Running with an Olympian

>> Tuesday, June 30, 2020

I was headed out on just a "normal" run last week when I was pretty sure I saw former Olympian Carrie Tollefson. We planned an early morning run together like 2 years ago, ran a short bit together before my track meet last summer (see fun selfie as the 2nd photo in that post), and she bumped into me pushing the stroller on my last run of last August before being injured, but we're not regular running buds or anything.

She turned onto Summit Ave as I was about a block from crossing Summit on my normal "straight and boring socially distant" course. Here are my previous 6 runs before seeing Carrie, and they are all just straight down my road with little bits added in:

Boring, but mainly pedestrian-free.

At the very last second, I thought "Aww hell, I'll turn to chase down Carrie to chat for a bit." So I did. I caught her after a few blocks, and we chatted about our kids, COVID-19, weekend plans, etc. I had to REALLY PICK UP THE PACE to keep up with her. She turned off after just over a mile so she could meet up with a friend to finish the run. She posted her Garmin on social media post-run:

I retweeted that tweet (that paired up with her Insta post) and added this:

Carrie mis-understood my comment. (And I can see how because I wasn't super clear.) She thought that I meant I SLOWED UP to 6:10 pace to chat. But I meant I had to SPEED UP to 6:10 pace to keep up with her! Here was our back-and-forth:

Here was my "unusual" run down Summit Ave:

My pace. The red was with Carrie before slowing up at the turn-around
at Hamline Ave. (The dip before mile 2 was heading up the hill to Snelling.)

I ended up doing that early section with Carrie in 6:10 pace, and I did my overall 4.8 miles in 6:52 pace. So the same pace that Carrie did her random 13.1 mile run in. So we have the same level of fitness. Easily. Totally. Undoubtedly. ;)


Instagram of the Day: A Camping Trip with the Boys

>> Monday, June 29, 2020

The boys and I got out for some fun late last week. We drove to far western MN. Here was an Instagram post from when we got back:

"Back from 3 days/2 nights with my boys at Big Stone Lake State Park. Lots of failed fishing, a fun canoe ride, and some good swimming. The boys can’t wait to go back (they’ve already forgotten the nearly 600 miles of car rides over the last few days). And yes, that’s a s’more with Chips Ahoy Cookies, because #DadsRock."

Charlie on the fishing dock. (One bite, no catches.)

Our site.

Canoeing on day 2.

Sunset on Big Stone Lake (0.5 mile across, 26 miles long).

Swimming at the boat landing.

Our only real "campfire" meal: bacon and eggs that I turned into a breakfast sandwich.

S'mores with cookies!

And my wife posted this: it was an image that I sent her just after we got out there:

Her caption: "Received this pic from Steve this
afternoon. Charlie’s living his best camping life."

Back with more photos shortly.


Friday Funny 1783: Fitness Funnies 31

>> Friday, June 26, 2020

Just some funny things tagged with "fitness from

It's true. This is MN. This is us.

Lots more funny things posted all week long on HAPPY WEEKEND!


Friday Funny 1782: Keepin' It Classy

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