion put on Facebook.

Running in a plaid apron, oven mitts, and with a wooden spoon is enough. But the
fact that one of these women is named "Gayle" is ICING ON THE HOT DASH CAKE!

The women's race in the 5K (seen finishing here) was a good one.
This happened just behind me. The top 3 were within 3 seconds,
and the winner came from back in 5th place at mile 1.2 to take the win!

Getting ready for the start of the 10 Mile a block from the 5K finish area.

10 Mile start! The redhead in neon shoes ended up 2nd in 51:xx! Some other
people on this front line ran 1:3x (which was over 500th place, which means
they MAYBE shouldn't have been lined up right at the front...).

I saw this Dad pre-race, and noticed he (or the race)
had a specific "stroller" tag for his stroller! Nice!

Heading across the Stone Arch Bridge with just over a mile to go!

These next 4 show bits and pieces of that little loop on Nicollet Island that I mentioned was killing me in my race report:

Nice flat bridge out to Nicollet Island.

After 180 degrees of turning, now headed up a hill to the Hennepin Ave Bridge.

Still climbing, turning on to the bridge.

Heading across the bridge and about to hit "the mainland" again.
(With the edge of downtown MPLS in the background.)

Tater tot hot dish at the finish!!

Here was my race report if you missed it!


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