Hot Dash 5K: Mug, Sign, and Age Group Place

>> Thursday, March 30, 2023

Just a few more things about the Hot Dash 5K this past weekend:

FIRST, instead of another possibly cheap race shirt (but I'm a BIG FAN of QUALITY race shirts), the Hot Dash gave our really nice Miir mugs:

SECOND, being it was branded as a pretty "Minnesotan" race, there just HAD to be a sign making fun of Iowegians on some of the hills in the 10 mile:

Is "Iowegians" a little too harsh? Is that why it says "Iowans?"

And THIRD, I noted in my race report that I started in 2nd in my age group and lost a spot to be moved into 3rd before the finish (which I only learned by looking at my results). When I looked at the overall results list, I saw that 4th place in my age group was 90 seconds behind me, but I was only 6 seconds behind 2nd place! I wish I had a better kick!!....

Some 40-somethings finishing among lots of 30-somethings. SOOO close to another AG spot!

So I looked through some of race buddy Tom R's photos, and sure enough, I found #4994 who started JUST behind me and finished 6 seconds in front of me:

Me with Tim just behind me at the start...

... me with Tim out of reach at the finish. D'oh.

Check out my Hot Dash "USA Track and Field MN 5K Championship" RACE REPORT if you missed it! Back with some "Friday Funnies" throughout the day tomorrow!


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