Two Weeks of "Training"

>> Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The last 2 weeks have looked quite similar in my training log:

These have all been "at home" workouts, and I finally got more into the rhythm this past week (once I fixed my pull-up bar). And both weeks had 3 runs. And even a bike ride in the middle - the GREEN is my short ride with my boys, and the PURPLE is a quick spin on the trainer (my first since last fall):

Watching some "Price is Right" on our new basement TV (once we
upgraded our living room TV and moved the replaced one down there).

I was in DESPERATE need of a new chain and cassette, so here's a beautifully fresh cassette.

I still put "training" in quotes in the post title because (besides weight lifting) there's no intensity in anything that I'm doing. I can't wait to get back to that, but... baby steps.


Week Two of Coronavirus

>> Monday, March 30, 2020

A week ago, I shared photos from our first week all at home. Here are some photos from this past week (week 2). These are my 7 daily updates from Instagram last week, along with 4 related updates (from me or my wife) peppered in:

#CoronavirusSpringBreak Day 8: homework for a few hours, then 2 hours running around Pike Island at Fort Snelling. Saw ducks, geese, loons, a muskrat, an eagle, a lot of “beavered” trees, and lots of cool rocks. Then Mama took the boys out on scooters and skateboards tonight. (Also, Henry got scolded by his teacher [remotely] for accidentally trying to call a class-wide video hangout when he was just trying to call 1 friend. He interrupted his teacher helping another classmate. Oops.)

Day 9: a group of kindergarteners on Zoom is hilarious. We had 2+ hours of homework, then 7 hours of the boys in my office with me as I worked on more “distance learning” prep (as Henry has a 2 hour meeting with his class). We ended with a much needed hour by the Mississippi. ❤️

Day 10: we’re all stocked up. Just the essentials. #IDontEvenLikeWine #IHaveACherryCokeZeroStash #SoImGoodToGo

And my wife posted this later that night:

We are revamping our basement workout area, and instead of buying a new tv for that, we decided to move our trusty 12 year old LG to the basement and got a new one for the living room (Best Buy curbside, because social distancing). But the legs don’t fit on our entertainment stand. *shrugging emoji* So this is the classy yet functional scene in our living room till the middle stand arrives Saturday.


Day 11: our first “test” administered remotely by Charlie’s teacher, my first (short 20 min) trainer ride in MONTHS to test my foot, a video date with a kinder-friend, and breakfast for supper because WHAT DAY IS IT? DID I BRUSH MY TEETH TODAY? WHEN DO I CHANGE FROM MY MORNING PAJAMA PANTS TO MY EVENING PAJAMA PANTS? HAVE I SHAVED THIS WEEK?

And that night, my wife took them out for a bike ride as she ran 3.5 miles along side them:

Stretching break.

Stretching break.

Day 12: after homework, Henry did some science experiments in the backyard. And the veggies got moved from the window to the grow light. The boys and I did one final push at my school to prep the next 2 months of work for my 2 classes as we have a “stay at home” order that starts tonight. #HereGoesNothing

This was Friday, and my wife was able to work from home 3 days that week. Here's what she posted Friday night:

Three days of working from home this week. As a healthcare provider, I realize that this is a luxury that many of my colleagues do not have. I have so many mixed emotions. We were pulled from physical rounds with the teams last week to help reduce exposure to us and to our physician, nurse, SW, and RD colleagues. On one hand, I feel guilty, like I am abandoning them (though I am calling, messaging, and HIPAA compliant texting the whole day.) I have done Phone rounds. I have done pre-rounds and post rounds check ins. I went over patients with my pharmacy resident for hours the last two weeks. I am lucky to have space in my house, kids who are old enough to let me work without distraction, a husband who is teaching his students AND our boys at home, management who made this happen on a dime, and the technology to support working remotely. I realize that every day that I don’t have to go in could help keep people safe and reduces overall exposure. There are days when I still have to go in, but I keep telling myself that each day I stay home is a possible day that I don’t pass something on to a coworker or to the general public. I miss the learning and camaraderie in our clinical pharmacy office and the support we are offering each other knowing that this is coming. I miss seeing my nurses. I miss seeing my patients. I miss the on the fly teaching I get to do daily with physician residents. But I am slowly realizing that this is probably for the best. Because when this gets really bad, we all need to be healthy and on our games so we can support each other in every way we can. Stay safe out there everybody! (And wash your hands)

Day 13: the boys disassembled a broken Keurig and printer/scanner. Mama trained Charlie to be an expert bagel maker (they made plain, cinnamon and sugar, asiago, and onion). And we ended with brisket and pulled pork from Firebox. #EatLocal #SmallBusiness

They love this. (Broken printer from us, broken coffee maker from my wife's work.)

He was actually quite good at taking a lump of dough and forming into a bagel shape!

Also we had 2 "movie nights" in a row! The night before was the 90s
"Three Musketeers," and this night was the first "Pirates of the Caribbean."

Also, we got the "universal TV stand" for our TV on Friday, so on Saturday I got it all hooked up. We're quite happy:

Day 14: [A SENTENCE I’VE NEVER UTTERED BEFORE] My cat’s ass nearly ruined remote church. And yesterday’s homemade bagels made for great burger buns, alongside homemade sweet potato fries.

Here's last week's update if you missed it. We're gearing up for another week at home (as I'm teaching the boys with lesson plans from their teachers) as I also start teaching remotely on Thursday. And my wife is hoping for another few "work from home" days herself (today for sure). Good luck everyone!


Another Week of Running (and my Wife's 10 Mile "Race")

>> Saturday, March 28, 2020

Last weekend, I posted about my very STRAIGHT runs earlier that week. (Turning isn't good for my sore foot, so I try to keep it as straight as possible while totally easing into and out of the turn-around.) Here were my straight runs this week:

Yes, those are 3 different runs. I swear.

Last week I ran a total of of nearly 11 miles, and this week I ran a total of 12.4 miles (runs of 4.1, 4.2, and 4.0 miles). My foot was a LITTLE more achy this week (not on the runs, but just in general), so my final run of the week was easier than the other 2. I mean, ALL were easy, but I kept it EXTRA easy on my final run.

My foot could have been a bit more sore because I did my leg exercises this week on the days I didn't run. So my ankle/foot was being stressed EVERY DAY this past week. Whereas the week before, I'd go for a run and do my leg exercises that same afternoon (so my ankle/foot was being stressed every OTHER day last week).

Unrelated: my wife did her "virtual" Twin Cities in Motion "Hot Dash 10 Mile" today. She registered a few months ago, and it was one of many races to be canceled or postponed. Today was the day to go "race" virtually if you wanted. She didn't go nuts (so not a true "race pace"), but she still put forth a decent effort and did this:

This is our "10 mile river loop."

Eeked out sub-10s!

Walking back towards home after she was done. Total babe.


Friday Funny 1740: Coronavirus Memes #4

>> Friday, March 27, 2020

Like last week, here's a 4th "Friday Funny" because we're all cooped up:

Mom, I'll explain this to you if you'd like me to. But I'd rather not.

I was afraid this would be me, but Henry gave me a decent haircut! (As seen in Monday's post.)

All this "at home / family time" made a friend share that funny "Malort" (fake) booze commercial. I shared it 6 years ago, but it's AWAYS worth a share:

Direct link:

Here are 4 more related funny posts:
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Check out for more funnies. Happy weekend!!



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