Photos from the Finish of the TC 10 Mile

>> Monday, October 24, 2022

Race Buddy Tom R often has an album of photos from big local races. Here are three from the TC 10 Mile finish line: album 1, album 2, and album 3. Here's a bunch I'd like to share:

Looking up the hill to the Cathedral on a beautiful morning.
(This is looking back on the course from the finish line.)

First elite woman followed by the first elite man (there was an "equalizer" format).

Sprinting elites.

Built like a crossfitter and not a sub-54 10 miler!

Muscly calf! #Jealous

Great stride and great hair.

Just lovin' life! :)

Taking a victory lap as others are still suffering. I love that!

I've bumped into this guy on River Road before.

Two guys sprinting it out!

Local Danny D who won the 5K and 10K the day before (in 15:18 and 30:42!)

I recall this guy's race face in other photos from Tom. Love it!

This looks like "high school Steve!"

Heather K coming down (2nd to left).

Heather K with a 54:17 10 mile to take the top (non-elite) place! 19th overall!

Great hair and face.


... faces...

... more faces (and a beautiful stride).

First topless dude.

Doron with a 56:25 (basically my 5K PR pace) for 2nd in our 40-44 age group!

Another guy's (epic finishing) face whom I've seen in race photos before.

The guy with the red hair turned in a fast 13.1 at GIG this spring!

"KANYE 2020" on his bib? Go home. ;)

Brooks G! I haven't seen him in a few years! Still reppin' Gear West!

No gang signs, sir.

The dad I chatted with post-race by the train who ran a 59:59!

In my race report, I noted a guy that kind of got trampled and went down hard a bit in front of me at the first corner. By these next 3 photos, it looks like it was Pat Billing (well-known in the local scene) as it would appear his left hand had been bleeding all over his jersey:

Blood. But also a great finishing face!

That's a decent amount of blood.

That pinky is covered with blood AND IS BENT.
It appears he may have raced 9.75 miles with a broken finger.

The fast people didn't get to run under the flag, but here it's set up!

Keri C posting a 1:01:32!

A loud topless guy. I love it.

First photo with me back there! Dan S is in yellow (who I was near for a
lot of the race), and I was still behind the guys in red about to pass them.

Zoomed in: me behind the guys in red.

The mom (married to the dad) who I talked to waiting for the train!

Me heading to the line!

Running off. Dead!

The fellas in red behind me.

Love the bib: "Non-Elite!"

This 14-year-old ran a 1:03!

Teammate Dan!

Diane H who I talked to in the starting corral.

Do those large glasses affect his form that much?

Bobby P

When you have a 10 mile at 7 a.m. and a wedding a 9 a.m.

Another watch stopper! (I'm always guilty of this.)


It was too hot for long sleeves... let alone a vest on top.

Some high-stepping form.


Cathy L! I saw her hubby just up the hill from the mile 5 marker.

Not loving it.

Gym buddy Leah!

Teammate Tom!

Paul G in white (haven't seen him for a while!) and a guy checking his phone?!?

Love the hair/tights color combo.


He realized he had too many layers. Is he still wearing 2 shirts??

Pacer flying to the finish!

T-shirt: "This is a 5K, right?" Love that!

Brightly colored fellas about to embrace across the line. Love that too!

Teammate Meg!

Another buff guy. Their shirts always tend to disappear.

Michael B! I feel like we bumped into each other on River Road during nearly
every long run of mine. I always said hi, but I don't know if he really knows me.

That HAS to be a Forrest Gump outfit, right?

Here's my TC 10 Mile race report, a few post-race notes, and some official TC 10 Mile photos.


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