Official Trinona Triathlon Photos

>> Monday, June 26, 2017

I’ve looked through the official photos from the Trinona Triathlon, and here are a few I want to share.

First, here are a few of me:

Starting the swim. (It was a TT start, and I started with the guy about to dolphin dive.
Had we already caught the guy in front of us? I’m confused.)

Close up. Sweet shot with all the water flying everywhere.

My typical "crotch-first" run into a lake.

OK, but seriously, I don't know why I always sprint into a lake crotch first. I noted that in 2 other posts from 2 years ago:

Trinona 2015 where I said I "like to make sure my crotch is the first part
of me to enter a room/vehicle/lake."

Newspaper photo of me from the 2015 North Mankato Tri showing my patented crotch-first start.

OK, back to this year's Trinona photos...

Exiting the water knowing I had a decent swim!

Coming to the line about to stop my watch.

I was toast. Good effort. Solid race.
(And I'm pretty sure that's Mike B who I ran with for a bit topless back there.)

Officially done.

Close up. Sweaty. Gross.

"Ooh look, a penny!"
(Unstrapping my chip while trying not to die. I stayed like this for 20 seconds.)

Here are a few of my YWCA Endurance Sports teammates:

Glen lookin' sweet finishing up the bike.

Kate finishing 3rd in her age group!

Brie finishing the bike with a smile.

This was Brie's first "non-indoor YWCA" triathlon,
but THIS guy maybe overshadowed her as she came to the line.

Look at her face. I remember that feeling.
The "holy crap, I just did it" feeling. Nice work, Brie!

And here are 5 of YW teammate Sarah finishing with a sub-44 10K run. She caught up to a guy in the chute and it's funny to watch him react to her closing so fast. It reminds me of when I was being passed at the end of the Brian Kraft 5K last month when I shot the guy the (unintentional) stink-eye:


... closing...

... "wait, who's this?"...

Crossing the line at the same time.

Oh, and here's one final photo of a handsomely furred chest that was allowed to breathe on the bike:

Here are links to my previous Trinona posts from these last 2 weeks:

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