Friday Funny 13: You’ve Got A DIRTY MIND!

>> Friday, December 05, 2008

What?! These are all simple, innocent images! If you see or think anything else, you’ve got a dirty mind! Get your mind out of the gutter!!

Grover’s just feeding the sheep. That’s all!

What? It’s just a clothes hook. that’s how toothpaste is made.


“Parents” magazine needs to work on it’s cover layout!

I’m leaving this one alone.

Come on, it’s JUST a chocolate bar!

What’s wrong with his feet? Oh...

Just a potato, people! Just a potato!

So innocent.

Love it.

Maybe they’re talking about his calves...

You don’t have to ask me twice.

Well, now we know!

If you’re a local, I’m planning another Speed Saturday interval workout tomorrow at the University of St. Thomas track in St. Paul at 9 am. Who wants to join in? (I-94 around Lexington is closed tomorrow morning, so be aware that that could screw up your drive.) See you on the track!


K 6:41 AM, December 05, 2008  
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K 6:43 AM, December 05, 2008  
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K 6:47 AM, December 05, 2008  

ok. this was freakn funny. thanks for the a.m. laugh

Marci 7:01 AM, December 05, 2008  

Your blog is always a good way to start a Friday :)

Mel-2nd Chances 7:10 AM, December 05, 2008  

not sure i need to know how to find this stuff, but thanks for the laugh! Have a great weekend.

Missy 7:32 AM, December 05, 2008  

HIGH-larioius! So good.

Darcy Franklin 7:53 AM, December 05, 2008  

Good stuff. I must not have a dirty mind because it took me either a few seconds to really figure it out or I had to read your caption. However, once I figured out the Parents mag one, that gave me the biggest laugh!

Hey, if Pharmie likes crossfit too I have organized a Women's Adventure Night (WAN) over at the cf gym on Jan 7th. Women only, sorry! I have a great group of gals that meet monthly for some kind of crazy adventure. Let her know!

Marlene 8:15 AM, December 05, 2008  

Thanks for the Friday chuckle! Have a great track workout.

Jess 8:22 AM, December 05, 2008  

Pictures didn't show up for me. But the comments gave me a good idea of what I was missing.

Charlotte 8:28 AM, December 05, 2008  

I don't think I can brush my teeth today now. I'll send all complaints about my bad breath your way;) And hey, looks like we're in the same mindset today! Maybe we should start a new blog-tradition: pervy fridays.

X-Country2 8:56 AM, December 05, 2008  

The "Found Porn" section of Maxim was always my favorite part!

Brooke 9:02 AM, December 05, 2008  

hahaha!! Made my day...hilarious.

Renee 9:07 AM, December 05, 2008  

I am not sure if I should be proud or embarssed about how quickly I got those. They are hysterical though! Love the Friday Funnies!

Unknown 9:26 AM, December 05, 2008  

What a great laugh! My side still hurts from laughing about the condom truck.

Carolina John 9:28 AM, December 05, 2008  

These are great steve! thanks

also, i just posted funny holiday pics of the girls. you swung by the blog about an hour too late. and i appreciate the comment, 2009 is going to be a fantastic season!

Cy 9:30 AM, December 05, 2008  

You crack me up! Thanks for the comedy this morning.

I'm heading to Toronto for the weekend...Sorry I'll miss the intervals. Have fun!

Borsch 10:11 AM, December 05, 2008  

I love the magazine cover!

Carly 10:17 AM, December 05, 2008  

that was really really funny. My son came up while I was reading this and asked if the grover pic was for a coloring contest. ROTFLMAO.

chia 11:45 AM, December 05, 2008  

Hey, stay in the lines Carly ;-).

Fantastic showing Senor Stenzel, as always!

Michelle 11:46 AM, December 05, 2008  

HAHA!!! Wonderfully funny stuff! I crack up every friday!!

Hey i'm doing a running streak this month!!!

Am i crazy? Of course!!!

Have a great weekend Steve!!!

Chic Runner 12:09 PM, December 05, 2008  

oh my gosh. this is too funny :) You always make me laugh! ha ha, and i have to add you to my sidebar too. thanks for reminding me that i need to update that!

Anonymous,  2:16 PM, December 05, 2008  

Too funny! I can always count on you to crack me up!

jen 2:27 PM, December 05, 2008  

LOL, awesome. Happy Friday!

CoachLiz 2:52 PM, December 05, 2008  

Those bear coat hooks were funny as well as the newspaper report on the overturned truck.

You have a knack for finding some funny stuff!

kerrie 3:30 PM, December 05, 2008  

thanks for the laugh! i have actually seen the pork one in person - you know how it says 'sask pork' on the is from saskatchewan, in canada where i grew up. too funny!

duchossois 7:13 PM, December 05, 2008  

Steve, we're all local...somewhere. Sadly, I am about 1,000 from the University of S Thomas, so I will not see you on Saturday. Have fun.

triguyjt 11:40 AM, December 06, 2008  

can't pick a fav...they are all insanely funny....

gotta go brush my teeth.....

M 4:46 PM, December 06, 2008  

Thanks for the laugh!!

brendaj 11:38 PM, December 07, 2008  

This made me very hungry!

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